You Might Be a Feminist If…

“The word property, once one of the most highly regarded words in the English language, has come in recent years to have a bad connotation because of the deliberate assault on the concept by socialists..Now..even those who most defend property wince at its broader usage, the inclusion of people. Thus, most women would bridle at being described as property.  But the word property should be regarded instead as a very highly possessive and affectionate term rather than a cold one.” ~ Rushdoony, “Institutes” pg. 175

1.  If you react negatively to the above quote.

2.  If you think women should have the right to vote.

3.  If you sympathize with Lady Macbeth.

4.  If you think you only need to submit to your husband (at certain ceremonial times) and God help any other man who tries telling you anything.

5.  You think your husband doesn’t have the right to hit you every now and then if you deserve it, because striking women is one of the worst possible sins.

6.  If you tend to publicly correct men, because they’re wrong so often.

7.  If you think the women who wear head coverings to church (as symbolic gestures of submission to male authority), are out of their minds.

8.  If you tend to justify taking over family affairs because your husband showed some temporary weakness. “Welp, he had his chance and didn’t do it…” 

9.  If you’ve ever been offended because a man held a door open for you.

10.  If you think it’s cute, or if you’re otherwise driven to compete with a man in traditionally male activities like hunting, handling firearms, smoking cigars, or if you seriously try to compete with him in sports like football or martial arts.

….this list could go on, but I think there’s enough for now.  For the women who are concerned they might be feminists, I applaud you for recognizing how distasteful that would be and I encourage you not to worry if one or maybe two of these apply in your case.  None of us are perfect, after all.

I look forward to the lovely comments I’m sure to receive…

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23 Responses to You Might Be a Feminist If…

  1. Alan J. Perrick says:

    It’s in a woman’s nature to try to overstep her bounds. It’s in man’s too, but a woman tries to do it more quickly so it’s, therefore, more noticable and, therefore, more worthy of mention.

    I agree with what “Shotgun” has written here…


  2. Tim Harris says:

    Well I’m reminded of the first time Carlos beat Connie, she went went running back to momma, but instead of sympathy, her parents asked her if she deserved it, at which she expressed shock at the very question. She said, “Papa, you never beat mama” to which Godfather replied, “no, because she never deserved it” and Momma Corleone nodded assent. (This is in the book, not the movie.) There is something great about the primal instincts of the Old World.

  3. Thelibertylamp says:

    [i] 5. You think your husband doesn’t have the right to hit you every now and then if you deserve it, because striking women is one of the worst possible sins.[/i]

    Dude, how many times have you read “The Story of O”?

      • Thelibertylamp says:

        You really might like it… ;-)

      • That’s the dark world you inhabit. Here in the light, my model story would be something like Ivanhoe.

      • Thelibertylamp says:

        …yeah…you know you want to read it… :-)

      • Shotgun says:

        I don’t think you’ve met men who are in control their base passions, have you? Your ideological compatriots are taught that giving in to perversion is the highest form of life.

        Whatever demon has your mind in his paws, knows who I am, and knows I don’t suffer his blasphemies.

      • Thelibertylamp says:

        I have met all kinds of men with all kinds of passions, S, and I know you want to read it ;-)

      • Shotgun says:

        What do you think about #7?

      • Thelibertylamp says:

        The drill bit size?

      • Thelibertylamp says:

        Oh you mean from your list? IDK, some women like to wear head coverings for various reasons.
        I don’t do the religion thing (ha surprise!) so I don’t waste my time fussing about it.
        I do, however, cover my head when I am doing arch. I forgot to put a rag on under my helmet and gave myself the most interesting bangs…LOL. I am not fond of MIG, thus I don’t play around with it too much, but, I guess that would be another reason to wear head covering.

      • Thelibertylamp says:

        Correction, I meant TIG, I actually like MIG. Been awhile since I have played with metals, I miss it.

  4. Elle says:

    Where would holding a job/working outside of the home rank on the feminism scale?

    • Shotgun says:

      Given our modern situation, I wouldn’t ever bind a lady’s conscience on that, Elle.

      If ladies can forgive men for not being able to keep them at home, then the men had better forgive them for leaving it.

  5. civil rights apostate says:

    what’s wrong with women voting? (I’m a man and not a feminist)

    • Shotgun says:

      When the state formally offers the right to vote to women, the “family” is de-legitimized as the foundational social unit and is replaced by the “individual”.

      If we’re going to have “voting”, then it should be one vote per household; the man, as head of the house, is the one with the duty of casting the vote.

