Dr. Shotgun’s Cure for Feminism


We all have our ways of dealing with feminists.

Some remain politely silent during their tirades, others ignore them all together.  Some men yell and swear at feminists, and others (the few brave among us) get physically violent with them.

But I have a cure for feminism.  I guarantee it will work almost 100 percent of the time (even on staunch feminists like this radical left wing blogger, who is fascinated with me), and I give it to you now, for free:

Drop the feminist off in a distant village in the hills of Afghanistan, far away from any U.S. base.  Ensure that she has no access to any Western infrastructure (which is the key ingredient for perpetuating her radically egalitarian daydream).  No phones, no pepper spray, no i-pads, and no boys in blue to serve child support papers at her behest.

Now, I understand this would be putting the feminist’s life in serious danger, so we’d have a small squad of men to passively monitor her progress in secret from afar.  They would only interfere to ensure that she’s never raped or murdered.  And even then, when they’re forced to interfere (and they will be, on numerous occasions), they’ll do so secretly, such that the feminist doesn’t know she’s being helped.  It’s of the utmost importance for her healing that she not know about this, lest she fall back into her old habit of naively relying on male dominance to sustain her egalitarian fantasies.

This cure will work because Afghanistan is one of many nations that are barbarous and savage; the Afghani knows nothing of the civilized life of the European female.  He may have a hint from American movies but he’ll always think of it as an insane fantasy.  His is a savage world, where such niceties are nonsense stories for children.

And the dirty secret is, the entire world is savage in this same way.  The chivalrous, white European man, fueled by the fires of Christian honor and virtue, (and the physical and political walls he built) are the sole objects standing between the feminist and this world of savagery.

Remove that wall by dumping her in Afghanistan, keep her there for six months (that’s all it would take), and if she survives physically and mentally, she would return a different woman.  She would return with a very self-conscious desire to find, submit herself to, and marry a strong, assertive, and racially self-conscious Christian white man.

And she’d want to give him many children, guaranteed.

So, how much would this cure cost?

Let’s say a full-time 10 man crew (5 to kidnap the women in America, and 5 to monitor them downrange), a few company vehicles, and a c130 to shuttle our patients in and out of Afghanistan, plus money for fuel, ammunition, food, and other miscellaneous items:

10 man crew (100 grand a piece, including benefits) – 1 million a year.

Company vehicles – 200, thousand.

C130 plane – 5 million (plus yearly maintenance and 2 regular mechanics would be another 1 million a year).

Fuel, ammo, food, etc. (plus insurance and God knows what else) – let’s just say 5 million yearly.

Combine this rough estimate with everything I might have missed, and I’ll just say this cure would be a 14 million dollar a year operation.

This wouldn’t be that bad of an investment if we could get, say, 500,000 men a year, willing to pay for a loved one to be cured of feminism.  Even if they pay a small amount, say 5,000 dollars for the treatment, we’d be rolling in the profits, plus society would see a surge in wonderful, conservative, patriarchal minded women.

It’s a win, win really.

Anyone want to go in with me on the initial investment?

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14 Responses to Dr. Shotgun’s Cure for Feminism

  1. Feminists have no idea how good they have it in the Western world. (But why would they? They are trying to talk their way into higher Sexual Market Value, and frankly the average feminized Western male couldn’t handle and doesn’t deserve better)

    And, it’s very true that a place like Afghanistan is medieval in its understanding about gender relations. I remember reading an article about the very topic in National Geographic and one story, there, is still in my memory – only made more vivid by the color photograph that illustrated it.

    The photo showed three Afghanis: a man and a woman, both seated; and a standing, female police officer (somewhat surprising, but considering the timing maybe she was from “Three Cups of Tea”. I do hope saying was doesn’t give away the ending…) And, the viewer’s attention would be immediately drawn toward the seated woman’s arm, where a deep, bloody gash could be seen. The man’s face was darkly angry and the seated woman’s face seemed nervous yet sedate. The female policeman was talking to the couple. A caption below the photo told the viewer that the man and woman had been arguing, which caused the man to slash the woman as punishment. The police officer had been called to calm the situation, and to prevent further escalation. To color that society further, the article detailed how the female police officer was new on the job and that later that week she was, herself, murdered! The Afghani men know that they must keep women in line or else lose face, honor, reputation, money, reproductive options (remember that Muslims are permitted polygamy). I report on that memory not to agitate against Muslims or to convince Western feminists of their good fortune, but to remind Western men of their context in different societies of today and therefore, hopefully, strengthen these men’s frames.

    As always, feminists believe they’ve got real power… but they really don’t. Any organization or movement that is by, for, and of woman only exists at the pleasure of men, and if men choose to end the government welfare for E.B.T. payments toward un-committed mothers and women, the whole house of cards collapses.

  2. Jack Cade says:

    If feminists weren’t right, you two wouldn’t have posted these two comments.
    You can’t do anything about their argument, so you resort to stuff like this.
    You do this because you know that they are right and if you’d been born a woman you’d be one of them.

    • shotgunwildatheart says:

      The general arguments for feminism are incoherent, short-sighted and easy to refute.

      The problem is, strong arguments deal in what is or is not rational. As such, feminists couldn’t care less about them. Feminists are decidedly irrational.

      So, when dealing with a feminist, there is no reason involved; you’re dealing with the capricious and fickle nature of a rebellious woman.

      Afghanistan is the best place for them.

      • Jocelyn says:

        What should we do with the manists? You know the men who cook and take on the roles of women?

      • shotgunwildatheart says:

        Who cares about them, Jocelyn?

      • Jocelyn says:

        I certainly care as men are suppose to be the leaders. Instead of placing blame on women perhaps you “should” define what men “should” be doing so women don’t feel so compelled to the feminist lifestyle. :)

      • shotgunwildatheart says:

        The above scenario will change feminists into good women, regardless of who is to “blame” in contemporary America.

    • Mr. Cade, I’d respond to you – but would you even stick around for a response?

  3. Douglas says:

    Mr. Cade is either some kike or a liberal. Feminists need to be taught a lesson and shotgun has seen this all for himself so he’s tough on them as he should be. If they don’t bear children then they are useless to our race.

    Come Home White Man to where God and Destiny await!

    nwnet@earthlink.net Harold Covington – Leader of the NF

  4. Douglas says:

    Jocelyn is absolutely right. Yeah, I know you know Jocelyn but its points like these that sometimes make the most impression. Feminism is absolutely stupid and suicidal. It takes out the best of what makes a woman and puts it in the garbage like all those aborted babies all under the disguise of ‘feminism’. It’s just another word for genocide in a hippy dippy sixties euphamism.


    • Jocelyn says:

      I agree Douglas! I’m certainly not a fan of feminists but I am equally disgusted with men who take on the role of women. Some people fail to realize it works both ways. :)

  5. Shibboleth says:

    A real man would reveal his identity instead of cowardly blogging under a pseudonym.


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