The Klan Teams up with the NAACP??

Those mired in pop-culture education might not believe the title of this post; those familiar with contemporary Klan groups are groaning in knowing disdain.

Here is a link to the story, where a Casper, Wyoming branch of the NAACP reaches out to a local Klan group.  Apparently, a few race-mixing negros were assaulted while walking the town with their damnable white trophies, and Jimmy Simmons (an uppidy negro with the NAACP) is unhappy about it.  So they sent a letter to the United Klans of America, who replied by sending representative John Abarr.

A summation of the encounter is provided in the article linked to above; it sounds like this lone white man walked into a council of wanna-be magic negros, who’ve derived their personalities from watching too much Morgan Freeman and Forrest Whittaker.  In round-robin fashion, they grill the Abarr, who replies meekly and with (one imagines) downcast eyes, as he fields questions from this holy group of self-righteous judges.

In the end, Abarr is so touched, he pays the twenty dollars, signs the membership form, and joins the NAACP; I suppose it was some asinine ploy to demonstrate to the world that the Klan really isn’t “racist” after all.

What was gained by this?  Other than the humiliation and denigration of white symbology?

The Klan is a powerful image (as is the burning cross) – powerful ancestral symbolism that is being abused and debased by modern charlatans who still believe they can win over the opposition through politeness and civility.

If the real Klan could resurrect itself from the 1800’s, they would have agreed to send a representative to the meeting, then set a firey cross out in the front lawn and disappeared into the night, leaving a frightened and demoralized group of negros in their wake.

The NAACP hates white people.  They’re the “hate-group”.

There is one way the United Klans of America can redeem itself after this embarrassing stunt.

They need to rally their groups all over the country, and have them each send an invitation to the local NAACP chapters, for the purposes of discussing the rampant black on white crime in the area (of which, in whatever part of the country we’re talking about, there is much to report).

Imagine the national outrage that would cause.  The mere idea of a bunch of white men sitting in judgement on a magical negro??  That would be a ballsy move.  That would be a wise use of this asinine stunt.

But, that would also require the Klan to actually do something worthwhile for our people…so, I wont hold my breath.

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5 Responses to The Klan Teams up with the NAACP??

  1. rogerunited says:

    Abarr said he is also a member of the ACLU and the SPLC!

  2. I supppose groups like that are for nostalgia.



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