Wherefore Art Thou White Knights?

whiteknightFor some reason (that boggles my mind), homosexuals are gaining status as “leaders” in the alternative right.  Even more absurd: they’re becoming leaders in the “masculinity” and anti-feminist movement.  To cap off this parade of nonsense, zealous alt-righters, who put their reputations on the line by speaking about racial inequalities, IQ differences, and anti-capitalist economic systems, are scurrying over themselves to embrace (ugh) these “pink swastikas”.

Those of us who dare offer criticism are met with harsh rebuke.  We’re painted as religious zealots, stuck in “useless” and unenterprising mindsets.  We’re seen as uncouth and unsophisticated.  We’re the sort who might show up to a suit-n-tie racist club meeting wearing overalls and muddy boots…and we just can’t have that, can we?  The earthy “blue-collar” element slowing down the wanna-be aristocrats?

These new-old-righers keep the popular trappings of paleo conservatism while infusing it with trendy sensibilities.

God will spew them out like any other lukewarm ideologue.

A common practice for this bunch is to “shame” men who sub-consciously retain some small chivalry.  There’s still some left in the folk mind (especially here in the South).  “Chivalry” is a word spit out of their mouths and helping women for the sake of helping women is seen as weakness.  Doing so might get one labeled a “beta-male” – the opposite of the brave, domineering “alphas” who put women in their places, command movie-star-like respect and, most importantly, get all the sexual favors they want.

Men who come to the aid of women, especially those who try defending the honor of ladies in web-venues (like forums or on Facebook), are often called “white knights”.  This is said derisively, usually implying the “white knight” is only “white knighting” in an attempt to win the lady’s favor – a desperate attempt to get her to sleep with him.

And I’ll be honest – I can sympathize with the man-o-sphere types who despise the effeminate “white knight” male who shamelessly supports the feminist social order.  He’ll never assert himself unless it’s in defense of some feminist and her right to dominate her context (be it home, office, politics, or whatever).  He’ll go to his death fighting to keep feminists happy.  He’ll do their bidding and carry out their every whim…it’s this sort of “man” that is rightly despised.  (Even his feminist retainers despise him).

But in the end, what do homosexuals know about manliness?  How correct can their analysis of the “white knights” be?

Thomas Nelson Page, in his Christmas novel “Santa Claus’s Partner” tells us what it’s like when a real man loves a woman:

…she had grown more and more to him, until all other motives and aims had been merged in one radiant hope.

With his love he had grown timid; he scarcely dared look into her eyes; yet now he braved the world for her; bore for her all the privations and hardships of life in its first struggle.  Indeed, for her, privation was no hardship.  He was poor in purse, but rich in hope.  Love lit up his life and touched the dull routine of his work with the light of enchantment.  If she made him timid before her, she made him bold towards the rest of the world.

Good gentlemen of my readership…

I know what it’s like to feel this way about a woman.  To see her like an “enchanted dryad, fresh out of the winter wood” with that “mischevious look in her eye” that melts hearts.  My knees have been weak and I’ve felt the timidity Page speaks of.  There’s nothing like it in the world.

If a man’s never felt that towards a woman then how can we respect his ideas of masculinity or take him seriously when he critiques a hapless “white knight”?

“But what are we to do, then?  Smarty Pants?  If you and your naive old prejudices are so smart, then what?  Do we let the feminists walk all over us?  Do we let them dominate their social settings? Do we treat them with all the propriety our grandfathers gave to our grandmothers?”

I don’t have all the answers but two things I do know …

1.  We’re men.  So regardless of who’s at fault for our modern plight, it’s our job to fix it.


2.  I’ve treated feminists like the ladies they ought to be, and it’s worked.  It wont affect an over-night change (though, we can’t discount miracles), but I’ve seen it work…and on more than one occasion.  It just takes hope and a personal concern for our charges that those in the man-o-sphere (who are either homosexual or looking for a quick “lay”) are unable to produce.  But I have seen it happen.

