Idaho Hussy


As a radical, extremist, taboo-breaking, conservative Southerner, I often find that I have ostensible agreement with those on the far left – in this case, I’m as annoyed by the “Idaho Huntress” (a hussy who slaughters beautiful animals while bragging about her kills on social media), as my left-wing friends.

I’m opposed to her for numerous reasons. For example: I’m an ardent opponent of feminism so I hate seeing women trying to compete with men in traditionally masculine endeavors. It’s not cute.

That aside, I wonder if my view of hunting in general, might represent a compromise between the likes of me and the likes of PETA?

I like deer hunting, especially as it’s practiced here in NC.  There are too many of them, they’re pests, and they’re darn good eating. Few people kill deer without eating them.

I’m also not opposed to hunting for sport. Fox hunting, for example, is a traditional English sport and requires mastery of the equestrian arts (riding a horse, jumping obstacles, etc.) as well as mastery of the hounds and mastery of all manner of woodsmanship. That’s a noble sport. Quail hunting and duck hunting, also, strike me as noble and sporting hunts, requiring skill with dogs and a finesse with the firearm. The same goes for bow hunting or hunting with black powder rifles; they require skill and mastery of a craft.

And consider the hunting of exotic animals. For this, I would be alright if the hunters channeled their inner Beowulfs and fought the animals fairly. You want to kill a lion? Go after it with nothing but a bone knife. I’ll respect you then…

But here’s where my friends with PETA and I might find agreement:

The indiscriminate slaughter of beautiful exotic animals via a scope and rifle (sometimes the hunter never even leaves the safety of the safari vehicle), especially if there’s no intent to eat the animal and harvest its parts in some way…strikes me as cowardly and offensive.

We’ve got the most beautiful environment in the universe, on loan from the Creator. We ought to be ashamed if we don’t honor it.

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3 Responses to Idaho Hussy

  1. I don’t think there is anything wrong with hunting for sport. In fact, the safari aspect of the Victorian period is something that is very romantic. Naturally, killing exotic animals for trophies in far-away lands would be part of this. But, try not to wipe out species, that would be bad land stewardship and leave nothing for those who come after.

    I do agree that women shouldn’t be brought on hunting trips this far away from where they live.



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