“That’s Queens…”

Queens University is located in the middle of Charlotte North Carolina’s most ritzy neighborhood; surrounded by sprawling oak trees, arched entries, and European-styled architecture, she gives life to an otherwise retired 401K neighborhood.  Ladies with sweaters draped over their shoulders, walking their dogs along the well-manicured sidewalks, see a peaceful campus where all is right in the world.

To me, it looked like a hell-hole.

Don’t get me wrong, I appreciate beautiful architecture.  It wasn’t this charade of historical precedence that offended me; it was the knowledge that this was a slaughterhouse that takes beautiful young ladies (more of them than men attend) and twists their minds, destroying any accidental whiteness leftover from their grandmothers and scouring the last sense of lady-like propriety from their consciences.

The college has a man whose sole job is to ensure the most extreme Jacobin worldview is rammed into young minds.  This “director of diversity and inclusion” had invited that huckster Tim Wise to the campus to speak…and as my readers know, I was there to oppose him.

Signs out, we took our place by the lecture hall and laid into every lofty pretense that set itself up against the knowledge of God.  A fierce battle of wills raged around us as a crowd of students gathered to see and argue with the mystical racists who had emerged from the pages of their “diversity” textbooks.  Ecstacy upon ecstacy!  They finally had their chance to be Atticus Finch!  And like a flock of Finches, they descended.

At least, I saw it in my head as a raging battle…

In reality, and I have to admit, the Queens students were perfectly well-behaved, and even charming in some respects.  Open to hearing us out and weighing what we said, they patiently listened to arguments, never interrupted, and never insulted.  Maybe the fact that we weren’t insulted, is insulting?!  For so many indoctrinated folk to accept us into their midst without so much as an enthusiastic “Nazi Scum”… well, it was plain weird.  I told a pair of young blondes they were being too nice and it was making me uncomfortable.

“That’s Queens” said the girl, splaying her hands about her.

The facade of Southern charm must remain at the school, like a beautiful, homemade quilt used to cover a butcher’s table.

After the protest, we went inside to hear Tim Wise give the same speech he always gives.  He only adds new material as new race-baiting opportunities present themselves.  His schtick is to take all facts and data (what little he decides to cite) and interpret them through a Marxist lens, and always to the detriment of black people.  If a black man sneezes on a bus, to Wise, all those whites who didn’t say “God bless you” are guilty of racism.

I can’t multiply examples of this, but if I’m to give a meaningful critique, I’ll have to offer at least one, so:

According to Wise’s lecture at Queens, black people have all the reason in the world not to trust police officers.  He alluded to the O.J. Simpson trial as a case in point.  The Simpson trial – the trial to discover if O.J. Simpson was guilty of murder – seemed to hinge on a perjury charge against the lead investigator, and that charge hinged on whether or not the man had used the word “nigger” at some point in the past 10 years.

Yes, the only felony conviction to have come from the O.J. trial was the perjury conviction of lead investigator Mark Fuhrman who, when asked if he had used the “n-word” in the last ten years, said no, but was proven to have said it about nine-and-a-half years prior.  The man is a felon for the sake of six months, and according to Wise, we’re “crazy” for not realizing that cases like this are proof that blacks have a right to feel frightened of a racist police bureaucracy.

Wise doesn’t tell us that Fuhrman’s alleged use of the “n-word” (that proved he was a racist, and therefore, likely to have planted evidence against the sainted O.J.) was said while Fuhrman was reading the script for a screenplay (a common occurrence in LA) where he was to play a racist character.  Further, Wise didn’t tell us (or didn’t know) that virtually all of Fuhrman’s black co-workers gave him rave reviews.  They were outraged that anyone could charge him with “racism”.  For one example, Fuhrman was part of an early morning basketball league, composed mostly of black officers, one of whom remarked “If you really hate African Americans, why would you get up at 5:40 to play basketball with me?!”1

But Wise hates old Europe and wants to see the last vestiges of our way of life crumble before the might of his rabid egalitarianism – the facts be hung!

He allowed for questions, so I was the first to the mic.

Earlier in his lecture, he ranted about all the “atrocities” against blacks committed in the name of Christianity, so I reminded him of all the atrocities committed in the name of Communism; a point he conceded, though in defeated tones.  Wise isn’t free yet to sanction violence in the name of communism (though I’m sure in his heart of hearts he wishes he could).  I ended my question by suggesting that next time he might not swear so much in a room full of ladies.

My statement elicited an immediate uproar from the neo-feminist zombies in the crowd, the loudest objections coming from the black girls.  “Uhh uhhh.. no he didnnn…”

“We like your swearing!” one of them shouted to Wise.  Another, a little blonde harpy, approached the mic later, and made a point of swearing, while gesturing towards me that she didn’t care what I thought.

…and so go the daughters of Eve who don’t have a strong Adam to guide them.