Just because the whole world has given up on proper roles for the sexes, doesn’t mean we should as well….no matter what a gang of homosexuals say.  (Don’t follow a pied piper unless you know where his pipe’s been…)

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8 Responses to Wherefore Art Thou White Knights?

  1. Manly Task says:

    As long as chivalry is coming from a position of strength it is legitimate. In my view, it is that slavish and dis-ingenious form(white-knighting) that is being ridiculed by man-o-sphere types. The problem is that they conflate the two by failing to recognize the existence of the legitimate form. What I mean is that there are indeed weak or “beta” men who flatter women and make appeals to “chivalry” and convention in an attempt to legitimize their sexual desire. They try to give their desire an air of moral elevation by holding open doors and tending to every whim of their beloved females. Whether they realize it or not their “chivalry” is totally self-righteous and phony because if women were genuinely interested in them they would never jump through all these hoops to begin with. If these men were genuinely attractive they would dispense with pretense and treat women selfishly just like any other jerk does. They sell themselves on their own moral superiority and don’t realize they are using chivalry in order to try and qualify for a woman’s approval. Genuine chivalry, on the other hand, flows out of the abundance of a man’s heart. It is the man who COULD sleep with lot’s of women, make them pay for his meals and generally treat them like dirt and get away with it, yet chooses not to, who is truly chivalrous. I don’t think true chivalry can be forced either. In the same way that God hates pretentious prayers(Matthew 15:8), hollow acts of chivalry will usually be met with contempt by women and are likely to get a guy friend-zoned. Genuine acts of chivalry will flow naturally and will be recognized as such by women. It is a strong and able gentlemen that women will fawn over, not the poser. This true form of chivalry is not recognized by the man-o-sphere because most of them are hedonistic nihilists and don’t even recognize the existence of morality in first place. We as Christians know better than that.

  2. civil rights apostate says:

    it would be better to be a feminist than a homosexual. But it is best to be neither.

  3. It’s embarrassing to have homosexuals writing about masculinity. Whoever promotes them doing it also loses a lot of credibility in the process.


  4. VA says:

    Thank you for posting about this. This disparaging of the honorable tradition of chivalry, based in Christianity, have bothered me, and yet as a woman I would not be able to challenge this; I think it is up to you men to address it. By the way I am not a feminist, far from it, as those who’ve read my blog in the past know. But I think the rheteoric on these male-female issues is getting a little bit out of hand, and yes, women (feminists, more specifically) have a big share of the guilt.
    But as you say, men (because they are men, and have rightful authority) have to be the ones to take things in hand.

  5. Alan J. Perrick says:

    Happy New Year!

  6. courtneyfromalabama says:

    Well said, Shotgun! These manosphere faithful are starting to take over the comments on Amren. It is for this reason that I have spent less time on there. It really irritates me when these types bash chivalrous men who do manly things. I debated one a while back, and I told him that the men who show up at conferences don’t seem to have the low opinions of women that the anonymous posters on the internet do. In response he told me “those men are weak”. I then told him….”they show up at conferences and show their faces to cameras, argue with protesters, share their names, and get behind microphones….that is pretty impressive and manly in my opinion”.

  7. From the Ozarks says:

    Quote: I don’t have all the answers but two things I do know …

    1. We’re men. So regardless of who’s at fault for our modern plight, it’s our job to fix it.


    2. I’ve treated feminists like the ladies they ought to be, and it’s worked. It wont affect an over-night change (though, we can’t discount miracles), but I’ve seen it work…and on more than one occasion. It just takes hope and a personal concern for our charges that those in the man-o-sphere (who are either homosexual or looking for a quick “lay”) are unable to produce. But I have seen it happen. *end quote*

    Bravo! How heartening. Women can trust this sort of man, even when we know we’re the ones who’ve made a bigger mess of things.


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