Where the White Wimminz Is?

Albert Samuel Anker - Young Girl Pealing Potatoes

In the early 2000’s, when I was young, in the Navy, and too stupid not to follow the crowd, I followed them frequently to house parties and other debaucherous events.  It was a running joke that when the token blacks arrived (all white cliques had to include a little color) they’d burst into the room and shout “where the white wimminz is?”

Knowing the temperament of white party girls, and knowing how infuriating it would be to white ghosts (as well as the girls’ fathers), these blacks made no bones about their lust for pillage.  Unfortunately, the white girls complied, indulging the pleasures of their pet tokens, even though few had the stomach to follow through with their flirting.

I see white pagans in the same light.  Having given up the Faith of their ancestors, and having been reared in a horrible culture, they’ve taken on the mannerisms of the blacks – mannerisms which are lauded as virtues in our egalitarian utopia.  Even while preaching a crass “racism”, they’re following the be-bopping pied pipers down the road to licentiousness.  And like their black role models (though not as overt), they burst into white events, conferences, or gatherings, with one question on their minds:  where the white wimminz is?

More sophisticated white advocates ask the same question but for different reasons.  Where *are* the white women?  Our events, even tame ones like the American Renaissance Conference, are dominated by males, most of them elderly, and few, if any, ladies.  Certainly not young ones, of marriageable age.  Why is that?

The pagans over at Daily Stormer have (in my opinion) the typical view of women, made worse by their reading of the “manosphere” material.  Thankfully, Matt Parrott of the Traditionalist Youth Network has responded with a great article, trying to bring Christian sense to a pagan cesspool.

While I respect what he’s doing in the article (providing a reply to movement types with whom I rarely associate), I wonder what a capitalist might say to it?

A capitalist might say Americans are far less ideological when it comes to hiring than some suspect. That is to say, having taboo political ideals may not be as huge a barrier to gaining wealth and stability as is sometimes suggested.

While true, times is hard for a cracker, I, at least, aint willing to let that stop me (and I’m not even a capitalist!)

Can’t I achieve wealth and respect from a small southern society? Can’t I wear white suit coats to fancy dinners (but *not* after Labor Day), despite my taboo views? Can’t I arrive with a stunning belle on my arm after convincing her to read Burke instead of Burlesque?

Challenge accepted!

Ok, ok, readers…I know what you’re thinking.

I’m not especially concerned for eating crumbs from the devil’s table.  And if you stay tuned for my next post, you’ll see my opinion of America’s aristocrats.  But why shouldn’t I have the good life?  And most especially, why should I be denied a wife?

They say celibacy is a virtue and even Parrott harps on it in his article, but if I know anything about myself, I know I don’t have that “gift”.  I suspect God’s forced me to be a bachelor for 32 years to wake me up from the mores I was born with, true, but more importantly, to do with me as He did for Adam.   He made him wait, even teasing him by parading all the Earth’s animals in front of him.  Only then did He give humanity the second greatest gift (next to Christ Himself) ever given…that is, of course, woman.  Adam had to learn what he was missing.

I’m man enough to know what I’m missing.  Without a woman, am I really even a man?  I mean, one fully? At least, I know how stronger I could be if I had one.

Listen up pagans and urban hipsters:

They may not be popular in the urban centers (and certainly not in the rough hewn white nationalist enclaves), but there are quite a few women in the hinterlands enamored with the simple life and animated in their support of traditionalism (most are Evangelicals of a Baptist persuasion).

True, most are soft (at best) on racial issues, but they’re of a temper (…and I say this anecdotally…) to quickly see reason, especially when it’s shown in a practical light. They’re the ones being jeered at lustfully by hoards of “youths” after all.

You find them at homeschooling events or Civil War reenactments. You find them at book club meetings, renaissance fairs, and political tea socials. They frequent farmer’s markets and are attracted to organic produce and sustainable agriculture.

They may not shout white pride slogans, offer national socialist salutes, or froth at the mouth about jews, and they may require a man to do more than spout rhetoric, but they’ve been raised by fathers who know the score.  And like good daughters, they retain a feminine passion for the outlook they’ve read about in Jane Austen novels.

On second thought, that isn’t the type of woman the pagans are looking for anyway.

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14 Responses to Where the White Wimminz Is?

  1. I can testify to your closing paragraphs. You described my wife to atee.

  2. Listen grandad

    I fought at Cronulla against Arabs and that crap about being a gentleman went out the window in 2 seconds flat.

    This isn’t the time to be settling down its the time to lift weights and fight.

