How to Tell a Real Christian Man from a Fake

How to tell the difference between a real Christian man, and a modernist who effeminately prances around in Christian garb?

Ask the following question:

“If, in some sick twist of circumstance, we were forced to choose between allowing a woman to be ravaged by enemies or killing her, which would you choose.”

The effeminate neo-Christian will absolutely refuse to answer the question. He will ridicule it. He will ridicule the person asking the question. He will insist that there will never be any such circumstance. But if you twist his faggoty arm, forcing him to decide, he may deliberate long and hard, and finally declare that it would be far better to let his enemies have the poor girl, “…because we all know” .. he’ll proclaim, in his lecturing tone of voice “…that murder is a worse crime than rape.”

The real Christian man, born and bred out of the vast array of Anglo-Celtic and European fighting genes, the man with Christian chivalry burned into his heart and raised on adventure literature featuring pirates, knights, highwaymen, and princesses, will not even hesitate.

He’ll say immediately, without all the posturing, that it would be far better to kill the woman ourselves than let her be defiled by Satanism. Such would be a mercy killing. She’ll die pure, her honor in tact – and that is far more valuable than some intellectual notion of which crime is worse.

What’s that?  You think I’m out of line?  You think this is over the top?

Well, I’m not out of line.  This is exactly what’s happening.

“Honor” has no place in Christendom; our modern church men are incapable of understanding “chivalry” or the fighting spirit of our ancestors.   The church men sit our women down and whisper in their ears that it’s better to spread their legs for Satan than to die honorably.

This is almost too much to bear.

And if we – we men with European hearts – cannot bear it, then how much longer will God, whose passion and fury burn like nothing we know on Earth, allow this?

Evil-doers beware.

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11 Responses to How to Tell a Real Christian Man from a Fake

  1. Very old school. Expect flak. But I agree.

  2. Plus, you might get ’em pregnant.

    “As we all know, you might make a baby”

  3. Flavius says:

    I’d probably also respond that killing her is the better choice under those sick circumstances, but I’m not a Christian. There are things worse than dying. Why do you presume that only Christians would give this answer?

    • shotgunwildatheart says:

      I’m not sure what you mean when you ask “why do you presume that only Christians would give this answer?”

      Maybe you can clarify?

      • Flavius says:

        Sorry if I misunderstood you, but my impression when I read your article was that you assumed that only a “real Christian man” would rather kill her than rape her and that only one such “real Christian man” would have any notions of chivalry and honor. It seemed to me that you were saying that only Christians can behave in an honorable and chivalric manner.

      • shotgunwildatheart says:

        As opposed to the fake Christians – of which there are many, none of whom would have an inkling of what acting honorably means.

    • clm says:

      He didn’t say he presumed
      anything so why presume he’s
      presuming. Nobody gets the point that I can attest that most Christian men today are FAKE and you’d never know they went to church if you meet them. A real man especially of the ancestry described would be chivalrous, more respectful and protective other than running wild like todays losers.

  4. As a woman, I’d rather be raped. And the “effeminate” man would probably be more sweet and gentle. Note: This statement is NOT considered consent under the law.

  5. Pamela says:

    i agree darling… if it should happen let it be quick at the hands of me warrior poet one swipe of his sword piercing mine heart in blazing passion….just don’t let me die at the hands of a fake dishonorable Christian man…


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