In a World Where Evil is Good and Good is Evil

I’m almost at the point of rejecting all labels for myself; not out of a sense of modern propriety (it’s trendy at the moment to reject labels), but out of fear of the burden that comes from them.  It’s almost as if every label applied by men to themselves these days, is applied in error, and I don’t want to be in error.

The man who calls himself a humanist is anything but.  He seeks the end of humanity, and entreats his rulers to bring about technologies that promise to either end the world as we know it, or to re-shape it after some ghastly end.  “Let’s blend our machines with our bodies, and by doing so, end ourselves, and give birth to a new race of boundless, powerful techno-gods!”

The progressive is no better; as I see things, the Earth is filling its God-ordained role by progressing freely through space, while the progressive, it seems, is doing everything he can to stop it.  Time is the enemy of the progressive, even though he appeals to its progression as justification for every evil deed.

Surely the Christian is better, right?  Unfortunately not.  The ones parading around under this label are most apt to be the worst sort of person we might meet on a daily basis.

The Satanists no longer worship Satan (at least, not directly), politicians do anything but practice politics, preachers never preach (they inspire, or cajole, but never preach), and poets, instead of bravely revealing society to itself, regurgitate the boring myths already prevalent in the minds of their readers.

The “good” acts are called evil, while the evil acts are heralded as bravery.  The “brave” men are bullies, and the wretches are villains.

In this world – a good man has to be an outlaw.

But who will be the outlaw’s wife?

I can only conclude that she’ll be a witch, living despised and rejected in a swamp somewhere.

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5 Responses to In a World Where Evil is Good and Good is Evil

  1. “Shotgun”

    I’ve really enjoyed your two latest posts, your trademark writing style.

    Best regards,


  2. civil rights apostate says:

    Although I think I see the point of your post, there are some things which concern me from time to time. I understand that you and most other kinists believe salvation is by faith in Christ alone, but I would like you to make that a little more clear sometimes. Although I think Mr. Cambria is a very intelligent man, some of his posts suggest he’s CI, and others suggest that he believes only whites can go to heaven. Can you explain it otherwise.

    • shotgunwildatheart says:

      I believe I have a feel for how Mr. Cambria might answer that, based on my reading of his blog for the past few years. But I’m no spokesman for him.

      For my part – I’m not “CI” … although, I do find some of the Anglo-Israelite arguments compelling. E. Raymond Capt’s discussion of the linguistic similarities between old-Irish and old-Hebrew, for instance, is interesting. The similarities between the two languages are uncanny.

      But in the end, whether they’re related to us by blood or not, the ancient Hebrews, like Christian Europe, took God into their hearts and He was theirs and they were His.

      We need to get back to it.

      • civil rights apostate says:

        You know, I probably would have ended up being some sort of CI adherent if they’d shown me genetic evidence for it–which they did not. Perhaps we have some Hebrew blood in us–Most Israelite children were sold throughout the empire in 70 AD–but it is virtually impossible that we are pure-blooded or fifty-percent-or-more sons of Jacob. My main concern with CI, though, is that many sects have laws against eating bacon and are legalistic in other ways. I believe, though, that we are descended from Japheth, and Noah’s blessing upon Japheth is likely the reason why Europe has remained at least nominally Christian for over 1400 years.

      • shotgunwildatheart says:

        Oh, for sure, … many in the CI camp are crazy and hold to all sorts of weird ideals; from pyramids, to aliens, to a flat Earth, to rejection of Hell, and who knows what all?

        I think your view is the most coherent. If we interpret Noah’s prophecy / curse as racial in scope, with the Europeans being from Japeth, then it puts all of history into a meaningful light.


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