Go West Young Man…

…unfortunately, there is no “west” anymore to flee to.

So where can we go instead?  Barring easy transportation to Mars, it looks like we’re stuck on Earth for awhile.  And as America, and all other formerly-Christian nations, are becoming increasingly intolerable, I decided to take a poll of my Facebook friends to see in which locale they’d prefer living as an alternative to America.

But first, an order of business:

My Facebook friends are honorable guys; a few strongly objected to the idea of leaving America, especially the South.  “We’re going to stay and fight!  We don’t want to abandon or retreat from the foe!”  I suspect, on top of these cavalier sentiments, the relative calm of every day life has lulled many into complacency.  After all, those stories of tyranny happen far away and in big cities, right?

There’s a recent outrage – an Oregon man is going to prison for collecting rainwater.  Granted, he didn’t hop the proper bureaucratic hurdles, but we “patriots” know there shouldn’t have been bureaucratic hurdles to begin with!  And that’s way out in Oregon anyway.  So, it’s not “close to home”.

Then there’s the baby maimed by a SWAT team who invaded a house looking for someone who wasn’t even on the premises.  But that wouldn’t ever happen ’round here…

How about the brown faucet down south, opened wide, and muddying our demographics?  Or how about the government school indoctrination centers?  Or how about the trillions spent on daily propaganda disseminated through our pop-culture and government-service-announcements and / or countless other delivery mechanisms?  What about the constant targeting of white conservatives and our growing status as moral pariahs?  How about the increasing slaughter and rapine of our *elderly* citizens by marauding gangs of blacks?!

How much of this can be ignored?  We may never have a SWAT raid near our house, but they are happening more and more.  From about 3,000 raids in 1980 to 80,000 today?!  My point:  this is all “close to home” and could happen to any one of us at any moment.

So – let us do as the Apostle Paul suggests, and make the most of every opportunity and not to get drunk on wine but rather on the Spirit, because the days are evil.

Still – my friends want to stay and fight.

Which brings me to the second order of business:

Fight who?

– We can’t indiscriminately kill every post-Enlightenment modernist.  Even if we won that sort of evil battle, we’d still be alone; we’d be worse off than had we faded away to an isolated part of the world.  Worse off physically (we’d expend a lot of resources in that war) and worse off morally (how could we sleep with ourselves)?

– So maybe we narrow the scope of our attack and focus only on those self-conscious satanists at the reigns?  But who put them at the reigns?  In an evil time, when man has turned away from God, evil men will be at the reigns regardless – shoot them all day, countless others are in line waiting to hop into their place.  If society was healthy, these same evil men would never get close to the reigns – they’d lurk in the shadows where they belong.  Adding onto this point, the greatest dissidents became legends because they had the populace on their side – to hide them, protect them, fund them, and cheer them on.  But what if the populace itself is the tyrant?

– Well, (some of my friends might reply) – this means that it’s not a physical war then, but an ideological battle.  We’ll change the hearts and minds of everyone!  Only … arguments never change people’s minds.  I’ve had to learn that the hard way:  “A man convinced against his will is of the same opinion still.”

There are other options and a few strategies a brave man might try[1], but at this point in the conversation, I think it’s safe we at least consider the third order of business.

The third order of business:

Finding a place to live where we can be relatively free of harassment, and avoid the Orwellian oppression of modern Western nations.  This is the least violent and least costly option, even though it doesn’t appeal as strongly to the “stay and fight” crowd.

It’s an option I’ve often considered.  Granted – I might be fond of it because I have a romantic sense of adventure and my time in the military hasn’t squashed my desire to travel.  I spend a lot of time on Google maps, sliding around remote parts of the world, finding interesting places and reading about the inhabitants.  What they’re like, what language they speak, and how much the land costs.  I’ve recently found a small island off the coast of Panama with ample natural resources and only a hundred (or so) third-worlders living on it, sustaining themselves on whatever they grow in their little gardens.  (With my tenacity, I could own that little island in a year … imagine what ten of us might do with it?!)

