A Hasty Musing

First: I’m disappointed in you all.

None of you pointed out how many infinitives I’ve been splitting!  I go through phases in my writing where a particular error repeats itself so often, I finally notice, fix it, then pronounce myself cured.  Nose through my archives.  You’ll think it’s raining exclamation points and arbitrary commas.  Anyway, lately, I’ve really noticed all these … gah!  I mean:  “lately, I’ve noticed all these split infinitives and am trying rigorously to…” ugh.  Trying to stop…is what I mean.

~ sigh ~

Next: I had a minor insight today about conspiracy theories and women.

Yes, the fairer sex may have launched humanity into damnation, but their mischievousness and curiosity are why we love them so much.  In the end, the frustrating qualities of women may be the key to defeating the all-powerful, shadowy cabal that governs our every movement…governs our every movement, if some of my friends can be believed.

Unlike my friends, I believe events on the national stage take place the same as events on the small town stage: usually at random. The evil conspirators (if there are any) are johnny-come-latelys who try to capitalize on events as they occur. But no demon can predict the market and not even Satan, with an army of Ouija boards, can predict the fickle decisions of a woman.

Women exemplify the beautiful capriciousness of our Lord and as long as a few good ones are around, no evil plots will succeed for long.  God mocks the plans of men, after all (and women follow suite).

Which leads me to my final point:

Just because they can’t predict the market doesn’t mean they don’t try.

Sick of modern pop, I decided it was time to dip back into old Europe.  Still being in a romantic frame of mind, I opted for “Lady Baltimore” by Owen Wister.  This will be my second Wister novel, the first being “The Virginian”, which thrilled me to no end.  Lots of humor and surprising insights lurk on every other page of a Wister novel.  Consider his observation in the preface:

To be sure, he doesn’t admire over heartily the parvenus of steel or oil, whose too sudden money takes them to the divorce court; he calls them the ‘yellow rich’; do you object to that? Nor does he think that those Americans who prefer their pockets to their patriotism, are good citizens. He says of such people that ‘eternal vigilance cannot watch liberty and the ticker at the same time.’

I especially liked this line:

“…eternal vigilance cannot watch liberty and the ticker at the same time.”

Just because they can’t predict the market, doesn’t mean they don’t try.  It’s those of us who remain patriotic with respect to our real nation, the nation of Christ and His antique-European knights, who are the good citizens.

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2 Responses to A Hasty Musing

  1. Alan J. Perrick says:

    Well, what’s wrong with exclamation points? Only thing to remember is never to use more than three at a time!

    Regarding women, a lot of today’s pathetic excuse for society will try and say that’s it’s abusive to ever swat a woman when she becomes a pest. I, hopefully a traditionalist, will say that’s it’s abusive to encourage women away from their natural roles as mother and wives, to encourage careers to the detriment of children!!


  2. Tim Harris says:

    All those pseudo-grammar strictures are girly-rules up with which you should not put!


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