Putting the Worship Wars into Perspective

Imagine if I went into a black church and guilt-tripped them into wearing cowboy hats and singing country gospel music?

We all see how evil that is.

But when limp-wristed, Hawaiian-shirt-wearing, latte’ sipping, metro-sexuals, trounce into old country churches, and demand we change our services to accommodate trendy styles; or when Christian leaders try to tell us that we should give up our cherished cultural expressions in favor of ethnically diverse musical expressions (leaders like the sackless cowards who run popular Young Earth organizations) no one seems to notice.

Setting the worship question aside for moment (because popular music shouldn’t enter into formal worship anyway – more on that in another post), a people’s music reflects their cultural identity.

When someone insists mom and pops accept the so-called “gospel hip-hop”, I suspect what is really being suggested is that the old mom and pops give up cherished European traditions, and accept new, egalitarian, and “trendy” garbage.

The “Christian” label to the music is mere pretense for the culture war going on behind the scenes.

I met Gary Bates once.  His book on UFOs was very popular in my house.  It got passed around from my father, to my sister, and eventually to me.  I had Mr. Bates sign the beat-up family copy and told him how much I enjoyed it.  He had a warm, typically Australian personality.  I know he’s a decent father, also, because later the same evening, I met his daughter.  After sitting through a fairly long debate between two scientists (one an old-Earther, the other a Young), a crowd of angry Young Earthers had congregated around the Old Earth scholar.  We all wanted a piece of him.  While I politely waited for an opportunity to get a word in edgewise, a stunning young blonde pushed her way through the crowd, and attacked the old scientist with impressive rhetoric.  Sure enough, it was Bates’ daughter.

But after seeing how Creation Ministries International (and all Young Earth organizations I’m familiar with – Gary Bates’ included) now seem more adept at championing left-wing egalitarianism and more specifically, race mixing, I feel sorry for the poor girl.

With anti-European sentiments like those Bates expresses in this article, I bet she’s been pushed into a relationship with a negro by now.  What a shame.

Bates plays the “rap is usually used for evil” card, but feigns ignorance of any underlying racial issues.  Since he’s taken the side of Satan in the anti-white campaign, he would never admit that the forced administration (through subtle machinations and shaming-techniques) of “Contemporary Christian Music” and “Gospel Hip Hop” is offensive because it destroys the sanctity of uniquely white cultural expressions.

Don’t worry Mr. Bates.  I’m here to admit it for you, and I’ll not yield ground in the worship wars.


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2 Responses to Putting the Worship Wars into Perspective

  1. Alfred Faust says:

    A good point: “Imagine if I went into a black church and guilt-tripped them into wearing cowboy hats and singing country gospel music? We all see how evil that is.” And also proof of the need for separation. The war wagged on European Christian culture is most sickening and evil. Let us keep our hymns and organs and let them do as they see fit in their own places.

  2. Natalia says:

    I’m with you on that one, being forced to wear a cowboy hat is not only evil but just plain mean.


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