So – I’m continuing my education in greenhouse science, industrial-sized aquacultures, and other relevant fields (like alternative energy).  But I’d also like to narrow in on a location so I can tailor my efforts to that specific environment.  Learn the local language, study the fish and plant life there, etc.

Back to my Facebook poll. 

I’m going to offer the same poll here, modified slightly to reflect the Facebook results.  Surprisingly, “Switzerland” got the most votes on Facebook (7), so I’m listing it as the first option.  Iceland, Norway, and Uruguay all tied for second with three votes apiece.  Russia came in third with two votes.  Romania, Mexico, and the Netherlands tied for third with one vote apiece.

I’m making my own poll here as well.  We’ll see what the blogosphere crowd has to say on the matter.


1.  These involve a little courage and a lot of stupidity – I have both, and in that proportion.  Grandstanding on a national level, with narrative manipulation in mind, might convince the Spirit to move through the populace again and end this time of judgment.  Still – it’s best to be a dual citizen and have a robust “escape” plan, especially for women and children.  Get them safe in an isolated place first then worry about “fighting” (via propaganda stunts) later….which still brings us back to the third order of business discussed above…

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36 Responses to Go West Young Man…

  1. rogerunited says:

    You want to become the foreign invaders?

    ” Still – it’s best to be a dual citizen and have a robust “escape” plan, especially for women and children. ”
    I abhor dual citizens, pick a team!

    I voted for Canada, by the way; low pop (34 mil), friendly people, lots of empty land and they might actually let you immigrate.

  2. I think it’s the reverse.

    Our “team” is our family and extended family. A nation (these days) is just a zone of political influence, and I’m not loyal to zones of political influence.

  3. courtneyfromalabama says:

    This is a bold move on my part, but I voted for the land of my ancestors (The U.K.). I wrote it in above. I realize that that island is a hideous misery for middle and lower class whites, but there is something appealing about going where my blood is, I guess. Perhaps Australia would have been a better option for me maybe?

    • I apologize Courtney, but there seems to be a glitch in that poll; it shows when people vote for “Other” but whatever is typed in doesn’t appear like it ought to.

      I wish I had a different polling widget, but it is what it is, …

  4. JPOutlook says:

    I’m not sure what keeps you so reluctant to reach out to other Protestant men, who are of approximately the same age??

    For example, and beside myself, there is link ( http://tribaltheocrat.com/2014/06/tt-podcast-22-hans-gygax-on-kinism-problems-solutions/#comment-31648 )

    From there, you network instead of languishing, right??

    • I’m actually good friends with Tribal Theocrat (In real life) …and know most of his guests on a first-person basis.

      There is fellowship and networking in America of a sort I never could have imagined in my younger days (before the internet).

      But I got the itch to move, JP. I have no dreams here (other than violent ones).

      • You do raise a good point though, JP…

        I hope to get married before I leave (if I leave). I don’t expect to stumble upon a good woman in the wilds of Panama (or wherever I end up).

        Remember the old joke:

        God told man there’d be good women in every corner of the Earth; then He made the Earth round and laughed and laughed… lol

  5. Flavius says:

    From the options you listed, I would not recommend Norway, Iceland and the Netherlands. Yes, you might find some isolated place somewhere in one of those countries, but these nations are decidedly Western and hostile to your way of thinking.
    If you want to live among Whites with somewhat compatible opinions, then I guess Eastern Europe is the best place you can find today. It’s certainly not an ideal option and maybe not even a good one, but probably better than some non-White Central American country.
    I live in Romania and I can testify that your political opinions and religiosity would not be out of place, if you avoid the corporate employees and the hipsters in major cities. In rural areas land is very cheap to buy, particularly for someone coming from the USA and in many places the soil is excellent for all types of agriculture. The main problem here is the fact that we are part of the EU and that we have a local type of blacks: the gypsies.

