I’ve just discovered that my blog looks terrible when viewed with Internet Explorer.  All the links and side-bars are pushed to the bottom and jumbled up.

For any of my readers using IE as their primary browser, I apologize for how the site looks. 

It looks fine in Firefox so either view it with Firefox, or you can wait for me to figure out how to fix it so it looks consistent across all the web browsers.  (Frankly, I’m surprised anyone still uses Internet Explorer anyway). 

So if anyone is confused about how jumbled the site is, please know I’m just as frustrated as you are.  I’m working on getting the issue fixed soon.

Also – while we’re discussing admin issues:

I’m having second thoughts about moving my Kinist and Defending Dixie material off-site.  Those themes are so foundational to who I am, it’s hard to write without including them.  So, I’m thinking of re-introducing some of the better material over time.

Now that most of the prominent Kinists are abandoning the label, I have to decide if I want to follow suite, or if I want to stick it out and be the curmudgeon who refuses to go with the flow.

Anyway – as always, I thank you all for your patience as I get my mess together.

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