A Friday Playlist

It’s Friday!  If you’ve made it to this point in life then you’re to be commended — and even more so for spending your precious minutes reading my blog.

I want to impress upon my readers that country-folk (especially Southerners) have a unique philosophical outlook that’s represented in some very good writings by men calling themselves “agrarians.”  When you listen to country music on the radio — when you drive around in a big truck, wear camo, go hunting, respect elders, and sit on front-porches — when you take part in rural-American culture in any way, you’re carrying on a proud tradition.

There are people out there who write about this tradition and defend it to the best of their capabilities.  I hope to be one of them some day (I’ve got a long way to go.)

I can’t (in one blog) relay all the concerns and positions of the Southern Agrarians.  What I can do is make an object lesson out of helping you enjoy your Friday by posting some music videos.

One of the first things you’ll notice about these videos is that they’re of popular songs, but performed by normal people.  I love these “covers” and prefer them, in most cases, to the song performed by the artist.  As the music industry becomes more and more commercialized, there’s a lack of “heart.”

Not so for the covers.  These are real people and the songs they sing affect them on a deep, personal level (unlike the artist who performs the same song day after day, thousands of times.)  People who sing these “covers” are concerned with good recording and quality.  They’re honest and a true expressions of our culture.  I love watching what other people do and one day I might post some of my own.

So, pull up my blog, plug in your headphones, hit “play” (minimize it so no one at work sees you goofing off), listen, and enjoy.

I will be:

Where Corn Don’t Grow, originally by Waylon Jennings (and was covered later by Travis Tritt) this is a great cover by Josh Porter.

Fly Away, originally by Sugar Land, this is one of my favorite covers.  The girl in the video does a great job.  I love her down-home voice and how this particular song really resonates with her.  I watch this video all the time.

The Dirt Road, originally by one of my favorite Country bands, Sawyer Brown.

Working Man’s PhD, originally by Aaron Tippin, another one of my favorite artists.  This video is hilariously ironic, he sings about working hard, but his house is a wreck.  I love the country accent and real-tree get-up.

Song of the South, by Alabama.

Maybe it was Memphis, originally by Pam Tillis.  This is an exceptionally well-done cover by a girl that’s sure to be a star one day.

Strawberry Wine, originally by Deana Carter.

Living on Love by Alan Jackson.

Like the Rain originally by Clint Black.

Rodeo, by Garth Brooks

I could post these all day.  I encourage you to look up the covers of your favorite songs on youtube.  People work hard to put them up there and it’s worth watching them.

Enjoy your Friday…and may the end of the work-day come soon!

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5 Responses to A Friday Playlist

  1. Faust says:

    I am more in old time stuff and blue grass, I do like some of those songs. “Song of the South” is very good( I like Alabama’s “If You’re Gonna Play In Texas” too) I admit I kind of like “Maybe it was Memphis,” but I don’t really like Miss Carter’s song(the music is nice I admit), it reminds me of horrific abuse our women suffer. I have enjoyed watching people play on Youtube. There are some really nice videos of young children playing traditional music.

  2. shotgunwildatheart says:

  3. shotgunwildatheart says:


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