Jew, Jew, or You, You?


I enjoy reading “Occidental Dissent” from time to time, but I can’t stand the comment section.  No matter what Hunter Wallace writes about, the resulting discussions always end with his readers crying and wailing about jews.   This isn’t just a problem among a small subset of internet commandos, either.  It is a cancer that infests the entire white nationalist community.  The jew issue completely defines some white nationalists.

This sort of jew obsessing is unhealthy.

These jew-infatuated nationalists are like a body builder who focuses on his left bicep – all day, every day, he works and works this left bicep, until it grows so big, it gets out of proportion with the rest of his body; it becomes grotesque and frightens people away.

Stop, white nationalists … you’re doing it wrong.

Instead, what is needed, is a comprehensive, “full-orbed” world and life view; one that puts all elements in their proper place in the order.  A white nationalist “philosophy” so to speak. With a competent and internally consistent white nationalist worldview, it becomes readily apparent that jews (and blacks and asians, and all the other problem-peoples) are only problems because whites have allowed them to become so.

So the cry shouldn’t be “jew, jew, jew!” … it should be “you, you, you!”

The question I want to ask is, why do so many nationalists obsess over the jew issue?  Why do they have an almost cult-like devotion to this one thing?

Is it because the jew issue actually is so ubiquitous and pervasive, that it simply must be the focus of all our conversations?

I answer: no.  No, that’s not the reason, because the jew issue is *not* that ubiquitous at all.

I readily acknowledge that a group of people calling themselves jews, and who have a particular ethnic identity, makeup a very small percentage of U.S. demographics, and yet, despite their lack of numbers, they control an overwhelming amount of the logistical infrastructure, (ie: banks, government lobbies, and media establishments).

I am also aware that, as part of their ethnic identity, they foster a deep, evil hatred for everything the West (and European people) have ever stood for.  I have no problem concluding that they are either consciously or unconsciously (in some cases, both), working to benefit their own tribal and ethnic interests, at the expense of mine (mine, being generically “white” and “European”, but more particularly, Southern and Christian).

All this is easily and readily granted.

But this is not the *big* picture.  This isn’t the lens through which all the world and all of life should be filtered.  If we do as the jew-obsessed white nationalists do, and make this our guiding lens, then we’ll always be short-sighted.

A larger picture (a larger lens) is needed before we can provide accurate commentary on the history of Europe and the decline of white civilization.

White people rebelled against God and took up the Enlightenment mantra that “man is the measure of all things” – meaning, man’s mind and ability to reason out mystery, was the measure of all power in the universe; this “scientific” religion infests the jew-obsessed white nationalists, causing them to be short sighted in their commentary.

It’s a larger lens we need; a spiritual lens.  One that can enable us to see the battle between Satan and God’s standard bearers.

In Him are hidden all the treasures of wisdom and knowledge – so accept your place, white men.  Take up His standard, and regain your thrones.

Leave the jew-bickering and obsessing to the jews themselves.

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8 Responses to Jew, Jew, or You, You?

  1. As someone whose writings focus mostly on the Jews, I’d like to say that putting the Jewish problem at the forefront of our message is important. First of all, this was the approach of the most successful right-wing government in the 20th century. Second, the Jews are the only alien group that really has any power over us. Blacks and mestizos are absolutely powerless unless Jews or liberal whites promote them. Liberal whites are certainly a problem, but each one of them could potentially become one of us. Our message to brainwashed whites is to wake up and fight for their own people. Jews, on the other hand, simply must be removed from power. Thus the Jews are the only enemy with any power that definitely cannot be won over to our side.

    I also think that Christian nationalists should be especially focused on the Jewish issue. The Jews are the only nation that defines itself by the rejection and murder of Christ. As you have mentioned in the past, they are Satan’s people. Most Christians today have been duped into thinking that the Jews are our brothers, when nothing could be further from the truth. Although perhaps a subjective judgement, I view philosemitism as the single greatest heresy that the Church faces. Nothing vitiates the Gospel message more than declaring that the murderers of Christ are righteous people. Until Christians begin thinking like Chrysostom and Luther, they will not be able to fight back.

    Granted that we brought much of our problems upon ourselves, I don’t see how we can improve our situation as long as the Jews control us through the media and academia. Breaking Jewish power may not be a sufficient cause of our revival, but it is a necessary one.

    • Matt Parrott says:

      Until Christians begin thinking like Chrysostom and Luther, they will not be able to fight back.

      …both of whom integrate a robust response to Jewish shenanigans into a healthy and balanced diet of Christian tradition and practical work.

      • Agreed.
        However, it is important to point out that the Jews are much more dangerous today than they were during Chrysostom’s or Luther’s time. In the past Jews were viewed negatively because of their involvement in usury, the sale of alcohol, white slavery, etc. After the Bolshevik revolution, however, it became clear that they could actually destroy us, and have the will to do so. Thus I think it’s justified talking about them even more than Christians did in the past.

      • Matt Parrott says:

        To some extent, what you’re seeing here is a classic perspective parallax in the White Nationalist movement.

        Northerners don’t get why Southerners carry on and on about those helpless and irrelevant Black folks. Southerners don’t quite get what all the fuss about those intelligent and non-violent Jews is about. Southwesterners think the Mexican invasion is the thing to worry about. Northwesterners are wound up about the yellow peril.

        To sound like an elementary school counselor for a moment, “You’re all correct, but you could also learn from one another, mmm-kay!”

  2. shotgunwildatheart says:

    And also, I should distinguish those who have a natural (and healthy) interest in a particular issue, from those who obsess about something and place it at the center of their entire world and life view.

    For example, as a Holocaust “denier” (meaning: I question certain aspects of the accepted pop-narrative), I wish there were far more intelligent and respectable people out there blogging on the topic.

    I’m always glad to support and encourage anyone to follow their natural curiosities and add to the dissident right’s body of literature.

    Some are interested in philosophy, some in history, some in economics, some in the affairs of blacks, some in the affairs of jews – it all needs commentary, sure.

    To return to my gym analogy:

    Some people want to be marathon runners, some people want to be body builders, some want to win a sprint – in all cases, the emphasis will be different.

    But working on that one left-bicep over and over obsessively, makes for a disproportionate and unhealthy physique.

    • The Jews are only relevant for their history in what they have done to white, Western Civilization. Today’s fight needs to be about shaming the white anti-whites, especially the elites, into taking an interest in our own, above the interests of the other… Like we say:

      “Most anti-whites are white”


      “There’s nothing dumber than a white anti-white”

      I do believe you are one of the few pro-whites who doesn’t use the White Genocide Mantra that understands this, “Shotgun”.

  3. “Shotgun”

    Regarding the question of Jewish influence, all I can say for sure is that I find it very distasteful when a white “Christian” politician wraps himself in the Israeli flag. I almost threw up when I read an article at National Review about how “Israel is the canary in the mine”, regarding the Middle East situation.


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