Confederate Ladies

Dear ladies who drape Confederate battle flags around yourselves…

Yes – you’re attractive, but not because you’re naked under a flag or because you’re wearing skimpy, whoreish attire. You’re attractive because you’re trying to add your feminine spirit to the cause of old Dixie, and for that, I’m forever thankful.

But you can get the same “wow” factor from me (a typical Southern guy) without making a public spectacle of yourself, or being immodest in front of all the internet world.

A woman saying a positive word about Dixie, or letting drop a few factoids to correct her liberal professor, is just as stunning…

More so, actually.

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2 Responses to Confederate Ladies

  1. Emily says:

    It’s pretty clear that they don’t understand what Southern culture is or was, nor do they have any idea how to return to it. They wouldn’t have a desire to return to it if they truly understood it.
    Because of that, I wouldn’t say I’m forever thankful that they’re willing to add their feminine spirit to the cause of Dixie, because they don’t know anything about the cause of Dixie.

    They’re doing that because they know that Dixie’s flag, today, has been stolen and is used largely as a sign of ungodly teenage rebellion. These women do what they’re doing because it gives them more traction with the ‘bad boy’ crowd.



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