Of Course of Course

gentlemanwithhorseEnglishSchoolThe “Daily Stormer” posted a video clip featuring a bunch of spring break harpies and it caused an uproar.  In response, I’ve decided the next time I hear a white nationalist complain about a lack of women (or complain about being unable to win the affections of a good one), I’m recommending he learn to ride a horse.

Why that of all things?

First, it takes money. If a man can manage to earn enough to spend his leisure time learning to ride horses, he’s already ahead of the bulk of his WN compatriots.

Secondly, it will force him into regular contact with women.  Most riding teachers are women.  And not just any women, but cultured ones. On top of that, he’ll have to deal with little girls as well. He’ll learn to canter alongside 8 year olds on ponies. This will temper the rough edges of his personality and teach him meekness.

Thirdly, it will get him out of his mom’s basement and into semi-regular exercise.

I’m sure there are more reasons, for instance, learning the equestrian arts requires study of history and an awareness of white culture that one doesn’t normally find on Stormfront.

…but these are enough to support my contention.

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6 Responses to Of Course of Course

  1. Hans Gygax says:

    Not a bad idea.

    Buying some land and starting a farm sounds like a good idea to me, also.

  2. Alan J. Perrick says:

    There are too many Roman Catholics in places like Cuba and Mexico for there to be any good that comes from taking it over. A lot of today’s problems, in the U.S., seem to come from the network of Roman Catholics that has maneuvered itself into power to the detriment of the rest. Observe the Supreme Court which is 2/3rds members of the Vatican-Roman Church, 1/3rd Talmudic Jewish while the country is supposedly 50% Protestant… So why no representation there? It might be a good idea to get a handle on things, and what better place to start?


  3. Fr. John+ says:

    So many things….

    First, Alan. Rome is not a Church. She is, after Vatican Ewww, a CULT. She should be ostracized and extirpated from this land. But she won’t. As long as Meximidgets are allowed in, you will have the low-IQ bastard seed that will worship …’the Whore astride the Beast.’

    Second, your comments are correct. Kinists, Trad Youth folk don’t ‘get’ that supremacism is MANDATORY if we are to rule and reign as the men of ‘Adam’s seed and David’s line.’
    The Very reality of the Incarnation, bespeaks DIVINE approbation of a ‘Supreme race’ that is to rule over the ‘behemah’ of the planet. But this means that the heresy of Egalitarianism be scrapped, totally, and even here, Kinists are nothing but old-guard Republicrats, who probably still think Loving v. Virginia wasn’t a bad thing! Oy.

    • You ought to think better of Kinists than that Fr. John.

      Then again – we ought to have ample opportunities to prove ourselves in the future (so I hope). Presbyterian culture, especially in post Civil War America, is as seeped in all the Enlightenment narratives as regular “conservatism”, and Kinists have a heaping of it.

    • The rot in the Vatican-Roman Church goes farther back. The reason why Central and South America is brown and North America was, for centuries, white is the difference between Protestant Christianity and the Vatican-Roman way. The Roman Catholics want the population enslaved and to subsume their own genotypes to missions of “assimilation,” while the Protestant way is about competition where the poorer genetics get pushed aside and the most productive and fruitful race is allowed freedom from the primitives. Hence the Kennedys who pushed for denying freedom of association to private businesses with the “Civil Rights” Act – http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Civil_Rights_Act_of_1964#Origins – and it was them again who pushed to get their brown fellows into the U.S. with the ’65 Immigration Act, in an obvious push for hegemony.

      Anyone who isn’t mentioning the Vatican-Roman issue from time to time is a sub-standard pro-white. Yet, the focus must be on the traitors who are other white Protestant Christians and white secularists for the tide to turn. Talmudic Jewish and Vatican-Roman tribal loyalties are too much for either of them to have a clear head about race and so they’ll never take the side of the white, European genotype.

  4. Gents,

    I’ve edited out the harsh first portion of this post. It was late when I wrote it and I didn’t express my ideals very well. I still hold those views but hope to articulate them better over time.


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