The Battle for Western Civ.

As many of you out there likely expected, my college has yielded heavy resistance to the Christian worldview.

I knew what to expect  because I was told about it (and I’ve audited classes with my sister when she went to the big state university).  But I didn’t really know what it would be like until now.

I’ve developed a way to “disagree with style” (as I jokingly told my English teacher today, who was forcing us all to comment on that degenerate Emerson).  For example, whenever I use “he” as a generic pronoun, I note (in parenthesis) that this is the Christian-Correct and Westernly-Correct usage, which, I’m sure she will not find amusing.  But arguments offered with grace and humor are hard to get upset about.

I argued with her a few days back, over the role of the Southern Agrarians in forming the western canon.  She claimed a bunch of evil white men from Vanderbilt, forced an artificial listing of books on the rest of us, and we po’ folk had no choice but to accept it.  Apparently, this list is very anglo-centric and anti-female (to the shock of the young, whorishly-clad ladies in the room).  I doubt she suspected someone in the class not only know who the Southern Agrarians were, but was a passionate disciple!  The rest of the class was left clueless and wondering where this guy, with the hick-accent, came from.

Stylish opposition isn’t always possible however.  Seems like my Western Civ class is going to be a hot-bed of apologetic arguments.  I’m not very well versed in ancient history, and I’m even worse off for holding to a young Earth position.  Try searching for books on the internet that provide a brief survey of Western history (specifically, ancient near-eastern history) from a Christian perspective.  There are virtually none.  I’ve found one home school curriculum from Answers in Genesis on Ancient History.  Then there is Bill Cooper, the lay genealogist who promotes interesting (though highly-controversial) historical theories.  I couldn’t very well cite Cooper as a source.  I’d be laughed at (more so than I already am, in that class).

Plus, there is a cadre of teenagers in the back, who talk like the average atheist monsters I encounter in various web-forums and chatrooms across the internet.  They have no regard for Christianity and have taken their thrones as Satan’s vice regents.  They don’t have a clue what’s about to hit them; my as-of-yet unrevealed apologetic prowess is a guilty pleasure keeping me motivated in the suffocating academic environment.

On a related note, most of the girls at college are whores.  But there is one that’s caught my eye.  She’s a beautiful little blond in the back of my English class.  Shy, but proud.  She wore real-tree camo to school today (which is a weakness of mine).  On other days, she wears Future Farmers of America apparel.   She has a sweet southern accent and we find each other generally agreeable.  I’ve struck up a few conversations with her, and I can attest to her genuine whiteness (especially:  her genuine southern appeal) but there’s a glaring problem which causes me to present the situation to the blogging audience.

Her parents have given her the name of a negress.  (I’ll not type it here, in the odd chance the poor girl finds this blog, but I hope you all trust me enough to take my word for this.  If I were to speak of her, telling you nothing but her name, you’d think I was talking about a negress).

I recall reading a post by Vanishing American sometime back, lamenting the trendy practice of giving white children negro names, but I have never experienced it in real life until now.  Not even in my 10 years of military life, did I encounter this (and in the military, you meet hundreds of people from all locales).

It’s very disagreeable.

What say you, denizens of the net?

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17 Responses to The Battle for Western Civ.

  1. Blegh, Emerson.

    I share your scorn; in fact I’m of the opinion that ol’ Ralph Waldo was a complete hack without an original thought in his head or oeuvre!

    Now Thoreau, that’s a different story.

  2. shotgunwildatheart says:

    The New England transcendentalists can pen their essays in Hell, far as I’m concerned.

  3. Lazarus says:

    A name is important, as is a woman’s family background. A big part of a person’s character is revealed in who they in their basic relationships. Unfortunately, in college one is hard pressed to see those aspects of a person. It is an atomistic free-for-all in which individuals are cut loose from their social moorings. For what it’s worth, I’d be very, very hesitant to get to know a young woman on a too-personal basis in such an environment. Many and miserable are those who’ve been unpleasantly surprised by the real character of someone they thought they knew.

    I know you’re a self-professed romantic, Shotgun, and I do sympathize with your love of chivalry. But I also think such author’s as F. Roger Devlin have some very pertinent insights for today’s young men. There is not a princess inside every prostitute, but there is a prostitute in many a princess.

  4. shotgunwildatheart says:

    I don’t think Devlin (what little I’ve read of him) understands the spiritual dignity of mankind (but specifically, women).

    I do appreciate your comments, though. Especially the reminder about what lurks in the hearts of some (maybe all) princesses.

