On Heroes and Betrayals

garden of evil

On this day of American hero-worship, I have a few thoughts of my own for consideration:

Years ago, I happened to see a documentary showcasing an organization called the “Army of God”.  Later, they covered Paul Hill, the man who shot and killed an abortion doctor back in 1994.

I wasn’t well read back then and was only a nominal Christian, but I remember getting very excited by that documentary.  As Christians, we were telling everyone that abortion was evil because it constituted the murder of an unborn person.  But this man, Paul Hill, had taken the truth to heart.  Indeed – if we really believed innocent persons were dying, then violence is the only reasonable Christian response, right?

Years later, after becoming a Calvinist and a Presbyterian and learning about Dr. Greg Bahnsen and Gary North, I realized that Paul Hill had once felt (about these men) as I felt.  In prison, Paul Hill wrote to Gary North, presumably pleading for sympathy, or at the very least, looking for a friend.  Such was not to be found … Hill’s church excommunicated him, and when North finally got around to responding, he damned him to Hell.

Well, I don’t think Hill is in Hell.  I think he’s in Heaven, surrounded by the loving ministrations of countless slaughtered unborn.  And ever since discovering his letter, I’ve been unable to think the same way about Gary North.  He betrayed Paul Hill and he betrayed Christendom; he’ll answer for it in the afterlife.

But this episode shows that the sanctity of Christendom is broken and those of us with regenerated hearts have been relegated to the dark forests; we’re the “underground men” now.

And it’s hard to be an underground man … it’s terribly lonely for one, but secondly, it’s an incredible internal struggle.  Consider:  I was born in 1982 and all my heroes (all the characters who shaped my childhood dreams) were Christless post-Christians.

The first was He-Man … the impossibly strong barbarian from a fictional universe.  He taught me to appreciate violence.

The second most influential was Indiana Jones.  He had aristocratic flare, good looks and the dogged determinism that made him an idol of worship for young boys like me.

Later, there was Rambo, but his movies were rated R and I was only able to watch them when visiting friends for sleepovers; friends whose parents weren’t as puritanical as mine.  Still – we found ourselves wearing camouflage and playing “war” in the woods.

As I got older and began reading, I discovered Clive Cussler’s “Dirk Pitt” and routinely tried to imitate his mannerisms.


All of these characters have one thing in common:  they’re post-Christian, liberals.

There was hardly any “air” of old Europe inherent in these men or their adventures.  I only learned of old Europe through the faint hints given from my Grandparents – a tone of voice here, a look there, or through all the old late-night stories about the past…

So, it’s a great personal struggle.  I consider myself someone of mid-level intelligence, and I’ve been self-consciously trying for the past few years to garner the old mind-set and re-ignite (in myself) the heroic “cowboy” or Knightly chivalraic attitude.   I’ve been having to rely solely on the books and movie recommendations from “Cambria Will Not Yield” … and even with all that, it’s very difficult.  Difficult to overcome the heroes of youth, who have now become, at best, old-circle friends who are trying to drag me back down the wrong path after having left them for greener pastures.


Enter Gary Cooper …

Last night I watched “Garden of Evil” and couldn’t take my eyes off the screen…it was refreshing in ways I can’t describe.  It was like I was seeing the best of my grandfather on the television.

Of course, there’s also Sir Walter Scott – I’ve read a number of his novels, but none stand out like Quentin Durward for me.  I sometimes catch myself asking “what would Durward do here…” … a better guide than Dirk Pitt, certainly.


The question will inevitably arise, though… what *would* these men, these old European heroes, do if they woke up in contemporary America?

I go back to thinking of Gary North and Paul Hill…

I can’t believe the old European heroes would want to indiscriminately slaughter all those around us.  There would be no honor in that.  If we are ever called on to kill a man, it must be with honor:  “Turn around and defend yourself!!”

No… I can only see two possibilities for the awakened hero…

One, is to leave this place and find a new home, perhaps in the wilds of South America or in some uninhabited parts of Africa?  Maybe, if he’s lucky, he might find one of the old hero women to accompany him into this new “west” (if he’s incredibly blessed he’ll find a Susan Hayward, heh).

