Shotgun Answers Fan Mail

One of my many fans has crawled out from the dark net and launched a few salvos my way.  I’ll answer him in bold:


So Scott, I know you probably hate me at this point…

I don’t think about you that much at all, really (especially given the number of anonymous hipsters out there taking pot-shots at me).  I do think you’re a coward who would never say in my presence the things you write on your blog.  Also, I find your headlines a little funny, almost like something the Onion would produce:  “Some white boy uses the word “nigger” in a dark corner of the internet!”  or “White man posts on Stormfront! GASP!”  lol really?  That’s what you spend your time writing about? 

I have done a limited amount of research into my origins (that means I asked my Mother, my Father and my one living Grandmother) and they all said that I am 1/4th English, 1/4th Irish, 1/4th German and 1/4th Native American (not sure which tribe). So it got me to thinking about if I was “White”.

For some reason, in the early 1900’s, it was trendy to claim some Indian ancestry.  In most cases, the claims turn out false.  Regardless though, “white” is a non-arbitrary, socially-recognizable term that is applied by custom, and usually accepted by the person being labeled.  Send me a picture of yourself, and I’d be happy to tell you if you really are white or not.  Make sure to attach a return address.

I’ve listened to some of the arguments you guys have put forward about how Jews might look White, but they aren’t White.

Most jews would resent being classed into the same group as whites, and even if they accepted the label, they’d still demand to be distinguished somehow (ie, “I’m a jewish white” or some such).  The two groups have different cultures and different histories.  Why violently merge them together under the same label?  That’s evil.  Just let whites be whites, and jews be jews.  No harm, no foul.

I’ve seen that you frown upon race mixing. I know that you say you want this patch of ground for “your people” and that patch of ground for “my people”. I’m just worried that once you reach the ultimate goal of securing a homeland for “your people”, you know, your “ethnostate”, where does that leave me?

I don’t care what race you are, I don’t want you living near me.  Have fun in the sprawling, diseased, and sin-ridden mutlicultural utopia outside the gates of our ethno-state.

Can I be part of the White ethnostate? What if I really want to be but I’m not technically White, where do I go?

See above.  But, supposing you give up your radically-egalitarian nonsense?  Would you be allowed in?  Well, if you’re white; sure.  If not, then you can go live with your own people.  You’d enjoy that more anyway.

What are the qualifications of being White (according to Matt Parrott) and isn’t it true that they sometimes differ from person to person?

Why are you asking me what Matt Parrot’s qualifications for being white are?  In any-case, see my explanation of “white” above.

I also wanted to know if you can tell me how all these different races came about. The reason I was wondering this is because the Bible says (correct me if I’m wrong), but basically all men and women are descendant from Adam and Eve, right? I mean even after the flood, the Earth was repopulated by Noah and his 3 sons and their wives, who were descendants of Adam and Eve. If Adam and Eve were the first humans on Earth and all “races” start from there, aren’t we all related and of one race?

It’s correct to say all humanity is one “race” (since we all descended from Adam and Eve).  The word is often used that way, sure.  But the word “race” is also used in many other ways; for instance, it’s used colloquially to distinguish between the “white race” and the “black race” and the “Asian race” etc. 

As for where the races came from, as a Christian, the Bible is my authority on all things, including history, so I look to it.  But, unfortunately, Scripture doesn’t tell us (explicitly) how the different races came into existence.  We must rely on bright, theologically-mindful anthropologists to construct a model of racial origins for us that is faithful to God’s word.

Oh and by the way, didn’t Adam and Eve only haves sons? Inbreeding? Where in the heck did their sons wives come from?

Inbreeding is the popular Young Earth model of the moment, yes.  But you hipsters are sexually-free, right?  Not bound by those stuffy old Christian social values?  An incestuous narrative shouldn’t bother you.

Is it even possible for a single human today to not be mixed in some sort of way given the amount of time that has elapsed since Creation? Is any segment of society “pure”? How is that even possible?

Depends on what you mean by “mixed”.  If you’re asking me to defend some viciously naive view of racial purity that you learned from Jerry Springer, then I’m sorry to disappoint.

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5 Responses to Shotgun Answers Fan Mail

  1. And, all of that new age hedonistic stuff is no good because it fizzles away as its adherents are too dispirited to reproduce… death by pathology.

  2. laurelloflund says:

    Love this:

    “Oh and by the way, didn’t Adam and Eve only haves sons? Inbreeding? Where in the heck did their sons wives come from?

    Inbreeding is the popular Young Earth model of the moment, yes. But you hipsters are sexually-free, right? Not bound by those stuffy old Christian social values? An incestuous narrative shouldn’t bother you.”

  3. VA says:

    You do a good job of answering his ”questions” and his sarcastic barbs.

    As for the Adam and Eve question, the Genesis narrative in the Ferrar Fenton translation of the Bible seems to imply that generic ‘man’ was created in one ‘age’ (corresponding to a ‘day’ in the usual Biblical terminology, then the Ever-Living God created Adam (and Eve) in the next ‘age’.

    It seems not out of the question that Adam and Eve were later creations. I know that is considered outrageous by most traditional Christians but why could it not be true? It would answer many questions, such as where was the city Cain fled to, and who populated it? And so on…

  4. shotgunwildatheart says:

    I’ve caught a lot of flack for my young earth views, but I love holding them; they infuriate the modernists so thoroughly, I can’t resist.

    Nevertheless, there are many theories out there, and I’m not one to plant a flag on that sort of hill.

    And, I second what Brandon said. VA was one of my favorite blogs.


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