A Reply to Professor Throckmorton

Professor Throckmorton has chimed in on the great May Day battle of 2013, where Heimbach, Shane Long, and I (as well as five others), confronted an army of 400 marauding Marxists, halting their progress cold, directly in front of the white house.  Somewhat like Gandalf, in that now infamous scene in the Lord of the Rings movie, we stood our ground and shouted “You Shall Not Pass!”; and they didn’t.

Afterwards, Shane and Heimbach attended the League of the South national conference, where they were awarded the Nathan Bedford Forrest, for their bravery (a high honor for us Southern nationalists).

The good professor Throckmorton is obviously appalled by such a sacrilegious act of bravery, and even more so by the resulting award ceremony.

See his take on the situation here.

I posted a response on his blog, but knowing how these neo-jacobins are wholly averse to defending their views publicly (let alone condescending to someone of my filth), I doubt it will show up.  In case it doesn’t, I post it here for public consideration:


(The good professor concludes his blog with the following statement:  “Perhaps actions like these are why some people have reconsidered associations with the League of the South).

No “perhaps” about it, professor; you and your ilk are successfully imposing an anti-Southern, anti-Western paradigm onto the unsuspecting minds of millions of naive college youngsters, who are, as a result, abandoning organizations like “League of the South”.

That your cherished worldview is philosophically incoherent, blasphemous (in its rejection of historic European faith-norms), and intolerably impractical, doesn’t phase these impressionable youths, who have no inkling a better way exists.

I remain incurably-optimistic however – as despite the billions spent by your ilk on pop-culture propaganda, and despite the complete hegemony you hold in academia, organizations like the League of the South continue to grow (despite being abandoned by politically-correct hipsters).

So on that note: thank you for the extra bit of publicity. I’m sure some will hear of our honorable stand that day in D.C. and, instead of lamenting it as you hope, will feel a stirring of long dormant passions.

When that happens (and it will): the spirit of Nathan Forrest is awaiting them in the Sherwood of Dixie.

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5 Responses to A Reply to Professor Throckmorton

  1. Ol’ Shotgun, Most of the new folks I see coming into the LS or just more generally becoming interested in Southern nationalism are youngsters who have rejected the views of people such as Warren Throckmorton (who I had never even heard of prior to reading this post of yours). They do not feel White guilt and they are tired of being on the defensive. I don’t see people abandoning the League, I see the League growing. And I also see it becoming much stronger and more effective. The coming demonstration in Uvalda will show how far we have come of late and the direction in which we are moving.

    • shotgunwildatheart says:

      …a fact that thrills me to no end.

      I’ve heard it said that Communism fell in Russia when the average man no longer believed in it.

      I see the same sort of thing happening here in America with the iron-clad politically-correct hegemony being universally imposed.

      The young’uns just aint buying it anymore. Even better – they’re ridiculing it.

      By the way,

      The good professor Throckmorton seems to have a personal vendetta against the League for some reason. I bet there’s an interesting story.

  2. “Shotgun”

    I hope that you can get some more “boots on the ground” as Mr. Heimbach once suggested.

  3. Phillip says:

    Were you also honored the Nathan Bedford Forrest award ?


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