But then there’s the second option … I’m calling this the “Robin Hood Contingency.”  This is where the hero stays in the midst of the evil and fights them from the inside, living a life of constant danger as an outlaw; a dissident.

Whatever part of me hasn’t succumbed to complete cynicism, jumps at option 2, only, there will be no beautiful Maid Marian here – there will be no clever puns and good-timing forest companions.  There will only be a lonely, demon-harassed hero, in the dark, constantly pursued, with no more hope for victory than whatever little comes with hope for miracles.

It’s a bleak choice for any man.

What would Durward do?  What would the Virginian do?  What would Gary Cooper do?

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16 Responses to On Heroes and Betrayals

  1. rogerunited says:

    “What would Durward do? What would the Virginian do? What would Gary Cooper do?”
    Its funny that only real person in the above quote was a philanderer and convert to Roman Catholicism who paid for his mistress’ abortion.

    If you’re feeling put upon by today’s paganism, read about the Christian persecutions of the first few centuries.


  2. I think it’s an understatement to say I’m feeling “put-upon” … how could any of us *not*, at the very least, feel “put upon”??

    As for the trials of the first few centuries of Christians – I don’t think it’s a good comparison. They weren’t facing self-conscious satanism like we are today, and they had a social cohesion foreign to us.


    As for the characters I mentioned … with the exception of Cooper (whose characters acted more or less like the other characters in the list), they all left their homes in search of adventure abroad.

    I think that’s my best option.

    • rogerunited says:

      To cede territory to your enemies and leave kith and kin? Besides, where would you go? There is no frontier anymore.

      • I’ve been conjuring up a post on a few options. I’ve been reading about the Falklands this afternoon … that might be an option. It would be like moving to a remote English town, stuck in the past (so you know it’s conservative), where no one would bother me and I could raise a family in relative peace (always assuming Argentina doesn’t invade).

      • rogerunited says:

        Interested to read it.

  3. JPOutlook says:

    I found this article to be rather too rhetorical to really appreciate.

  4. cambriawillnotyield says:

    A fine post. You’ve captured the essence of the modern European quagmire: real integral Christians behave like Tell, Paul Hill, and Gary Cooper in *Garden of Evil* and (I might add) *The Hanging Tree*. No actor lives up to his roles; we are talking about a certain type of hero that Cooper played in his better movies, which represented the type of men Europeans felt they should be. The fact that we no longer have screen heroes like Cooper is significant.

    Robin Hood is a great model, but Zorro (of the Johnston McCulley novel and the magnificent Walt Disney’s *Zorro*) is the most practical model for modern Europeans. He was gentle as a dove but wise as a serpent in that he wore the disguise of a fop during the day but at night rode in defense… Check out Walt Disney’s *The Scarecrow of Romney Marsh*, another good role model.

    Never apologize for writing from the heart. That’s the only way to write. God bless you.

  5. HBO made that “Soldiers In the Army of God” documentary you know. :-3

    I have a hard copy, and was amused by the reminder I got from reading your description of it that for many of us, that film did not at all have the effect they were intending for it.

    Do you recall that interview with Paul Hill at the end? It was very clear to me (and I watched him closely in it) that the man had found perfect peace. I’ve heard that the day they executed him, thunder shook the building though there was not a cloud in the sky.

    Your analysis of Mr. North’s damnable response to him rings true. The way Paul Hill was dealt by the Christian community casts a shadow upon it that it will not be able to step out of any time soon. One simply could not ask for a more vivid illustration, though visible in something of a blood-red scale of why the modern church is so ineffectual and impotent.

    Old Gary Cooper movies are great! (Most, at least.) “The Fountainhead,” “High Noon” and “Meet John Doe” are a few personal favorites that are highly recommended of course, if you haven’t gotten around to seeing them yet.
    Quite the enigma that man… the actor who embodied in his roles the quintessential man of principle standing on the highest ideals of western civilization who yet, in real life was quite liberal.

    The Robin Hood cotingency as you put it, is in my view, is the biblically sound approach.
    “If the foundations be destroyed, what shall the righteous do?” (Rebuild them.)

    “Return to the ancient landmarks…”

    “Set up a standard… publish and conceal not… Say ‘Babylon is fallen. Bel is confounded. Merodach is broken in pieces. Her images are confounded. Her images are broken in peaces.” ~Jeremiah 50:2

    A fine post indeed brother. Keep up the good work.