    You should be donating your pay packet to Andrew who is a (profanity removed) hero and pocket battleship.

    Stop nipping the heels and start donating. I was to see flash in DS’s sky rocket

    • I don’t know where you’re accustomed to posting, but around here, if you want to be taken seriously, you at least have to make an effort at proper grammar and coherent sentence structure.

      And if you’re not strong enough to display chivalry, then you certainly are in need of more physical training.

      • You didn’t respond.

        I’m saying we have to be more like wolves not well trained dogs. Srsly who cares about what women think? Then end up going with the strongest men. The respond to power and male brotherhood which delivers it, not whimpy white knighting.

        You old people have basically failed to grasp feminism cannot be met half way.

  3. Don’t post on my blog again.

  4. I don’t know what this is about since I don’t go to pro-Nazi websites. They are usually too anti-Anglo, and keep trying to re-fight the second world war. They are bad salesmen for Pro-Whitism, in other words.

    Best regards,


    • Well said Mr. Perrick.

      I feel like they’re generally folk of low intelligence, or if they have a modicum of intelligence, it’s mitigated by a senseless “blue collar” or “low-class” ethic that’s been so highly romanticized by contemporary pop-culture.

      Every single movie and every single song produced for the last fifty years, promotes this Marxist view that the “common man” is godlike and must rebel against the evil “powerholders”…the evil 1%… even the aristocratic social mores are evil. Therefore, we’ve got low class “wiggers” trying to defend the “white race” with all the street passion displayed by negros.

      …only instead of Biggie and Tu-Pac, these guys have Hitler.

      A sad situation, all told.

      • You’re right, it is sad because they are simply playing out the role that the anti-whites have scripted for them.

        In a lot of ways, it is too much defense and not enough offense.

        “You’re a Nazi!”
        “No, I’m not”
        “You’re a Nazi!”
        “I am?”

        Instead, it should be:

        “You’re a Nazi!”
        “You mean like a naziwhowantstokillsixmillionjews?”
        “I can’t believe you just said that. You’re evil!”
        “Well, you’re anti-white and you want to destroy white people. Anti-whites are sooooo silly and sooooo stupid!”
        “I’m not anti-white”…

        But you know what, I like hierarchy too. It’s not especially good to call out the “anti-white elites” like some do, since there are just as many if not more, anti-white thugs and anti-white screamers who carry out the dirty work. They are the bigger anti-white forces in a country like the U.S. where there is still a modicum of free speech. In places where speech is more restricted, like the European continent, anti-whites simply have their thought police silence the pro-whites…

  5. Chivalry is a quaint custom between refined gentlemen of quality who believe in civilization and appreciate high customs and real art. I don’t know where you’ve been, but I haven’t seen hide nor hair of civilization lately, except as a token of hate and ridicule. Certainly there is great joy in finding a real lady that doesn’t cuss and knows what it means to have manners, but lately those creatures are about as scarce as the fabled unicorn. The females that fill our lands are crass whores who cuss and spit and have tattoos like sailors, bikers and low-brow ex-cons to whom manners and customs are as alien as creatures from a UFO that landed from another world completely unknown to Earth. These wonderful ideas of having a peaceful life with a girl you could take home to meet your mother are just impossible with a hateful media that holds up Stone Age Savages as role models and ridicules anything that has the gleam of civilization. Our country has become a hive of scum and villainy, where every low-life from every world but our own drink and stink and dream of nothing but pillage and rapine. The time has come to fight. The peaceful life will only return when our enemies are crushed and flee before us. Only then will women listen to us again, when they see in us the strength to have a future.

  6. Daniel Evans says:

    Anglin and Parrot both have good points. A man should focus on self-improvement, and should be able to complete tasks independently such as cooking and cleaning so that individual goals can be achieved. Even I can cook and clean for myself. I’ve also and always believed that we shouldn’t weaken our message as to appeal to White women, but that doesn’t mean that I’d push them aside if one were to engage in a conversation with me. If White men were to simply better themselves, become more aware of the issues that we face, reassert themselves, then White women will naturally follow as women are naturally attracted to masculinity. Also, to conflate historical love for one specific aspect of history with low intelligence is plebeian at best. I like Adolf Hitler and the National Socialists but I don’t have tattoos nor do I sieg heil in the street. You can vehemently defend European history whilst denigrating one part of it.

  7. civil rights apostate says:

    Even though I’m anti-multiracial-societies, I worry about ever finding a white Christian woman who agrees with my racial views because I still have a feeling from anti-racism that, among white christian women, only older ladies and high-school dropouts who smoke have my views.


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