Matthew Heimbach was up after me and presented a model of policing which would reflect the racial demographics of the community.  White communities would have mostly white police officers, and black communities (to avoid all the imaginary institutional racism), would have mostly black officers… problem solved.

Wise hemmed and hawed, but to our amazement, presented a plan that was similar to Heimbach’s…differing only enough to avoid the embarrassing charge of being in agreement with Heimbach.  He admitted that not everyone wants to be a policeman and maybe the black community would have problems getting enough people interested to be properly represented.  So, says Wise, we need a long probationary period, where non black recruits go around unarmed for a period of time while getting to know the local population and getting comfortable with its culture, after which, if they’re accepted, they’ll be allowed a weapon.

When the event was over and as we were walking out, a young white man, with an eccentric look in his eye, said he thought ours were the most interesting and intelligent questions of the evening.

Later, I asked one of the black policemen who had been monitoring the event how he felt about being accused of being a racist and oppressive tyrant.  “Well…” he said, in a black southern drawl … “Everybody’s got they opinion…”

That officer’s answer was the highlight of the evening for me.

Heimbach stayed to meet Wise at the book signing, at which point, Wise exchanged an autographed copy of his book “White Like Me” for one of our protest signs.  They got their picture taken together, holding the book and the sign, with Wise striking a feigned “confused” posture, and Heimbach throwing a big thumbs-up.

I understand Heimbach’s sentiments … he’s a diplomat and always looking to make inroads for the Trad Youth organization.  But maybe I have too much of the primal blood in me, because I wouldn’t be able to touch Wise’s hand without violence.  It’s all I can do to sit in one place while the man openly spreads his dank spell over an audience.

But what is Sparta without Athens?

Stand with us next time, ladies and gentlemen.  We’re coming to an event near you!

(Thanks to all the people who came to support us, both the visible and invisible.  Thanks especially to Daxter, whom sat alone on the Queens steps for who knows how long, waiting for us to show up…it was an honor serving with you, sir!)

1. This sentence is taken from Ann Coulter’s book “Mugged”. Her chapters on the O.J. Trial are excellent, even if her overall commentary is short-sighted. The facts about Fuhrman’s alleged “racism” as well as the above cited material are from pg. 132.

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12 Responses to “That’s Queens…”

  1. Lew says:

    Good job and nice write up.

    Really bad and troubling move by Heimbach though. That was like laughing it up with Ilya Ehrenberg.

  2. Me says:

    Great coverage. Thanks.

  3. jack Ryan says:

    ” I told a pair of young blondes they were being too nice and it was making me uncomfortable.

    “That’s Queens” said the girl, splaying her hands about her.”

    Jack replies : with these types of young White women, I recommend never trying to engage them in an intelligent conversations, argument – as females do not respond well or really at all to intelligence, political discussions etc.

    Women are emotional and must be reached in other ways. The best way is to introduce them to healthy, beautiful (male children) under the age of 5, like Hunter Wallace’s charming son Georgie. This young lad is a chick magnet and he easily blows away any and all cultural marxist, lib, anti White nonsense.

    I recommend a 2 man team – beautiful 1 year old like Georgie and then a handsome 20 something like Marshall.

    Tell the blonde girls:

    You can’t get one of these (1 year old Georgie) if you aren’t nice to one of these (20 something Marshall).

    That’s a sales program that will sell.

    We need to get away from all this talk, talk, talk.

    Elvis Presley once said/sang it best.

    “A little less conversation a little more action”.

    • Well, God’s ways aren’t our ways Mr. Ryan – He uses the weak among us to shame the strong. Seems like He delights in using rough-hewn rednecks when the marketing experts like yourself are saying we need Greek gods.

    • Alan J. Perrick says:

      “Shotgun” doesn’t, or at least didn’t, want to be told to call them “anti-white”, Mr. Ryan. It looks as if he is setting himself up to learn through trial-and-error on an individual level…

      Best regards,


  4. Swiss Kinist says:

    It is too bad this minister of Satan is not going to come close to Ohio.. the closest I see is West Virginia, but it is only about 4 hours.

  5. Fr. John+ says:

    First off, Wise is a Jew. Three strikes against him. Next, he’s a Marxist Jew. 100,000,000 strikes against him, for all the murders Bolshevism has done. Next, he’s a godless Jew – or is that an oxymoron? Christ’s blood calls out from the cross, for the complicity of Wise in Our Lord’s Crucifixion.

    “God hates the Jews.” – St. John Chrysostom

  6. Tim Unwise is just plain stupid. Helping the negro is the early grave calling the dumb home. Anyone who thinks these hebes are smart ought to consider why they have this habit of helping their enemies and stabbing their friends in the back. Its hasn’t killed them all yet, but even a fool’s luck runs out eventually. If fortune favored the foolish as they say, the stupid would be revered and not laughed at and ridiculed.


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