Weekend Adventures

My parents have purchased a nice vacation home in the NC mountains. I’m visiting this week, helping fix it up. The back “yard” is more like the base of a hill. It stretches up and up for a few hundred yards ending at a sheer rock face, about 15 to 25 feet high.

I traveled up through the woods, braving my way along the rocks, and when I got to this sheer face, I wormed my way up it like a real mountain climber (I found a stair, then a tunnel, then a giant spider, but I made it through).

…seriously though, I climbed it.

On the other side, the hill kept going up and up only now I had to forge my way through dense underbrush. But I wasn’t turning back! I was determined to reach the top.

Finally, at long last, I stumbled out onto level ground at the hill’s crest.  There, I found an old 4-wheeler path. I followed it down into a valley where eventually, the path and the river merged. For about 30 feet, the river *was* the path…

While working through it, I discovered something. There, in the middle of the path, where a small stream trickled into the river, were a TON of glittering flakes.

Yes, dear friends… in the middle of the Appalachian back lands, miles away from real civilization, I think I may have found a small gold deposit!

Or maybe I’m a fool?

I thought I was versed enough in Gold lore to tell the difference between it and pyrite, but maybe not? Tomorrow though, I’m going back, and I’ll be armed…just in case my find turns into a Louis Lamour novel.  (Chatter from local deputies have us suspecting there’s a marijuana crop hidden in the “holler” near our property – the last thing I need is to tussle with neer-do-wells over gold).

Stay tuned…


It’s Saturday and I finally have net access again.  I climbed back up the hill and down into the valley behind it.  I had better “panning” equipment with me this time.

I did find a small amount of gold, but it wasn’t enough to bother with.  The dirt contained mostly pyrite (guess I’m a fool after all).

I killed a brown snake of some sort during my climb, but there was no human danger to speak of.

I kind of wish there had of been.

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2 Responses to Weekend Adventures

  1. rogerunited says:

    North Carolina has a long history with gold. The first documented gold find in the US, a 17lb nugget, was in Midland,NC near Charlotte. Here’s an 1896 geological survey map showing gold deposits.


    Keep looking, maybe you’ll find the Mother Lode!

  2. Elle says:

    Pyrite sometimes contains gold so, if you’ve found a large amount of it, you may be able to extract a few troy ounces from it. I wonder if these mountains house precious gems (ruby, emerald)…either way, you’re finding adventures that many city folk pay highly for!


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