More Valuable Than Precious Jewels?

I realized there are two ways of winning the lottery…

The Powerball odds for winning a million dollars (which, after taxes and a new car will be about $600,000), is 1 in 5 million.  I repeat: I have a 1 in 5 million chance of winning.

If I do win, by my calculations (and planning), I suspect it would take me upwards of 8 more years of work and smart saving to retire comfortably as a millionaire.

But when doing my calculations, I realized something.

If I were able to find a good woman who would be willing to work hard and live on the bare minimum for five years or so, and if she’s able to make at least two-thousand dollars (after taxes) a month, and if she’d be willing to also work hard in the greenhouses as well as homeschool whatever children we end up having…her and I pooling our resources, could retire comfortably as millionaires in about 16 years, and that *without* winning any state lottery.

I figure it would be relatively easy to find a woman able to make 2,000 a month, but when I start factoring in all the other traits: she has to be Christian (so, that strikes out a large number), she has to be willing to homeschool (that strikes out many more), she has to have physical traits that I want to pass on to my children (she has to be moderately intelligent, and for God’s sake, a white woman), she has to be in good health and able to bear children, and she cannot be an argumentative harpy.

…what are the odds of finding a woman like that?

Probably no better than the 1 in 5 million odds of winning the powerball…

A good woman really is an invaluable economic asset.

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9 Responses to More Valuable Than Precious Jewels?

  1. lazarusnorth says:

    As the Proverb says, “Who can find an excellent wife?” That seems to imply it’s not very likely. She’s worth more than rubies not just because she’s productive, but because rubies are easier to come by!

  2. The Lamp says:

    Excuse me but Scott, you yourself are an “argumentative harpy”.

    Says you…but you’re hardly a sane judge of character. I’ve often found that my ardent ideological “foes” nevertheless admit that I’m likeable. I don’t know if this is good or bad, but there it is…

    (Case in point, I let you post here, even though you’re a vile Satanist).

    You cannot ask the person that is supposed to be your life partner and be by your side, if YOU are not going to be the type of person you expect out of them.

    You interested in the job? :)

    The whole world does not evolve around you.

    Well, “evolution” is a ridiculous myth anyway, so…

    Your narcissism, although amusing to watch as clown theater from the audience, is nothing but box office poison to a relationship.

    Hard to be a “narcissist” when I’m being constantly insulted by left-wing, mouth-foaming zealots, eh?

    You want someone who will make all the money and support you, work in a green house (wtf?), and bare children and homeschool them. What? After she clones herself and can be in an office making $s at the same time?

    To be fair, you don’t know the particulars of my plan. How hard is it to make 2000 a month anyway? Plus (as I said above) she’d only have to make that much for the first five years (on my plan). Her and I working together, would manage the greenhouse. I know left-wingers like yourself know little about time management or rural living…but take it from a Southerner – it’s manageable.

    Scott, would you expect your mother to do all those things?

    Who do you think taught me about hard work?

    Would you want your daughter to marry a narcissist insane moron who treated her like that?

    Marry someone like me? Yes! You would prefer my daughter either be a lesbian, or marry a negro with no idea what a budget is and no plan for the future other than relying on a benevolent nanny-state to support his coke habit.

    Get a job Scott,

    I’ve got multiple jobs…the more I save pre-marriage, the quicker my plan will come to fruition after-marriage.

    …perfect your ARC beading, get your vertical and overhead down and get yourself a good union job that gets you good union pay and bennies.

    Thanks for trying to help me out by providing a game plan. I take that as a sign that you care for me. :)

    Then try to come down to earth to be a human being and find yourself the person you can be best friends with and have a partnership together.

    I’m an advocate for humanity – which means rejecting the anti-human policies of left-wing social justice warriors like yourself. Only a robust antique-conservative worldview can save humanity from destroying itself. This, by the way, is why our “side” is growing dramatically in numbers, and your side is dying along with the entitlement class.

    Or you can just be a lonely old spinster in your mum’s house for the rest of your life and be that “weird guy” people whisper about.

    I trust my future to God; His will be done.

    Get a grip, Scott, you’re getting too old for this.

    Too old for dreaming about a Godly help-mate? I’ll dream about it until it happens or I die. It’ll take more than a mouth-foaming egalitarian to ruin my romantic notions.

  3. Anonentity says:

    A woman who brings in a minimum $24,000 (after taxes) annual income, works hard at farming, AND must have the energy to homeschool the children…wow, Don Quixote called and he wants his reputation back. ;) On a more serious note, good women are rare – but so are good, stable, healthy men.

    • I said a greenhouse, not *farming*… and on my plan, she’ll only have to work outside of the home for the first five years of our marriage, during which, homeschooling shouldn’t be much of an issue. (At most, she might have to nurse).

      Try to be less cynical. It *is* possible to escape the plantation, but we might have to sacrifice the sort of lifestyle popularized by television.

  4. Anonentity says:

    I read it as being a 16-year plan; 5 years is reasonable. If you’re inclined to share the recipe for such a schedule, I’m curious. Saving $120,000 over a five-year period is feasible on two incomes, provided that the living expenses are kept to a bare minimum. If you’ve found a way off of the plantation, please keep us posted.

    • I’m thinking of publishing the plan in a few weeks (although, I may decide not to).

      You have to keep in mind that some jobs offer robust mutual funds which yield annual returns on savings; additionally, I’m a lover of alternative, “agrarian” greenhouse models, which, on my plan, will generate additional funds.

      On top of that, I’ve got a pretty good income, not to mention some small “wealth” already piled up.

  5. Swiss Kinist says:

    My wife’s value is probably $50,000 per year or more, when you factor in all that she does in our home to save money. Thus, why we’ve been able to live off an income of between $20-34k per year for our growing family, which is now at 8 children. And what she does for our family’s spiritual well-being is worth even more. Truly, far above any amount of treasures, she is.

  6. ToeKnee BelowKnee says:

    I hate debt and avoid it at no costs !


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