    • I agree with you about Norway, Iceland and the Netherlands; but, I hadn’t considered Eastern Europe.

      I’m looking to set up a sustainable homestead, using large-scale greenhouses and fish-ponds, as well as livestock. What kind of restrictions are there on farming in the average central European country?

      • Flavius says:

        All these countries apply the standard EU regulations and I’m not familiar with their specifics. I think the restrictions that might apply in your case would also depend if you want to sell any of your products on the market or not.
        For example, my grandfather is retired and now owns a small plot of land where he grows various plants (potatoes, onions, tomatoes, etc), has a small orchard of fruit trees, 20-30 chickens and small vineyard for home-made wine. Since he never sells his products on the market, I don’t think he has to face most regulations. Small properties such as his are very common here.
        Since your project is much bigger, you’ll probably have to abide to certain regulations, at least in regards to the construction of the greenhouses. There are also regulations concerning animal treatment and these apply even if you never intend to sell any animal products.

    • courtneyfromalabama says:

      The Balkans actually have some nice hidden gems as countries. We usually think of that area as the most backwards part of Europe, I guess due to all the centuries of Turkish rule, but I think that overall the infusion of Turkish blood is exaggerated outside of Muslim Albania.

      Anyways, do some research on the likes of Slovenia, Serbia, and Croatia. These countries in some ways resemble Central European countries with the addition of a Mediterranean resort appeal. I would have never guessed before. Not trying to sound materialistic, but I was just very impressed recently when watching videos and looking at pictures of these countries.

  6. William Manning says:

    Happy to find your site!
    When looking into the Orthodox Church people spend a lot of time basing their opinions on the Church’s theology. By all means. But the picture will be incomplete if you don’t read up on what’s called the “mind” of the church. Orthodoxy is way more than doctrine; it’s a completely different way of looking at the world and the way one lives in it. The late Father Seraphim Rose is widely considered one of the most “sober” examples of Orthodoxy around. Some dispute a few of his theological conclusions but, for an American convert, his writings and views about Orthodoxy are considered “sober” and in keeping with the handed-down wisdom of the Church.
    More in keeping with the topic of your post I include a link to an article I came across about the phenomena of home agriculture in Russia. It is well worth the read for those into autonomous agricultural living. Other factors of life in Russia not-with-standing, Russian laws about home agriculture are a dream.
    Again, very good site. I’m happy to bookmark it!


  7. Beth says:

    It is baffling to hear how easily you and others speak of changing your nation, people and language, almost as though you were changing a pair of socks. You mention the slaughter of the elderly, but you will leave them to their fate. In classic modern American fashion you even blame your fellow Whites for your decision to run-society is unhealthy; the populace is the tyrant; they won’t shelter the “dissident”. Well, the white race doesn’t need dissidents, we need leaders. Those only come from God. He magnifies them in the sight of the people. Men such as Moses, Joshua, Gideon, David, Naaman, Cyrus, etc. are raised up by God. What is needed in this hour are men who will earnestly pray and stand in the gap for their people. However, you really seem to have little sense of “people”. Individualism and lack of group identity is the Achilles heel of the white man. Chief Joseph, Sitting Bull, etc. might not have won, but they never abandoned their own. They truly had honor. We will never see names of those who flee etched on the wall of another Parthenon. Nor will these reasonable, practical souls ever be the inspiration for a character such as Aragorn who responds to the elf’s clear arguments against the suicidal futility of fighting such overwhelming odds with, “Then I shall die as one of them” or words to that effect. Honor is a word mentioned often in your posts. It’s difficult to see the honor in abandoning your people in their darkest hour, no matter how deceived and foolish they may be. Scott’s “Lay of the Last Minstrel, Canto VI” pretty much sums up what I think of this course of action.

    • Beth, I think you’ve read me in the worst possible light.

