R.I.P. Bill Rolen

Friends, I hate to report it, but Bill Rolen passed away this morning.

For anyone reading this who doesn’t know, he was a co-host on James Edwards’ Political Cesspool radio show, and an excellent advocate for our people and our Faith.


Sadly, I haven’t been aware of Mr. Rolen for very long.  I’ve only recently been liberated from the Hell of liberal mental captivity.  But there’s no denying the feeling of loss among the alternative right, Kinist, and Christian dissident crowd this evening.  He was an important man who influenced many of us and impacted our struggle in ways we may never fully realize; but more importantly, he was loved.

I met him briefly last year.

I was attending a Council of Conservative Citizens conference and due to persistent adversity in my life, I was feeling inadequate and depressed.  I withdrew from the crowd for a few minutes of introspection, and rambled down to a coffee lounge.

After a few minutes of brooding, a vibrant, bright eyed man plopped down next to me and began to talk.

“Everything ok?” he asked.

Figuring he was a conference attendee and thus, an ideological compatriot, I made a half-hearted joke about the state of our country, and after some small talk, he got me to open up to him about my problems.  After hearing about my petty grievances, he introduced himself and I immediately realized that sitting before me was a man on death’s door (it was known that he had cancer, even then), yet who was all the more passionate and fearless for it.

What he said to me will remain forever between the two of us, but it encouraged me greatly.

Further, it turned out that my friend Tom, at the conference, had pointed me out to Bill earlier in the day, and had told him about my advocacy for Kinism and Christian values.  Bill suggested I go onto the Cesspool radio show that evening and talk about Faith & Heritage magazine and Christian ethics.

His was the sort of encouragement that sticks with a man:  well-timed, wise, insightful, and purely good in its motives.  There was no false pretense with Mr. Rolen.  There were no lies or hidden feelings.  He was a man who felt with his whole heart.

Later that evening, he got up in front of the crowd and delivered a brilliant defense of white, Christian society; the best talk of the evening.  It wasn’t an angry or enraged speech.  There was no false piety or pseudo-passion.  It was simply from the heart – and for that reason, was powerful.

I only knew him for a very short time, but I loved him.

Mr. Rolen, You slapped the face of Satan, and kissed the cheek of Christ,

I swear to you sir, your work in this life will not have been in vain…

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