Some Changes ‘Round Here…

I’ll be tidying up this blog over the next few days.  I’ll be removing a lot of old material.  No one reads it and it’s only interesting to me; reading my old material, from back when I was a naive fundamentalist, is like looking back in time.  I’ve changed so much my old material almost seems embarrassing. I’ll be archiving all of it.

Additionally – I’ll be trimming the superfluous items and narrowing the scope of the blog “categories”.   And don’t be surprised if I play around with theme changes as well … the present look of the blog was never supposed to be permanent, but the “clean” and “nature-like” feel of the aesthetic was pleasing.  Still, I think I can do better.

I promise all of you something, though … the quality of the content and production will continue to improve.  Little by little.

Thanks for bearing with me…

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One Response to Some Changes ‘Round Here…

  1. Fr. John+ says:

    FYI- SG

    Download it, before Apple’s PC police take it off!

    Free ‘Nig-hood’ detector! A case of ‘truth hurts, don’t it?’ LOL


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