Midnight Musings II

Can caffeine feel like the Holy Spirit?

Years ago I asked my dad what the Holy Spirit felt like; he was annoyed by the question and didn’t understand why I’d ask.  “It doesn’t feel like anything” he said “you either have it or you don’t.”

I had in mind a song I heard a few days previous on the radio.  It was a country pop song, designed to bring the listener to an emotional climax.  The form of it was common:  during the second-to-last repetition of the chorus, all music stops, and the singer drones on with nothing but drums for accompaniment…this adds an emotional emphasis similar to what the minimalist artists are shooting for in their paintings…then, for the finale, the music rushes back, the chorus is repeated once more, the music fades away for good, and the listener is eased back to reality.

Being young and naive, I didn’t realize how shallow this was and allowed myself to be carried away by it.  During the pivotal minimalist portion of the song, I broke out in chills and felt a thrilling “high”.

“This must be what getting the Spirit feels like!” I thought, and for the longest time, when a song or a segment in a movie affected me in this way, I really thought God was working in my innards.

I don’t believe that anymore, of course.

But I still have the notion that when the Spirit makes a move, I might feel it.  Tonight, while traveling home, I grabbed one of those canned “energy drinks” that are so popular.  I usually don’t drink the stuff, but I was tired and needed a kick; plus, it was put out by the Mossy Oak clothing company and the can was covered in the real-tree camo pattern.  How odd that a clothing company that makes clothes for rural Americans, would get into the “energy drink” market?  I took and drank.

Five minutes later I began having religious epiphanies about Faith, life, and my place in it all, accompanied by feelings of awe and wonder.

Were these real?  Was this the Spirit moving in my innards?

Or was it the caffeine?

Or, and this will really trip you all out…

…was it the Spirit using the caffeine to lead me to the epiphanies?!

You, dear readers, be the judge.

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3 Responses to Midnight Musings II

  1. Swiss Kinist says:

    Obviously it was an evil spirit that caused you to buy an energy drink, LOL.

    Just kidding. No, wait, I’m not.

    An evil spirit caused you to buy the energy drink, but the LORD flipped the devil’s plans on his head and filled you with the holy spirit (just as the LORD flipped the devil’s plans on him when he had Jesus crucified). What do you think? :D

  2. Probably all three. After all, isn’t he the Comforter?

    Nothing wrong with caffeine, by the way.

  3. lazarusnorth says:

    I imagine He could use whatever he likes.

    I had an odd experience with energy drinks once. The night before I had an all-day drive to make, I hardly got any sleep. In the morning I decided to try one of the little red “potions” they had at my work-place. This wasn’t the caffeine/sugar type of energy drink — it was one of those B-vitamin overload ones. I drank it after I’d been on the road for a while, and it was absolutely awful-tasting. Later in the day I was still having a terrible time staying awake (behind the wheel!), so I bought a similar “5-hour energy” drink at a gas-station.

    This one tasted quite a bit better, but I soon began to feel rather strange. My stomach became warm and fuzzy, and I felt inexplicably euphoric. I’ve only rarely, if ever, felt so strangely happy.

    I don’t think it was thy joy of the Holy Ghost, though.


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