A Hearty Thanks and a Vow Not to Yield

The outpouring of encouragement, support, and valiant polemics on my behalf have moved me to tears and humbled me to a point I’ve never been in my life.

Dear friends, compatriots, sympathizers (even those of you who are too afraid to acknowledge our friendship) – I lend you the most sincere “thank you” I’ve ever offered.

For those who don’t know, here is the story in short:

Friday evening, I stood up and challenged the anti-white status quo in our country.

Immediately after the session, a hoard of reporters surrounded me, asking malicious questions.  I fended them off with ease, thanks to my experience with this blog and with Kinism.

Afterwards, in the bar, a guy approached me and said “you’re famous!  You’re all in the news!  And…you’re not going to like what they’re saying…”

Since then, my “racist” “evil” and “supremacist” statements have been covered by news organizations the world over – “Here is the CPAC racist!” they proclaim!  “Come hear him say the outrageous!”

How does it feel to be the center of national attention?  Especially when it’s such negative attention?

Imagine standing in the center of your highschool’s gymnasium, bleachers full of the entire student body, and they’re all laughing, sneering, and tossing things at you.

If it wasn’t for the encouragement of my friends, I’d likely not have the resolve to deal with it.  Or maybe I would?  There’s always been something stubborn inside of me – Let God be true and every sniveling wretch a liar!!

God has temporarily given me the right to represent my people and for that, I’m humbled beyond words.

And, I will stand.  Even in the face of all the godless demons in modernity!  You hear that you neo-babelists?

So will my good friends, and I want to thank each of them:

Mickey Henry and Cracker Barrel, for your help policing my comments.

To Celtic Denise, for your brave words on my behalf at the Blaze – I wish I could throttle the scumbags who spoke harshly to you on my account.  When next we meet, prepare to be hugged.

To the crew at Faith & Heritage, especially Nil Desperandum, for writing that article in my defense, even though it was your birthday.  I know we’ve had disagreements in the past, but I’m so honored to have you as a friend.  I owe you a beer soon as you’re old enough to drink one ;)

To Courtney from Alabama – for all your kind words – when hundreds of women are telling me how ugly I am, and how I’ll never gain a lady’s favor, you were a constant contrarian, speaking on my behalf.  Thank you so much for being a prime example of a southern lady.

To Matt Parrot and Counter-Currents – thank you for all your advice, help, and wisdom, and especially for that incredible article (which was only one of many you guys produce constantly).

To Tribal Theocrat, for being my friend, despite all my annoying mic problems.

To Spirit / Water / Blood – for being the distant mentor and stalwart defender of our people and our Lord’s values, and for making me feel as if I belonged to a community.  And on this same note, thank you to John Marshal of Kinism.net for being my intellectual guide.  And thank you to the author of Cambria – for waking me up and giving me the courage to stand against the devil; God bless you and I hope to join you in old Europe one day.  We see the spear points gleaming, but today, by God – they’ll see we have our own spears on the bulwarks, ready to counter, stroke for stroke, the worst of their evils!

And an especially big thank you to my good friend Matthew Hiembach, who is destined for greatness.  There’s no one I would rather have had in that room at my back, sir.

I’d like to also thank all the reporters (Kyle Rogers, and Dan Poole, especially) who covered my story fairly and accurately.  And to everyone else who stood up for me that I can’t even think of right now … please know you have my deepest regards.

From this point forward, I’ve lit a beacon that will not go out.

From this point forward, Satan and all his minions know that God’s people are still alive.  We are still a threat.  We will not go quietly…

And we will not yield…

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11 Responses to A Hearty Thanks and a Vow Not to Yield

  1. You are on my prayer list. And all who do your work without anonymity. I hope to be so brave and so free someday.

  2. Dan Poole says:

    What an incredibly moving post! That score from Last of the Mohicans covers me in chills every time I hear it. Oh, and this line of yours..

    “From this point forward, I’ve lit a beacon that will not go out.”

    …reminded me of this famous scene from Return of the King:

    Lord Denathor=Conservatism Inc.

    • thewhitechrist says:

      Dan Poole- EXACTLY what I thought! I forgot how utterly stirring that score is from Jackson’s LOTR. And, even if the cast/crew do not believe in Tolkien’s Mythos, WE DO.

      And that’s all that matters.
      Arise, ye men of God, have done with lesser things….

      – Fr. John+

  3. Dionysius says:

    Could a kinist please explain to me how we can justify having anything to do with Counter Currents, an organization that openly supports sodomy and paganism?

    • shotgunwildatheart says:

      They’re a forum that allows multiple perspectives a voice – I’m glad they allow a Christian perspective from time to time.

  4. TGC says:

    “We will not go quietly…”

    Not only will we not go quietly, we haven’t even yet begun to solidify our movement, one bequeathed with righteousness. We’re still mixing our executive mud.

    Oh yes, Virginia, there are White men. We are studious and diligent. We have the time, patience, passion and desire to read the words of our forefathers and ancestors — for guidance and comfort, to learn exactly where we left and whence we must resume. We are observant, we are calculating, we are true.

    My library continues to grow, my seemingly one-sided conversations with the great men of history continue unabated. Knowledge is potential power; one cannot determine the proper course of action without the proper knowledge, but proper knowledge does not presuppose effective action.

    Another young White man, a Southron, is emerging from the belly of the beast to again return and be nurtured in the bosom of Dixie. I too “studied” literature, philosophy, journalism at jewniversity. I too spend my days in library stacks and historical archives seeking out the prescient words of those men who fought and died to preserve our usurped rights, those men so heavily censured by fanatics and subversives, liberal dogmatists.

    Yes, I, a Southron, have recently graduated from a Yank school. I have seen what I’ve needed to see, and learned what I’ve needed to learn in order to serve the just and sovereign cause of Dixie and her Children.

    Your courage, Shotgun, is inspirational. There are many other young White men making preparations to address the issues front and center, on television, in writing, at council meetings, during legislative sessions…my trousers are pressed and my shoes shined.

    This is only the beginning. Do not seek recompense from the Yankee. The South, bound far too long by the fetters of deceit, perfidy and brute force, will once again emerge as the locus of justice. It will once again produce men who will be read by posterity as righteous and true. Our people and cause will be recognized across the globe as a flagship of virtue. It is our destiny.

    I look forward to working with many of you in the future.

  5. Mickey Henry says:

    Thank you, Shotgun!

  6. Zero X says:

    After seeing your appearance at CPAC I was reminded of a passage from “Moby Dick”…

    “Starbuck was no crusader after perils; in him courage was not a sentiment; but a thing simply useful to him, and always at hand upon all mortally practical occasions.”

    Thanks, for having the courage to act on your convictions.

  7. Courtney from Alabama says:

    “when hundreds of women are telling me how ugly I am, and how I’ll never gain a lady’s favor, you were a constant contrarian, speaking on my behalf. ”

    These women were just jealous and bitter that their own men don’t look the same as you!

    Courtney from Alabama

  8. Just keep doing what you’re doing, Mr. Terry…

    I believe it requires an intellect and spirit, each both relaxed yet poised. Pliant, yet with conviction.

    And, don’t forget righteous anger! Thank you!!


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