Trad Youth Goes to Stafford

IMG_20150706_131601~ My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge: because thou hast rejected knowledge, I will also reject thee, that thou shalt be no priest to me: seeing thou hast forgotten the law of thy God, I also will forget thy children. ~

I don’t know about you all, but I’m sick and tired of rolling up into a herd of Confederate flag waving neo-Jacobins.

“What’s a neo-Jacobin” the uninformed lurkers of my blog may be asking?  I’m glad you stayed behind your cloak of anonymity while asking, because it’s embarrassing that you don’t know.  A “neo-Jacobin”, dear lurkers, is someone who has imbibed the cultural sludge Western Civilization has become since those regicidal maniacs your government school teachers fawned over conquered France in the 1790s.

These first of the Jacobins were inspired by their occultic and jewish ties to the devil – the details of that relationship need not concern us presently.  They formed club houses all over France and advocated for the end of the monarchy, an end to the aristocracy, an end to Christianity, and an end to the medieval worldview and lifestyle that dominated Europe until their time.  Basically, the Jacobins were the enemies of all that was good and right in the world.  If this overview strikes anyone as naive, I ask forgiveness and note that Jacobin offspring are unable to focus on lengthy articles.

They conquered France but had their ideology checked by the conservative resistance of the time, the ideological father of which was Edmund Burke.  Nevertheless, their poisonous ideology seeped through the veins of Europe and slowly inched its way into every nook and sainted crevice.

This slime made its way to America where it infested the Northern region, turning the once beautiful agrarian Yankeeland into a writhing, mechanized system of Satan.  The Southern United States, however, lived more in the Burkean tradition, preferring to hold to the conservative and feudalist values of their ancestors.

Slavery, states rights, and all the other political issues of the 1860’s were mere pretenses of the inevitable clash between the old world and the new Jacobin monstrosity that clutched the West.

Long story short, the good guys lost and ever since, the neo-Jacobins have been indoctrinating southern school children via the government schools and pop-culture programs.  Today, the best and brightest are spouting Jacobin rhetoric from their cribs.  Even worse, since the government education system is designed to create plantation workers (not free-thinking men of the West), they’re not even aware of their own history.

Fast forward to the present, where, after the shooting in Charleston S.C., the new Jacobins are waging a mop-up operation to purge every last bit of the old Burkean worldview from their midst, tearing down Confederate flags and destroying our monuments as fast as they can.  This has sparked an unprecedented wave of Southern pride throughout the region, resulting in more pro-flag rallies than reporters can keep up with.

But after having attended a few of these, in an official capacity as the N.C. Chairman of the Traditionalist Youth Network, I’m finding they’re less rallies against the devilish regime oppressing us, and more rallies to convince our rulers that our symbols have a small place at the neo-Jacobin table.  But they’re Jacobin nonetheless.  The protestors are riding joyfully off the proverbial cliff with the rest of Western civilization, they’re only asking for a few kind footnotes in the history books.

Well I don’t want a kind note in Jacobin history books.

With these thoughts in mind, I drove to the Stafford Virginia pro-Confederate flag rally.  When I arrived, counter-protestors were already engaging with the flaggers.  Being an experienced activist, I brushed through the crowd and made my way to a shouting black man, angry at our “ign’ance” … and began singing “Dixie” as loudly as possible.  The flaggers immediately joined in.  The black man began brushing his flag into my face, so I channeled my inner Heimbach and ripped it down.  The man almost pissed himself.  The other flaggers stepped back in awe.  Neo Jacobins aren’t supposed to assert themselves in that way, after all; especially not against one of the black demigods.  They were shocked.

The man’s female accomplice, a black woman in her forties, began arguing with me.  They both asserted that if we didn’t like America, we ought to leave.  I told them we tried that back in the 1860’s and they wouldn’t let us.  They didn’t understand what I meant.  They got the message when I began shouting at them, asking repeatedly if they wanted us to stay or leave?  Make up your minds!