    The inside of mankind is ugly, (no bones about it! lol).

  5. Lazarus says:

    I would not give Devlin my unqualified endorsement. However, he does shed some much needed light on certain destructive female tendencies. In focusing on these tendencies, he may at times overstate his case. Nevertheless, a basic awareness of them may help evaluate a woman’s character.

    As an aside, his series on home economics is an interesting read for those of an anti-modern agrarian bent.

  6. Matt Parrott says:

    Marry the girl, have several children with her, and name all your numerous children stereotypically Black names while immersing them in their heritage and steeping them in a classical Western education.

    “Shaniqua, have you seen Trayvon? He needs to get home and brush up on his kinist apologetics.”

  7. Tom Pierce says:

    120 bucks for a name change

  8. Jenai Carolina says:

    Shot, as your friend and sister in Christ, I’m saddened that your animosity towards African-Americans is still so potent and disabling to your life. It is *not* the real-tree camo-wearing girl’s fault that she was given a name that disgusts you. What if she is one of the rare descendants of African-Americans who has “white” skin? Would she really be any less human? Any less beautiful? Any less your Savior’s beloved daughter?

    Shot, I plead, yes “plead,” with you, as your sister in Christ, please seek Jesus’ help to forgive whatever harm African-Americans (and/or Africans) have caused you (and your “kin”). Please seek to see them as He sees them – with ALL love, forgiveness, kindness and patience. To do otherwise, even in the smallest of degrees, would be un-Christlike. As a Reformed believer, I thought you valued bringing Jesus’ righteousness and Kingdom to earth, right? Jesus spilled His precious blood and died for our dark-skinned brothers and sisters, too. His Kingdom is truly color-blind; there are multitudes of dark-skinned followers of Christ. And, sadly, most are displaying to the world a better love for their fellow mankind than you are currently through your blatant animosity. Romans 12:18 implores us to, “Do all that you can to live in peace with everyone.” Jesus died for you — and for them — and calls you to love others even as He loved & forgave the soldiers who crucified Him.

    With pleading prayers of healing & restoration,
    Jenai Carolina

  9. shotgunwildatheart says:

    If all you just described is Christianity, then I don’t want to be a Christian.

    • Jenai Carolina says:

      Why? Which part bothers you? Jesus’ offer of forgiveness to everyone, His call to love others, or something else? I ask b/c I care, you know.

      • Misty Richards says:

        Jesus does not offer forgiveness to everyone. Forgiveness is not offered, it is conferred to the elect chosen by the Father by way of the Holy Spirit through the sacrifice of Christ Jesus.

        The Kingdom of God is not colorblind as God is not colorblind. To suggest such folly is to argue that God doesn’t actually see people just as they are and never intended to create them as such. This is nonsense with a Gnostic flavor. You don’t actually believe that, either, or you would not have gone on to talk about “dark-skinned” people. If you actually believed that God is colorblind (which is a denial of all of God’s attributes) and that you should be colorblind also, you would not even be able to make reference to “dark-skin” as there would be no such category.

        God both created and separated the races and we ought not join that which God has separated.

      • shotgunwildatheart says:


  10. shotgunwildatheart says:

    The part that bothers me is your blind acceptance of neo-jacobin talking points, and how contemporary Christianity has so infused itself with Marxism.

    You were right in noting that I believe the Kingdom has come to Earth.

    Do you know what I believe this Kingdom is like?

    It’s an international Kingdom. A segregated Kingdom. Every race will survive on its own, for God’s glory.

    People who advocate for the contemporary, rabid-egalitarian world order, are enemies of Christ.

    Woe to them who call good evil, and evil good!

    • Jenai Carolina says:

      Wow, why so angry with me? You know that I care. When I say that I am praying for you, that’s not a “cut”, but a genuine cry out to Jesus Christ of Nazareth on your behalf, as your friend.

      • Matt Parrott says:

        1. With all due respect, Jenai, what nature and tone of response did you expect after accusing him of being immoral and un-Christian?

        2. If you believe it’s un-Christian to exclude those who don’t belong to your nation or tribe, do you also believe it’s un-Christian to exclude children who don’t belong to you from your home? Would it not be a dereliction of your Christian duty to be a good shepherd and steward for your own children and your own people?

      • shotgunwildatheart says:

        Thanks Mr. Parrott…

        I’d add that I don’t feel my reply (nor my original post) has half the vitriol attributed to it.

        This is one of those cases when the mean, evil racist looks hideous until the lights are flipped on and he turns out to be mundane.


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