Advice to a Young Friend

(My English teacher asked the class to write a short letter to a young friend, giving him advice about surviving freshman year.  I figured I would take the opportunity to vent).

Dear Sir,

No friend of mine is a coward, so I wont mitigate the enormity of your situation or present it as less than formidable.  I trust after reading my letter, there will be no pause in your stalwart constitution.

You’re entering college!  And through that gate lies Hell itself!  There is no pity for the fallen conservative on that battlefield.  You and I are well acquainted with the sad rise of leftist ideology in academia; I need not rehearse the story.

But hear me:  If you see yourself as a brave knight-of-rhetoric, riding forth to do battle with the dragons of positivism, neo-Marxism, materialism, and atheism, heed my advice.  Stop!  They have won the field and a college classroom is no place for more battles.  You’re the one at their door begging for scraps, (in this case, a scrap of paper authenticating your position in Liberaldom).

Serve them well.  Earn your scrap, and keep your heart pure if you can.  When the environment becomes too suffocating, even for a knight of Christendom, remember that your fellows await in the academic woods, preparing for the day they ride forth once more under Burkean banners, to challenge the forces of modernism.

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3 Responses to Advice to a Young Friend

  1. Chris says:

    Please do let us know the professor’s comments, if any, to your letter.

  2. shotgunwildatheart says:

    Heh … she said I was witty and gave me a low B.

  3. lynnesmithneal says:

    S P L E N D I D. Please do keep us posted.


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