Midnight Musings VI

On existential jitters…

I’ve been cynical lately about prayer, despite all my friends telling me I ought not be.  Despair or not though, I’m of the school that will love God even though He slay me…so, I’d pray on, not caring anymore if He answered or not.  He will or He wont, what’s that to me?

I remember a parable where Jesus told about a woman who brought her case before a judge, but the judge kept ignoring her.  Night after night, she’d pester the judge until finally, he relented out of pity.  That’s my strategy, if strategy it is.

But recently I went on a trip to Charlotte and as usual, before setting out, I prayed for safety; safety from accidents, criminals, and highway tyrants.  A little over an hour later, I was stopped by a highway tyrant and treated like a common criminal.  Not only was I accused of the heinous moral crime of “speeding” (which means, I was driving along, minding my own business), but my vehicle was illegally searched by a half-insane brigand with a loaded weapon.

Many of my readers are sheep who have no problem forking over funds to the highway tyrants.  “You got what you deserve, Shotgun, if you really were speeding!  Speeding tickets are such common occurrences in America, after all, no need to question your Faith about it, or get all upset.  Why don’t you just slow down?!”

Well, I don’t question my Faith, other than the fact that I prayed for protection and didn’t receive it (and like I said above, I’m no longer surprised or daunted by that).  But I was (and am) FURIOUS about the rampant highway tyranny in America.  No!  It’s NOT a little thing, to shrug off or bear with, and here’s why:

Of all the tyrannies we have to suffer, this is the worst, because it makes the biggest demand of us.  It asks us to change internally – to change our hearts away from freedom and towards tyranny.

To “speed” is such a tiny thing, a mere flexing of the muscles and some pressure of the foot.  To avoid the highway extortionists-with-badges, one must so utterly submit oneself to the state, so thoroughly accept the tyranny, that the smallest muscle contractions are now controlled by sheep-like reflexes.  The state controls our muscles and wills them to oppression!  A free man doesn’t have those reflexes!  And all you saints who would condemn me for saying this … you know that fear you get in the pit of your stomach when a trooper pulls behind you on the highway.  You know it but you’re too proud to admit it, even to yourselves.  We’re all sitting ducks!  We’re all targets!  Any of us, at any time, can be next.

When I see the ill-fated blue lights in my rear-view, I reflexively think about how I am not a citizen of this nation – a nation ruled by homosexuals and limp wristed bureaucrats.  What do they know about how fast I ought to drive at a certain time on a certain stretch of road?  When I see those blue lights, I feel suffocated.  I feel there are no real wildernesses anymore, no untamed highways.  When I see those blue lights, I feel sick to my stomach with discouragement, not just for myself and all the money I’m about to have stolen from me, but for the fate of Americans, who descend from a proud and free folk, but who now wallow in a pot of boiling water they refuse to jump from.

I was so angry about this tyranny and my unlawful search, I decided to go buy a suit, dust off my old brief-case, and defend myself in court.  But not even this right is respected anymore.  Not only must I be a sheep on the highway, to be socially acceptable, I’ve got to waive my right to defense in court, plead guilty, and grovel before the extortionists.

Just once, I’d love that snot-nosed highway tyrant to have to work to prove his case.  Can he prove it beyond a reasonable doubt?!  Well can he?  Think about it.  It was pitch black, his front headlight was out…how certain is he that he clocked me and not someone else?  And for that matter, if he can’t keep his headlights fixed that makes me wonder if he can keep his radar tuned.

But no…no, no… defending myself in traffic court (so my parents, and other sheep advise me) is only something low-class people, like negros do, to tie up the system and make things hard on the precious legal system.

THIS LEGAL SYSTEM ALLOWS THE SLAUGHTER OF INFANTS!!!!!  They have ZERO moral authority!  I’ll be damned if I tip toe around making things easy on them!

Still – regardless of what I do with my present case, another thought always pops into my mind when I see those tyrant lights in my rear view.

Could I be a lawyer?  Could I learn to formally defend myself and others?  Such a thing would be interesting, certainly.  I started daydreaming about having so many cases in NC traffic court and tying them up so much, that they’d be forced to throw out the majority of these frivolous speeding charges.  I might even march on Raleigh and convince them to change all the speeding signs from white to yellow – the yellow meaning they’re mere suggestions.  We could have a highway system similar to that in Germany.  An excellent plan!  We might even do away with state-troopers all together and give tax breaks to local Sheriffs who can control speeding in their districts as they feel necessary (and if they get too picky about it, well, the citizens wont vote for them again).

My military career bought me some time to think about what I’d like to do with the rest of my life, but that time’s running out, and I’m getting seriously frustrated with this indecision about the future.

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9 Responses to Midnight Musings VI

  1. Fr. John+ says:

    What you are describing is the unfairness of the modern system. But we all KNOW the modern system is unfair. It is also rigged- Cops don’t lose wages for appearing in court, they are given the presumption they are the moral (right) agent in all these confrontations, and it is merely a pro forma argument that you are WRONG (and evil, for daring to question the state).

    So, short of advocating revolution, and the erecting of a Godly monarchy where Whites alone rule under the Law of God, suck up and pay the fine. Because it will only get worse, before it gets better. Sad to say, but there you are. Oh, and use your cruise control. LOL.

  2. rogerunited says:

    What,are you libertarian, now?

    Seriously, I used to average 4 speeding tickets a year and defending yourself in traffic court is a bad idea. The only way I’ve heard of to get out of a speeding ticket yourself is to have the cop not appear and plead innocent then there’s no witness against you; this is hearsay, though, I never tried it.Best thing to do, hire a traffic lawyer and he gets it reduced to a non moving violation and you pay a couple hundred bucks and no points. Not even on your driving record from what I can tell.

    On a related note, if you can get out of sight, the cop usually won’t pull you when he catches up, assuming you’re not driving an easily recognisable car. I learned that if you pass a cop, speed up!

    You wanna speed without worry? Go out West or up to Alaska.

    • I did grow out of the libertarian camp. It expressed (so I thought at the time) the best of the American spirit of rugged individualism. I detected in their rhetoric a hint of the old pioneer spirit of open ranges and freedom from meddling bureaucrats.

      Unfortunately, they turned out to represent more a freedom of licentiousness; pornography, prostitution, free love, recreational drug use, and all manner of unbridled vices.

      But there’s enough of the American left in me to still desire independence. Is an untamed road too much to ask for?

      What I will *not* do is train my body so thoroughly in the arts of oppression that my tiny muscle twitches are attuned to the whim of a Satanic moralist.

      “I’m just doing my job” they say…

      Well, one day, when the sheep rise up in a spirit of righteous revolution and get one of these pitiful souls on the executioner’s block, it’ll be his turn to cry for mercy. “Please! Please! I have a family! I’m one of you!”

      But the only reply he’ll get is,

      “…sorry. We’re just doing our job.”

  3. Alan J. Perrick says:

    Prayer seems to have to do with the theological virtues of faith and hope. Hope in that God will eventually answer your prayers in the way you want, faith to keep praying until you get it…

    Best regards,


  4. Dabney's Revenge says:

    Just toured thru that MAGNIFICENT canvas of God’s creative genius you call home, and I noticed y’all were one “genuine moonshine” billboard short…one with your name on it. You could do worse with the rest of your life.


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