      Look at Aragorn. When we first meet him, where was he? Ranging in the far North. His line had fled (temporarily) to better regroup. Look at Jesse James, or for that matter, David, the man after God’s own heart. When Saul was down after him, what did he do? He fled to the wilderness, re-grouped, and gathered about himself a hand full of “mighty men”.

      One thing we all need is faith in our fellows, through whom God (no doubt) expects to do great things – have some in me.

  8. Fr. John+ says:

    Where to begin?

    First off, it’s heartening to read that other ‘kinist/racialist/thinkingWhiteman’ types, have come to at least this point. If I may, from the perspective of over seven years of thinking on this, to give my insights.

    A) First step- wherever you go, first get a US Passport, if you don’t have one. Next, get a second passport from any country with some cachet, that you can. Use your ancestry, your language, your ability to buy property in St. Kitts/Nevis, whatEVER it takes!

    As many FEDGOV agencies (and the new passports indicate in print), the piece of paper with your name, photo, and identity (and thereby your person, let’s be blunt, ok?) is ‘property of the United States Gov’t.,’ and can be REVOKED AT ANY TIME.

    Did you know you were chattel property? Oh, they aren’t saying that…yet. But they clearly are THINKING along these lines. To help you, get Bob Baumann’s ‘The Passport Book.’

    Now, having said that, let’s look at the options.
    1) Move someplace in the USA, other than your state, city, etc.
    OK, fine- but…WHERE? Joel Skousen (conservative Mormon) in his book, “Strategic Relocation,’ believes the USA is the only option.

    But we nowhave fag marriage being mandated in state after state, against the will of the people; we have an “Emperor Jones” whose hatred for anything white, is palpable, ruling over us.

    We have Jewish involvement strangling ANY element of free speech (just deny the Hollow Hoax, and see how ‘free’ you are!) We have Princeton University now concluding in a study that the USA is an OLIGARCHY- we needed a STUDY for that?!?! So much for ‘equal rights,’ huh? Where are the outraged citizenry, except in Murrietta, CA?

    Land does not belong to you, your SSI payments could stop at any point in time, and, once you don’t pay taxes, they can evict you, just as they did in the 1930’s under our LAST Marxist President/King!

    We have fifth column ILLEGAL BASTARD CHILDREN with INFECTIOUS DISEASES, being shipped all OVER this land, at Obama’s hands. You want to get TB, and die, or chagas, or chikungunya from a mosquito, who sucked the blood of some god-damned Nigger from Africa, simply because we can’t ‘discriminate’ against these ‘refugees’ entering our country, because they carry things that post a threat to the White Citizenry??

    “In late 2013, chikungunya virus was found for the first time in the Americas on islands in the Caribbean. Chikungunya virus is not currently found in the continental United States. There is a risk that the virus will be imported to new areas by infected travelers. There is no vaccine to prevent or medicine to treat chikungunya virus infection. ” – http://www.cdc.gov/chikungunya/

    Well, I’ve about done with THIS post. Later posts (if you want them) will discuss the various and sundry lands, nations, continents, and fallout patterns of the various ‘homelands’ we can consider, should we be even ABLE to leave the US of A. (Don’t get me started on FATCA!)

  9. Fr. John+ says:

    Contnuing on from yesterday…

    Because the implementation of the recent FATCA legislation means that anyone attempting to leave the USA, with money in their pocket (or transfers out of their bank accounts) will have to pay a 30% ‘leaving fee.’ Did Jew know that? What is worse, is that banks all over the world are rushing to ‘comply’ with this Stalinesque legislation. As bankers in the USA and the West, are overwhelmingly of one ethnic stripe (‘God is gold’ with them – Guess who?) this clearly is a ‘payback’ action guaranteed to wrest control from ‘We, the People.’ For what, some of your readers may be asking? For 2000 years of [sic] ‘anti-semitism’ they might reply- though I no longer believe them, for as Reformed writer Charles Provan noted in his little book, ‘The Church is Israel now.’

