Midnight Musings IV

On being an outlaw…

Yesterday while standing in line to pay for my meal, and lost in thought, I had a heck of a surprise when a tiny black girl, about two years old, ran from her mom, and latched onto my leg.

I was overcome with emotion, thinking of how precious the little creature was.  I knew in an instant I’d give my life for her, if it came to it.  I’m not relaying this story because it might win brownie ..(heh).. points for me among the rabid anti-whites; I’m just relaying a human emotion.

Nevertheless, I’m called a hate-filled beast.

Woe to the generation that calls evil good and good, evil.  How can Christendom have gotten this bad?  How can they still have mostly true theological beliefs, but be so evil in the working out of them?  How can their sentiments have become so skewed?

You all are probably aware of how certain contemporary Christian musicians take beautiful old hymns, keep the same words, but add completely different melodies and instrumentals to them.

The same thing has been done with Christianity.

Since about the 1960’s, modern “Christians” have taken the old, beautiful Christianity, kept the propositions, but changed the melodies and accompany it with demonic admixtures.

I know I said I’m not praying for things anymore, but dear God, help us…

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One Response to Midnight Musings IV

  1. Swiss Kinist says:

    Speaking of beautiful, that is a beautiful illustration in reference to CCM and modern Christianity. I do not think the point could have been better made.


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