To My Lesbian Admirers…

Apparently, my blog has caught the attention of a gaggle of lesbians on that rag-tag blogging site “Tumblr”; they’ve busied themselves with hand-waving, swearing, and offering general outcries of audacity about how backward, disgusting, and disagreeable I am.

Their focus (from what I can tell), seems to be on my advocacy for traditional male / female roles, and how I’ve suggested the cure for feminism might involve a little physical discipline on the part of a dedicated husband (or lover).

One wonders if they’d have all this free time to complain if they were in a kitchen where they belonged…


In all seriousness though, ladies, I’d like you to consider something:

Consider the word “dog”.

Now, when extracted from a sentence, the word is meaningless.  It could describe a furry, four-legged animal.  It could be the name of a famous TV bounty-hunter.  Or, it might simply be a nonsense syllable used to fill space in a song…”dog itta dog a dang a dang dang”.

So, unless we place the word “dog” in a sentence, it is meaningless.

The same can be said of humans.

Unless we have a “context”, then we have no real identity.  Feminism, in its most basic sense, abstracts a woman from her social context, and tries to view her in some abstracted sense, a move supported by jargon like “…it’s the content of her character we’re worried about, not what reproductive organs she may or may not have…”

When a person is abstracted from his or her context…ie: when their sex, race, economic class, religion, language, etc. etc. are disregarded, then the person loses all “personhood” and becomes an abstracted, identy-less, monstrosity.

You all should thank me for putting you back into context, and giving you meaning.

Actually…don’t thank me; thank God.

Jesus Christ set women free, not feminism….



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2 Responses to To My Lesbian Admirers…

  1. Courtney from Alabama says:

    Scott, I thought you would find the following humorous in regards to this topic. I can’t stop laughing. I can’t believe this is real. I apologize for sending this to you on Easter, the day of Christ’s resurrection.


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