    OK – so you can’t effectively take the proceeds from the sale of your house/castle with you, when you leave. But you CAN do international banking, by ATM, and deposit of recurring payments (SS/retirement/Annuity) into a foreign bank accounts, so there is some measure of flexibility… as of today. One can also invest in foreign currency denominations in US Bank accounts, should you find you wish to remain in the US, but not have your Petrodollar unit of exchange, continue to lose value, during the coming dumping of the US dollar as the world’s “Reserve Currency.” Or, you can still go to a big bank, and get bank notes in Euros, Rubles, Yuan, and hide them in a safe, ‘cashing them in’ when it takes a wheelbarrow of greenbacks to buy a loaf of bread (Weimar Germany anyone?). Or, you can invest in the one currency out there [Bitcoin] that is NOT controlled by Jewish Bankers, Obamanations, or conniving, conspiring Marxist governments, and join the Fiscal revolution… if you can get past the fear-mongering on all these fronts from your ‘friendly’ local Shylock…

    But, leaving behind all these petty monetary concerns, let’s discuss localities in the USA.
    Hunter Wallace, over at Occidental Dissent, [OD] keeps saying that Dixie is where Americans who want a sovereign nation tied to America’s vision, should move. There are some pluses to that view- history, geography, a sense of ‘difference’ and a stubborn streak… that yet resulted in Paula Deen slobbering on nationwide TV about her supposed ‘racism.’ Oh, and the highest concentration of non-Whites, historically tied to a grievance mentality over an action many of their forefathers (strangely) considered the greatest blessing known to African Man -namely, slavery. Nomeisayin’?

    Then, there is the recent post (on OD itself), noting that the largest numbers of posters to the most isolationist, separatist group out there (namely, supposed ‘White Supremacists’) tend to be concentrated in the ‘American Redoubt:’ large numbers of younger, intelligent, residents of White-a-ho, Montana, and Wyoming – and this was all confirmed by a Jew York Times study of ‘Stormfront.’ [One of the most angry, and antichrist websites I have ever had the mispleasure of viewing, frankly… but there you are.]

    So, that about sums up options in the US of A… at least, for those who desire an ‘OK Corral’ mindset, and ‘staying put’ scenarios. Other states are always possibilities, but not if you come to the point, that one must honestly consider that a Presidency/Dictatorship such as we now possess, who doesn’t shrug a dusky shoulder in quibbles about using drones to spy on its citizenry, would hesitate either – for one minute – before calling out the armored tanks, and body-aromored Nat’l Guard, Police, and other military (for that is what they have become, let’s not kid ourselves any longer!) to mow down American citizenry in a bloodbath of White Genocide, wherever they may be found… but especially in Moscow, Idaho, or Whitefish, Montana, should the ‘critical mass’ of ‘patriots’ begin to REALLY be a threat. You need to watch Ann Barnhardt’s video from 2012 over at her website, to get a Trad. RC ‘take’ on that reality. More tomorrow, Deo Volente…..

  10. Fr. John+ says:

    Well, yeah. But there’s more!

  11. Fr. John+ says:

    In considering any country other than the USA, as a kinist, you have to realize that most expats in most countries, are nowhere NEAR your ‘awareness quotient,’ and many are actively seeking to deny/ignore the image of the “American Supremacist.” [ Even though they are White, have a lot of disposable income, love to have their ‘maid’ and ‘gardener’ and find it ‘kicky’ to see the ‘natives’ in their natural habitat]- esp. if they are living in Central America.

    There are three choices in Central America, but all three mandate a knowledge of Spanish, and a willingness to live among Mestizos (mixed-blood Indians) whose cultic Catholicism exemplifies EVERYTHING that says, ‘Excess’ about Roman excess! Those three countries are Panama, Costa Rica, and Nicaragua. In descending order, and from ‘most Western’ to ‘most Banana Republic.’ Consider Belize if you must, but imagine a bunch of Blacks, living indigently, many of whom are proud to be related to ex-pirates, and NO sense of time, Anglo-Saxon sentiments, and a lot of lazy White bums acting like the Grasshopper in the old Aesop fable, always living as if winter will never come (because it doesn’t, there!)
    South America is next, but as we are going on our annual vacation, it may be a couple weeks.

