Defeating White Gloom

Anonymous white advocates on the internet drone on and on about how doomed we are.  Everyday there’s some new atrocity that, if having occurred one hundred years ago, would have been the talk of newspapers the world over; but affairs being what they are today, they barely raise eyebrows.  And our doomed brethren are stalwart in their resolve to inform everyone about each new slaughter.

I submit that it’s not the doom we need to be worried about so much as the “gloom”.

I mean: the oppressing depression that sets in when faced with story after story of this kind.  I’m not immune to this depression as some of my readers have pointed out recently; I apologize for beating the gloom drums.

I should have remembered that a true warrior, seeped in the chivalry of our ancestors, would look on this all with a raised heart.  Defeating evil is pure joy for the pious knight.  Think of the opportunities for heroism all around us!  Think of the honor, the renown, the glory to be won in battle.  Think of the infamy to be achieved.  Think of effeminate demoniacs, shaking at the knees, and teaching their children to look under their beds at night for the lurking white man.

Where is our generation’s Robin Hood?  Where is our Jessie James?

Wherever he is, he’s not seeped in gloom.  He can’t be if he hopes for confrontation.

So, I apologize again, dear readers, for beating the gloom drums; I hope, in the future, to model myself (and my attitudes in writing) after Reepicheep the mouse (who made his debut in C.S. Lewis’ “Prince Capsian”).   He was always ready, indeed, had to be held back from,   zealously engaging whomever (or whatever) dared sully the honor of Aslan and Narnia.

Recultivating the martial spirit in our circles will help deal with the gloom, as will turning off the television and being selective in our reading habits.  Sure, we must know of the horrors, but take them in slowly, in small doses.  Use the vile nature of these things to fuel workouts and stoke the fires of dedication.  (A recent article on WebMD argues that Facebook use tends to make users less happy; I think there’s something to this).

No white man should have a problem finding motivation to ready himself for conflict.

And every white man should be quick to defend a lady’s honor, or to repay public blasphemy with force.  Fist fights should be honored by Christian women, not disdained.

We’ll blow away the gloom clouds with our waving fists.

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One Response to Defeating White Gloom

  1. True, but activism can still be a pain in the butt!


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