      Now, we can debate the finer points of how this patriarchal system would work. For instance, if a man dies in war, then some might suggest his wife, as head of a broken household, would be obligated to vote in his place. Others might argue that the woman should revert to the headship of her husband’s brother, or other such close relative, or back to the headship of her father.

      These things can be discussed and debated, but what can’t be debated, in my view, is the centrality of the family as the foundational social unity of society. Our modern view is based on Enlightenment ideals of propositional associations, atomized individualism, and egalitarianism.

      • civil rights apostate says:

        I’m not a theonomist per se, so I don’t necessarily believe one vote for household. However, I do certainly agree that women should be the homemakers while men are the breadwinners, and that men and women are different by nature though not by value

      • Can I ask why you aren’t a theonomist, “Civil Rights Apostate”?

  6. civil rights apostate says:

    I’m not a theonomist per se. I think there is a lot of wisdom in it, but I don’t think we need to have a government modelled quite after ancient israel.

  7. courtneyfromalabama says:

    I want to answer each of these honestly :)

    1) No, the above quote you listed didn’t offend me.

    2) I have given my thoughts on this many times on both American Renaissance and The Political Cesspool. No, I don’t think women should vote.

    But having said that, now that we are at the point where we have all these nonwhites voting in our society who vote Democrat at rates well over 60% for every so called group, I don’t really agree when certain people in the movement analyze how Obama got elected, and then proceed to blame it on white women. White women actually vote much much closer to white men than any other group does, by a large margin too.

    And not only that, but we could give many reasons as to why Obama got elected. The main two things that pop into my head are the fact that we weren’t given better options on the Republican side, and two, the large percentage of nonwhites voting. Plus, 35% of white males voted for Obama compared to 42% of white females. I don’t think that is too big of a difference to be making a big issue over in the grand scheme of things.

    So, in a homogenous society, yes, I agree that women shouldn’t vote. But in a multiracial society like ours’, my main focus is all the nonwhites who shouldn’t be voting.

    (My above analysis isn’t meant to be argumentative towards you, but I just wanted to give a fully honest answer).

    3) Ugghh, no way! I remember watching Macbeth in highschool and I was repulsed by her.

    The only quaint moment of commonality I had with her was when she paused before murdering King Duncan because he “looked like her father when sleeping”. Obviously, the part where I relate to her, is how I get easily sensitive when someone who looks like my father is about to be harmed or treated badly in some way (I don’t relate to her in any other way during that particular scene, or any other part of the play).

    4) This is another one where I might give a mixed bag answer. There are plenty of male authorities figures, other than a husband, that I naturally submit to with no reservations.

    The part where I am guilty, however, is when debating anonymous men on the internet within the movement. I am not sure where to draw the line with that, but it is something I am trying to improve on or avoid altogether.

    5) I think the punishment should fit the crime. Obviously, if she is on top of you with a weapon, or is about to hurt one of the kids, then by all means, do what you have to do to get her to stop immediately.

    At the other extreme, if a woman starts shouting at you in your face uncontrollably, I am not against a slap (not a punch) in her face at all. In fact, this was very common in many movies from the 70s and before.

    Then, finally, if she starts acting just a little snippy I don’t think a slap on the rump does any harm. I don’t think that slapping (on the face or rump) are abusive by any means, but I think they will get a woman’s attention, although, I don’t think the latter should be done in public under any circumstances.

    I found the following video out of the men’s rights corner of Youtube last night. This woman out in California is obviously out of control. It was very disturbing for me to watch. I could hardly sleep after this. Notice how the men push her to the ground and into the pool to control her. What would you do?

    As a woman, I couldn’t possibly imagine behaving like that ….ever. I have never hit anyone, male or female. It goes beyond just that,…..well, go ahead and watch it. What would you do to her?

    6) I guess this relates to my point 4. In the anonymous world of the internet, it is very easy to do that. But in public I am pretty good about keeping myself under control.

    7) No, I don’t think they are out of their minds. It is kind of charming in a way.

    8) On the surface, I want to say that I am not like that, but on the other hand, I think Western women are so influenced by feminism without realizing (myself included at times) that maybe we sometimes find ourselves “stepping out of our bounds” sometimes, even if we don’t do it most of the time, or even if we feel that it is the wrong thing to do in general.

    Depends on how big the “family affair” is that she is trying to take over.

    9) Never ever been offended by that at all!

    10) Nope, that doesn’t interest me at all.

  8. courtneyfromalabama says:

    And the above video I posted has bad language. Thought I would give a heads up!


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