Shotgun Barrel Announcements

A few things of interest to my readers:

For those of you who want to hear my Southern drawl…this coming Saturday Night, I’ll be appearing live on Tribal Theocrat radio to talk about Presuppositional Apologetics.  Christian Gray is a leader (maybe *the* leader) in the Kinist movement.  He’s very articulate, entertaining, and informative.  I’m honored to be on his show.  It starts at 10p.m. eastern time.   Please call in and heckle me or ask questions.

Also, I (should) be appearing on a podcast at Counter-Currents, where I discuss the recent H.L. Mencken conference.  I get a few plugs in for Kinism and Cambria Will Not Yield (or, as we call it in the South:  Cambria aint goin’ nowheres!)  I also advocate for cross-burning, and maybe that’s why the podcast hasn’t appeared yet. hahahah.  Anyway, check Counter-Currents as I’m sure it’ll be posted soon.

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3 Responses to Shotgun Barrel Announcements

  1. Dionysius says:

    I found the interview on the Tribal Theocrat very interesting, particularly your idea that you want to evangelize the pagan right, certainly a worthy project. The pagan right has fallen into so many errors, constantly slandering the Christian faith by calling it “jewish”, and promoting all other manner of abominations. It struck me, upon hearing your thoroughly analytical approach, that the new right is thoroughly “continental” in its philosophical approach, and has never, as far as I have seen, made use of analytical philosophy. Though opposed politically, the new left and new right sometimes share a similar intellectual style, both embracing Nietzsche, both having their psychoanalytical heroes (the new left Freud and the new right Jung). Indeed, the new right has been predominantly French and German, with little Anglo-American contribution. Would analytical Christian apologetics speak to those who are attracted to the new right, or could there be a more continental Christian apologetics for them?

  2. shotgunwildatheart says:

    You’ve got a solid grasp of the situation. Framing it as you have, is very helpful.

    I have no idea how to answer the question though. Guenon has a metaphysic that is very similar to what Van Til was doing. Also, Kinists, are strongly influenced by the agrarian and third way movements (which many in the New Right also like). Also, after reading Evola, I see similarities (at least in terms of cultural criticism) with Rushdoony.

    Maybe kinists could appropriate these men (Guenon, De Benold, Chateaubriand, Evola, and others) into our discussion? If we present their ideas analytically, in tracts and apologies, it might gain ground?

    On the other hand, I sometimes feel like the New Right needs to get on board or get left behind.

  3. Dionysius says:

    I don’t know if we necessarily have to incorporate Evola or Guenon into the discussion, just speak to people in a similar way. For example, Evola, as far as I can recall, never makes use of analytical arguments, he just talks about elite virility and spiritual power, and creates a worldview that becomes attractive to the reader disillusioned with modernity. To reach these people, we should repeat the observation often made in patristic texts that Christians are the strongest men, that the incarnation of our Lord crushed the worship of the idols; counter the notion that Christians are weak, make use of the many accounts of martyrs, scoffing at the tortures of the pagans. In fact, I think these types of arguments could even count as presuppositional, as the existence of God is assumed as the worker of these miracles. Rather than convincing them of the proposition of God’s existence with analytical philosophy, present a worldview whose power and transcendence reaches their hearts, allowing their hearts to open ever so slightly to Christ, and allow God to work in them.
    Just speculation, of course. Perhaps a bigger problem is that the new right, unlike Evola and Guenon, is basically atheistic. I’ve yet to come across a new right Evola-devotee who actually accepts Evola’s metaphysical beliefs.
    I agree that in the end the new right might just need to be abandoned, especially as some of them seem to be getting quite vocal about certain types of homosexuality being ok, or even desirable.


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