Trad Youth Confronts Tim Wise

Much has been made about the recent events at Indiana State University; the Traditionalist Youth Network organized a protest of Tim Wise (a despicable man who makes his living spreading anti-white rhetoric at colleges and events around the country and was to appear at ISU that evening).  While congregating for the event, they were attacked by a few cowardly, skinny-jean clad, upper-middle class white boys, going by the name “Antifa” (anti-facists).  The Trad Youth guys dominated the confrontation, then marched down to the lecture hall where they conversed with students.

I missed the violence.  No one knew I was in Indiana.  I intended my presence to be a morale-lifting surprise.  I was going to burst out of the lecture hall when they arrived and say something corny like “we don’t want ya’llz kind ’round here!”  But, as I waited, I got worried that their plans had changed.  Then I saw police cars and ambulances speeding down to their rally point.  A little later, some black girl, presumably a student at ISU, walked by conversing with her friends.  I overheard something like:  “Ohhhh lawd, dat white boy done got jacked up…  They’s blood all over da place”.  I didn’t know what to think, and decided to run down to join my friends, but as I rounded the corner, I saw them approaching, signs waving proudly.  Despite their set-back with the assaults, they arrived on schedule.

Most of the commentary afterwards has focused on that street fight, but many are curious as to how our confrontation with Wise turned out.  So, for those wondering, here’s a quick run-down:

We had a police escort into the building, were escorted through campus security, and took our place in the back of the room.

Someone told Wise we were there, so he immediately opened his spiel with snarky comments aimed in our direction. “Matthew,” he said, “you came here, even though you said you weren’t coming in … how great” … (or some such). Of course, Heimbach yells back, at one point, correcting Wise on the proper name of Trad Youth. “It’s the Traditionalist Youth Network, not the Traditionalist Youth Association”.

Building on this exchange, Wise launched into a diatribe on how there are two very different “traditions” in the West; one was adhered to by us evil white supremacists, but the other was the honorable tradition of egalitarianism and passion for the “Noble Savage”, as well as defiance of hierarchical social orders.

The rest of his speech mirrored all his others. If you know anything about Wise, you know that he gives the same speech wherever he goes, with the exact same illustrations and the exact same talking points.

The difference this time, however, was his tone. He’s usually cocky, jovial, and entirely confident in his presentation. This time, he was edgy, nervous, and careful. He knew he would have to give a public accounting of himself.

To his credit, when he opened the floor to questions, he asked the moderator to give the first few questions to “that crowd in the back”. But “few” turned out to be two; Heimbach had the first, and I had the honor of the second.

How to derail an entire lecture in two questions?

We knew the truth, and the truth was, we were the “elephant in the room” at this event. All were aware that mythical “white supremacists” had materialized in the back of their lecture hall. Nerves were on end, and throughout Wise’s speech, I saw repeated and cautious glances from around the room. Best to capitalize on their inner-dialogues then.

Heimbach caught everyone off guard when, instead of foaming at the mouth, a hick accent, and use of over-the-top rhetoric on the mic, he opened by politely thanking Wise for attending the event, and expressed sentiments of respect for Wise’s prowess as a polemicist.

The room was dead quiet; the audience hung on Heimbach’s every word. (Here was a real-live racist…like you only read about in story books!)

“Couldn’t we choose to opt-out of multiculturalism, Mr. Wise? Would you accept a white ethnostate?”

After gallons upon gallons of bloviating in reply, (presumably meant to drown the following admission in all dem wurdz), he grudgingly admitted that, yes, in principle, he couldn’t object to such a state – however, he quickly added, such a thing is too impractical to happen in real life. (If only Wise would apply this same standard to his multicultural utopia, he’d give up his work).

Nevertheless, you could see in his tone and demeanor that he hated having to make such an admission.

I followed up in the same way, thanking Wise for being there and thanking him again for graciously interacting with us. During his meandering and wordy response to Heimbach, (and as is common in his many lectures, and even present in his debate with Jared Taylor), he suggested “pan-white” unity, and pan-racial unity in general, are artificial social constructs; these group-norms can be arbitrarily formed around any thing, from color of eyes, to sport team fandom. So, I asked, wouldn’t it be the case that if he were successful in lobbying Americans to give up associating according to these pan-racial identity groups, that there would no longer be any uniquely black music, or black poetry, or dignity among American blacks as a people?

Again, after much bloviating, he had to admit that, yes, there would no longer be any self-conscious black “block” – but, he hastily added, they wouldn’t care at that point. They only need to organize as a pan-racial block to stave off the evil and oppression being done to them at the hands of white men (like myself).

Nevertheless, many black folk in the crowd, who had no problem being proud of their “blackness”, (and told us so during our protest outside the event), were no longer clapping along with Wise.

Wise knew he’d been stung by our questions; he has faith in the American education system though and likely hopes the students didn’t have the critical thinking skills to realize it.

Dem honkies in the back did, though.

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7 Responses to Trad Youth Confronts Tim Wise

  1. rogerunited says:

    I am not a White Nationalist, I actually agree with Tim Wise (that feels weird to type) that a “pan white” unity would be artificial. While Europeans do have a shared history, but that history is largely war, that is competition with each other. We don’t need one “proposition nation” of white ethnicities, we need many nations with a sense of self.

    Interestingly, reading history I see that white nations have driven the majority of the major events at least since the fall of Rome. For example, name a war that wasn’t white nation vs white nation, sometimes we use proxies as in the Cold War, but they’re all family disputes. White people still have all the power, we control the largest economies and militaries and support all of the non-white countries through foreign aid, China is an exception, but I would argue that China’s export dependent economy is completely dependent on the West, ie white nations. We still have the political and economic power. Non-whites don’t worry me, they only have the power we give them, our enemies are progressive (for lack of a better term) white folks.

    What is needed, in my view, is to stop identifying ourselves in a negative way, as opposed to multiculturalism/immigration/islam/whatever and start identifying ourselves with a positive as proponents of Christianity/History/European ethnicity/etc. To use an example, the LoS demonstratiin in TN is framed as “against demographic replacement”, I would argue that it should be “in support of Southrons and their history”.

    This is just my $100 bucks worth (.02 adjusted for inflation) and the final paragraph doesn’t apply to you, its just a general observation.

    • civil rights apostate says:

      I wouldn’t call myself WN (because that term as connotations with the skinheads and other violent groups), but I think that in these days, all the white Europeans could work to help each other out. In the crusades the European nations rescued Spain from Islam, and many Europeans helped free Greece from Turkey, and today, White Christians could work to win their kinsmen for Christ even as they battle Multiculturalism. In the same way, all the human race could work together to save our planet from an alien attack (should that ever happen)

  2. Great showing, “Shotgun” my buddy! Mr. Timothy Wise is one of the most virulent anti-whites out there so it is always so good to see him in the rhetorical cross-hairs… Also, thank you for the coverage. There was a Counter-Currents article, one at C.of C.C. and now the one, here, at your blog.

    Best regards,


  3. Carte says:

    Great news. Thank you for what you are doing.

  4. ryu238 says:

    Why don’t the question you ask wise apply to you whites? If anything it supports multiculturalism…but your double standards get in the way of education and logic huh?


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