  12. Formerly Known As says:

    As a former regular reader of your blog, and after having been away from this corner of the blog world for a good while, I am truly disheartened to see that you are proposing quitting this country and your kinsfolk.
    Sadly I have to second what ‘Beth’ wrote above re: those younger kinsmen who propose leaving. Surely everyone has parents, probably aging parents, as well as grandparents, aunts and uncles who are getting older. Will they all leave with you, or will they be left to the ‘tender mercies’ of the remaining liberals and Replacement-‘Americans’? If so, if there are few younger kinsmen to help them, they will have a very bleak future. Is this what ‘Kinism’ comes down to? I do consider myself a kinist with a small ‘K’ (only because I am not from a Reformed background.) But our loyalties should lie with our extended family.
    I don’t accept the White Nationalist idea that everyone with sort-of-similar skin color are our kinsmen, except in the loosest sense. Culture varies hugely among ”White” folk here and in Europe. We’re not all alike.
    Canada would be an option for me should I have to choose expatriation, but their rules greatly favor those from the developing countries (so-called). Large sums of capital to start a business may get you in, but otherwise, it is not easy to emigrate there, and the same goes for Australia.
    I think of the lyrics of Dixie — ” In Dixie’s land I’ll take my stand, to live and die in Dixie’ and that’s more or less my position. Turning tail and running will not help, and we all need a sense of connection with a place and people that cannot be found among strangers on the other side of the planet.

    • If it’s the land you’d like to stay and fight for, you might well be accused of materialism. I know land was romanticized by the Southern writers, and they have a pull on me as well, but what southerner do you know today who hasn’t moved a few times in his life?

      It can’t be the abstract state you’re wanting to stay and fight for … as if owning the reins of power were a point of pride. The same sort of pride a school feels when it brings home the district trophy for the season. “It’s ours now and we aim to keep it!” Frankly, I can’t feel that strongly about a mechanism of government that’s always (from its start) been disagreeable to me (in my present state of conviction).

      And if it’s the people you’re wanting to stay and fight for, then you’re fighting against the very ones you’re trying to save.

      Far better (in my view) to take your immediate family and a handful of brave friends, and find a territory where they all might flourish and grow into a new, thriving tribe. Say… Panama? Uruguay? etc.?

      And don’t forget the pioneering spirit … those of my ilk have been the discoverers, the heroes, the forgers of empires, while those with the “stay put” attitude have financed it all and then, in the end, sent their children to the new world for a better life.

  13. Fr. John+ says:

    Well, Shotgun- We’re back. And I can now speak from personal experience of living,visiting, and seeing a ‘Banana Republic’ first hand- other than a few indulgent road trips while in college to Tijuana (which don’t count… or do they? As I hope to explain) that Anglos are FOOLS to consider expat living in a non-White culture, no matter WHAT the ‘Internationalists’ may tell you about ‘Living’ there. (He who has eyes to see….)

    We have realized that the possibility of moving to another country is not for us -at least, not a country that does not have cultural, historic, and racial ties to my family. What commenter Formerly Known As points out, is true – the Land one was born in, nurtured on, and connected to, is the ‘boundaries of our habitation,’ to paraphrase the Apostle. Perhaps one of the European lands from whence our ancestors came, might resonate with us, but certainly not Central America- nor (I would surmise as well) S. America, either.Nor Malaysia, HK, China, or anywhere whites are not the norm.