This sort of aggression couldn’t be tolerated by the neo-Jacobin flaggers, all of whom were stuck in retarded feedback loops… “Heritage not hate.  We’re not racists.  Heritage not hate.  We’re not racists.”

One baby boomer pulled me aside and, after assuring me he was legit (he was related to John Wilkes Boothe), he said something like… “… come here for a second man, let me talk to you.” (As if he was pulling a crazy white boy away from the precious negro protesters so I wouldn’t give all the flaggers a bad name.)  “Now, correct me if I’m wrong, but it sounded like you just said white culture was superior in some way…”

Well, by God, I just might have.

See you all at the next protest.  And leave your cynicism at home.  They might be neo-Jacobins, but a teenaged white boy, standing beside the humiliated Boothe’s ancestor, beamed with approval at my response and recognized the future when he heard it.

They can be reached…


None of my scathing criticisms of the Southern advocates apply to my friends in the League of the South, all of whom remain stalwartly unreconstructed in their outlook and fearless in their advocacy for our Southern symbols and identity.  They’re far better off than the flag-waving neo-Jacobins who make up the bulk of the trending flag rallies.

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6 Responses to Trad Youth Goes to Stafford

  1. Deo Vindice says:

    Brother, with all due respect to you and the cause, I must take issue with your account. It does our cause no favor to fabricate events that simply did not happen. You were the gentleman in the grey vest, and I did not once witness you resorting to the barbaric form of violence that you claim you committed upon this man in question. Our people attempted to calmly and politely reason with this obviously agitated man, as dignified sons and daughters of the South have been taught to do since birth. I also did not observe him arrive with anyone, female or male. Can we simply be content to have an accurate report of what happened? Why do you not speak of the rousing support we received from passers-by? Did you not hear the chorus of car horns and rebel yells during our time in front of the courthouse? We had a wonderful, life-affirming celebration of our flag and of our great South, but you make it seem as if we were little more than a handful of sniveling cowards who were in danger of being run out of town until you showed up. The gall! If I didn’t know any better, I would have suspected that you never even attended our rally and that you simply concocted a fantasy based on what you expected to happen. The people of Stafford support us, brother, but after reading this I have serious doubts that you do.

    • I don’t support you baby-boomer neo-Jacobins… especially when you call me “liar” and “brother” in the same breath. Save it for someone who remains enamored by baby-boomer narratives. We don’t countenance it here at “Shotgun Barrel Straight”.

      I defy you and the enemies at whose tables you’re so willing to eat.

  2. The mantra of “Heritage not hate” is un-Christian being that they’ve pathologised being “anti-Hate” This is due to the fact that there are many references to godly hate throughout scripture. Really pathetic. But hopefully you will be able to push those automatically cringing types out of the way!

    Best regards,


  3. Fr. John+ says:

    You don’t argue with beasts, whose entire existence in this country is predicated on the blood of the Southern Whites who were murdered for their continued idolatrous existence.

    Again, your writing stirs the blood in my Celtic heart. Would that there were many more of you, and far less of the Jacobins, alive today.

  4. Junius Daniel says:

    Well, Mr. Terry – for your term ‘Jacobins’, one might easily substitute the semantick, ‘Masons’.

    ‘But after having attended a few of these, in an official capacity as the N.C. Chairman of the Traditionalist Youth Network, I’m finding they’re less rallies against the devilish regime oppressing us, and more rallies to convince our rulers that our symbols have a small place at the neo-Jacobin table. But they’re Jacobin nonetheless. The protestors are riding joyfully off the proverbial cliff with the rest of Western civilization, they’re only asking for a few kind footnotes in the history books.’

    Not everybody is as brave as you, Mr. Terry. A lot of people are scared to be seen in any light that opposes the government, even in a peaceful law-abiding refusenik way.

    They would as for more than ‘just being a footnote’, BUT, they are afraid.

    Blame The Good Lord, as he does not endow everyone with an equal set.

    Have a good night.


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