Another quick update…

I’ve just decided to move my Kinist material *and* my “Defending Dixie” material off-site.

Two brand new blogs in the blogging world!  One devoted specifically to “Defending Dixie” , and one devoted specifically to “Kinism”.

On Defending Dixie:

Most of the debates about the old South center on historical interpretation:  “Things was this way!  Nuh Uh…they was that way!”  History isn’t my strongest subject and there are better blogs for that sort of debate (like SNN and Occidental Dissent).  So I’ve stuck mostly with philosophical or poetic defenses of the people and culture of the old South, engaging with people on philosophical grounds and the like.  While this may not be very interesting or productive, it’s something I’m compelled to do.  Also, it’s not an approach many Southern apologists take … I’ll be filling a needed gap.

On Kinism:

Unfortunately, yet another bastion of Kinist orthodoxy has recently fallen into silence (…leaving only one of the Kinist trifecta still active, Mr. Cambria … and he’s not really a self-identifying “Kinist”.  I’ve always been more of a disciple of Mr. Cambria than a disciple of Kinism anyway, but owing to my strong roots in Presbyterianism, I’ve tried playing the “rationalizing” game, and have tried confronting anti-whites on their own ground of “reason”.  I’ve seen varying levels of success with this, but I’m about convinced (as anyone who reads CWNY for long will be), that isn’t the right way to proceed.

Still – I haven’t worked it all out yet.  In the mean-time, I’ll build a blog-site specifically devoted to the topic of Kinism, and move most of my material there.

This way, I can focus the scope of “Shotgun Barrel Straight” and improve the quality…(that’s the plan, anyway).

Thank you dear readers for being patient.

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8 Responses to Another quick update…

  1. Lise says:

    Dear Shotgun,

    Am attempting to send a message to CWNY’s author. If you have any contact with him, would you please just pass along a request for him to self publish his articles in a book. Lulu or others. This internet is too temporal. Every one of his beautiful and erudite articles needs to be print for generations to come.

    Best, Lise

  2. Fr. John+ says:

    Ditto. Though I wish he would be more exacting, rather than just continually deal in generalities. What has happened to What happened to all the writers on SWB? What happened to LG’s author? Are they all working for a living, and thus, like myself, unable to iterate the truth for the time being? I thought SWB’s Admin was some perennial college student, able to sponge off mom and dad for decades to come. Their removal from the Blogosphere was a severe loss to me (though not some of the commenters, whose iq’s were roughly their shoe size).

    • In the case of S/W/B and, I wouldn’t be comfortable broadcasting it to the net community. Mr. Godfrey of, has left a message letting everyone know he’s moving on to a new blogging initiative, and retiring his use of the “Kinist” label.

      I’m not sure how I feel about it, seeing as how I’ve associated my name and reputation with the “Kinist” label; but at the same time, I can understand what he’s feeling regarding it.

      “Kinism” always has been more an intellectual set of rationalizations for a very old worldview, and as such, it only seems to have use (if it has use as a term at all) in polemical contexts. But the essence of the old European worldview leans against the indignity of such rationalizations, so there’s sort of a “tug” and “struggle” with these elements in Kinism. The Presbyterian element wanting to be hyper rational, while the traditionalist-minded want the opposite.

  3. Fr. John+ says:

    “Kinism” always has been more an intellectual set of rationalizations for a very old worldview, and as such, it only seems to have use (if it has use as a term at all) in polemical contexts.”

    Are you saying that kinists didn’t WANT that ‘very old worldview’? I knew that there were agrarians, preppers, and TEOTWAWKI folk within it. I found their connectedness to the ‘land,’ ‘family’ (duh- Kin) and culture to be one of the few real ‘touchstones’ out there, in a world hurtling toward destruction. And yes, ANY time the satanic mind wishes to conquer the Rightful Heirs of the King, there WILL be polemics. As the Faith and Heritage Article

    noted, (as CWNY is ever quick to point out) is it ONLY as we return to the ‘old ways’ that we will have ANY chance of success in this godless age. I’m not following you, (in case you didn’t get my point).

  4. Fr. John+ says:

    Ah. A case of Joel 3:10, i.o.w.

  5. Hello “Shotgun”, I am looking forward to the new material…


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