  6. Jacob,

    Lately, I’ve been posing the question to people: “Stay and fight, or expatriate thyself?”

    Overwhelmingly (and quite unexpectedly), the majority of my friends (especially on facebook), are of the “stay and fight” mentality. But let me tell you something: I don’t think they understand what they’re suggesting or how brutal these scientistic enemies of ours will be. The Roman persecution of Christianity simply wont compare.

    You see, these guys will attack us with scientific savagery. They will not just rape our women, they will find sick and twisted ways to degrade them that we haven’t dreamed of…they’ll turn them into animals in front of our eyes (they’re already doing it). The physical pain they’ll be able (and willing) to inflict will just be the start – the mental and emotional anguish will be 100 times worse…the level of humiliation they’ll be able to impose, appalling.

    Many of the “stay and fighters” can’t even be bothered to send money to pro-white fund-raisers or attend monthly meetings – where will they be come time for bloodshed?

    I don’t want to kill anyone … even though, sometimes, in response to some news stories, the urge wells up inside me. Still – I’m not a violent person by nature. But if we “stay and fight”, we’re going to have to be. And for what? Fight for people who don’t want us (for anything other than slaves) and who can’t stand us? Fight for enlightenment political ideals? For a Constitution? For a piece of land?

    Far better for me to raise a family in peace somewhere, if at all possible. Let the pagans have their spoils. We can rebuild all that. We can’t rebuild our genes. We can’t rebuild lost lives.

    • …by the way…

      I’ve seen *real* “stay and fighters”.

      When I did a tour in Guantanamo Bay, I was in close quarters with the “detainees”, many of whom could speak broken English. While I think their religion is laughable, I can’t help but sympathize for their hatred of the “American Satan”.

      I’ve looked into the eyes of real life “stay and fighers”, and there’s something there missing from the average pampered American.

      God keep us from becoming like them … and if we do have to become like them, if our eyes get that same deadly fire to them … then may it not be spent in vain, recapturing pagan Rome.

      • I can’t say I disagree with you there at all. Look at the reds as they swept through Germany. And that was in a time that we longingly refer to as a “bygone era.”

        Perhaps I should clarify… when I affirm your Robin Hood contingency, I don’t refer to the (unrealistically and even unreasonably optimistic) “we’re gonna’ take back Washington!!” stay’n’fight-ism.

        I’m referring to the rebuild Jerusalem from the ground up, one brick at a time if necessary brand. The kind few are willing to really discuss, if even able to articulate clearly. This approach assumes that we will never have any significant numbers any time soon, and focuses solely on establishing an enclave for the remnant to gather and work together free of Babylon and seek true revival. Because nothing short of this can guarantee the chance of the sort of divine intervention we need.

        Imagine such an enclave with visionary leadership where the remnant of our time was being led and gathered. As God began to move amongst His people gathered there, real change could begin in earnest. Beginning with the most essential change within each and every one of us needed to devote ourselves wholly to the cause.
        We could be separated from Babylon while still reaching out to those still caught up within it.

        Under such circumstances, we could at last invoke such ecclesiastical authority as the world has not seen in a millenia. Imagine a preacher standing on the steps of a federal courthouse calling wicked federal judges and corrupt governmental figures into account for their misdeeds. Like in the days of the prophets.

        Imagine them coming after such men, and a Heavenly host of angels protecting them against unfathomable odds.

        Such a thing CAN be a reality. We are not guaranteed it, but there are precedents, and actions that the men who God used in such cases were required to take. If we are willing to do the same, then there can be no telling what God may do through us.

        The question is not will God pour out His power through His people ever again, but are we willing to be those people whom He may use.

  7. Hey, in honor of Mr. Cambria’s post, we’re changing that to the “Zorro Contingency”

  8. Fr. John+ says:

    Cambria told us what to do, how to think, in this last column of his.

    And the Irish Savant, explained WHO is the race that should be ‘shot in the back’ without compunction, time and again, for their ‘crimes against humanity.’

    WWJD should be your major question. John, Chapter 8, and Calvary should be your only answer.
    Go thou, and do likewise.


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