    But let another writer comment:


    I do believe that we Whites, we Anglos- we TRUE Americans – are predestined to fight Satan and his minions (and sons -cf. John 8:44) to their death (or ours) on this our nativeland, in a war that will make the WBTS appear to be, merely a preliminary skirmish for… sometime in my lifetime. (i.e., the next twenty years). And that the folks who are leaving the USA as expats are the ‘shallow soil’ American, whose roots are not deep, and who beareth not fruit.

    The Church Catholic has, in her martyrology, given special place of prominence to those whose native lands have benefitted from their deaths. If I can defend my land, my ‘little piece of heaven’ against the Golden Horde, so be it. I now see that avoidance of one’s predestined ends (in God’s sight) is to take one’s hand off the plow, and ‘look back’- neither of which are covenantally faithful stances to hold.

  14. I’m a “shallow soil” fool … but when you’re tired of fighting for a piece of land and a Satanic political system, I invite you down to my farm in Panama.

  15. Fr. John+ says:

    I don’t fight FOR the system. I’m devoting my entire energies to fighting against it. You can keep Panama, it’s too hot! LOL

  16. Elle says:

    The South is my home. My family and friends are here. My ancestors are buried here. It is my heritage and my culture. As a nationalist, I could not fathom moving to a country like Panama and Mexico. The culture, the politics, the atmosphere….we feel like our country (USA) is a stranger to us but those countries are definitely alien to us.

    Perhaps a move to a European nation (where one has roots) would be better. However, I know of several people in a PLE that have found great success in living nearby.

  17. Alan J. Perrick says:

    Looking forward to reading the next post at this blog…


  18. Fr. John+ says:

    There recently has been another posting on this subject that puts it into better perspective.
    Both from the ‘before’ and from the ‘after’ perspective. Most illuminating. (Pun intended!)


  19. Fr. John+ says:

    I’ve had it with Dr. Makow. The comments section in these article are going around and around in circles. I finally wrote to him, and said:

    Dear Henry:

    Because you have a PhD, and because you have claimed Christianity it your belief system, it is difficult to separate the ‘wheat’ from the ‘chaff,’ but it must be done. Your recent articles on expatriates coming back to the USA engendered some naive comments on a whole host of issues, that belie the main problem all Western Countries face. You have alluded to it via the ‘safe’ term of the Illuminati, but I think you know who is really at fault here. From the increasing incidents of ‘Anti-Zionism’ (not ‘anti-semitism’ -that is a canard that has been used to death,and is utterly false- your fellow countryman, Benjamin Freedman noted this, back in the 1950’s, with his pamphlet, ‘Jesus was not a Jew,’ and you know it, yourself) it is International Jewry that is at fault. From Alex Jones’ controlled opposition on his website, to the articles showing Jewish complicity in a whole host of evil activities, you cannot deny any longer than it is the Jewish race and
    their Supremacist views derived from an extra-biblical source, that are at the root of all of the West’s problems. As the Israeli teen said to the Swedish peace workers, when confronted by them in Palestine, ‘We killed Jesus- we’ll kill you, too!’

    Such irrational hate of the ‘other’ (the Goyim) is beyond the pale in these days, and the control that the ZioNazis hold over the US FEDGOV, even under Obama’s regime, is tantamount to a massive ‘crime against humanity.’ If you, as a converted Jew, who now calls yourself a Christian, are honest, you need to point the finger at your own race, and say ‘Wer ist schuld? Wir sind schuld.”

    – Fr. John+

    • I just read his article on Argentina …

      I don’t think he’s prepared to do the sorts of things I’m prepared to do.

    • Tikhonian Advocate says:

      Henry graciously replied to me, shortly after I sent that missive. He is NOT a Christian; he respects Christianity, and finds ‘some’ Jews to be evil, but he’s still of the tribe, by the tribe, and in the tribe. Grain of salt, iow.

      • Tikhonian Advocate says:

        forgot ‘to him’ in the body of the post. “Sent that missive to him.”

  20. Fr. John+ says:

    Here (to be fair) is JW Rawles’ Survival Blog recent entry on places in the American Redoubt.


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