Reaching Out

I hope you forgive me for acting outside the norm, but earlier I noticed you sitting in your car listening to some sort of hip-hop music.  Also, given your “illist” decal, I figure you for a lady who’s enamored with a people and culture unrelated to her own.  So I thought I’d reach out to you in a small way.

I’m not against cosmopolitanism, of course.  I think a healthy understanding and respect of other peoples and cultures has its benefits.  But I also wish there was a more robust representation of our people and our culture on the average radio station.

Who are “our people” and what is “our culture”?

Well, in my spare time (when I’m not writing semi-anonymous letters to interesting young ladies), I like reading about history, philosophy and sociology.  A large portion of these disciplines is devoted to answering those questions.

I’ll not bore you with controversial historical theories concerning  Anglo-Celtic Southerners, but I would like you to know that there is a beautiful and flourishing musical tradition derived from these people (our mutual ancestors by way of England and the melting-pot).

Also, being somewhat of a Romantic, I believe that when someone hears music performed from the depths of European hearts, their soul responds.

So, in a gesture of good-will and friendship, and also in the spirit of St. Patrick’s Day, I’m giving you this CD of Celtic music.  It’s my personal mix of favorite songs and while  not all of them are Irish (some are Welsh or Scottish), I believe they all represent a wonderful musical tradition.

I hope you enjoy it.


~ The guy in the Mustang that was parked next to you ~


Some of the songs start off slow, but pick up later.  I know that’s the case with the first one.  Give em a chance and I’m sure you won’t be disappointed.

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8 Responses to Reaching Out

  1. Poor girl, she won’t know what hit her. :D

    Good to see you spreading the whiteness.

  2. Faust says:

    I have no idea “illist” is, but anything related to “Hip-Hop” is going to bad. It is very sad to see so many young taking up savage and alien cultures, that promote every form for evil. Oh how I hate the modern ugly music one hears played by cars going down every street these days. Sometimes I want to spend an afternoon cruising in my car playing Bach, Wagner, hymns, sacred harp, and/or Loreena McKennitt at full volume with all the windows rolled down.

  3. Ever listen to the Orthodox Celts? They actually have some good folk music. They are a bit unusual, being a band of Serbians playing Celtic folk music. But hey, it works.


  4. Shotgun says:

    Ruskin!! I love it. Thanks! I’m getting their album.

  5. horsegenie says:

    How come I am just finding out that you have a mustang?? Now I need to know what Year it was made…. And what color. :)

  6. shotgunwildatheart says:

    I don’t want to give away too much info. online.


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