From the Marsh to the Coast Like a Demon Ghost


I had to dredge the dark net, but I’ve finally managed to acquire a copy of Disney’s “Scarecrow of Romney Marsh”.  The irony is, it’s a pirated copy and, like the main character, I had to smuggle it into my possession.

I realized while watching that I’m one of the Scarecrow’s men, and not just because I’m fairly adept at black-market media acquisitions.  No.  I’ve been fascinated with Robin Hood-type characters since I was a child.  I have no idea why, but turning outlaw against the state on behalf of an oppressed people – the Robin Hood mythos – has always struck me as the height of romance.  (For the uninitiated, I don’t mean romance like the romance novels in the grocery store.  I mean “romance” in the old sense:  Adventure.  Danger.  The fantastic!)

Once I’ve become the most dashing and infamous of America’s outlaws, I might tell, in my memoirs, the story of when I first realized I had the spirit of an outlaw.  But the details of that are too private for now.

What I will say is that, apart from being entertaining, my past infatuation with the hero / outlaw has lead me to consider what the difference is, exactly, between the Scarecrow of Romney Marsh, and a regular criminal.

I think it’s this:

Once a man goes rogue, he’s got to deal with the state and all the other rouges.  But the difference is, of the three (the Scarecrow, the State, and the Rouges), the Scarecrow is upholding his sense of honor and charity.

…the other two are mindless and heartless.

They’re civilized savages.

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6 Responses to From the Marsh to the Coast Like a Demon Ghost

  1. Yes, Disney had a fairly good run of quality. However, like the rest of the institutions of America 1.0 it was eventually corrupted and turned against white people of good will. What will take the place of Disney in America 2.0?

    • You’re not a “Frozen” fan?

      • I fell off the Disney bandwagon when they did Mulan and then decided to make numerous productions about coloured women. Pocahontas and apparently the one with the negro woman also had them marrying white men, though I didn’t watch. If I’m not mistaken, the one about the Hunchback of Notre Dame also had a white Christian lusting after a coloured woman.

        They have relegated themselves to the dustbin of history. White Genocide is not a prosperous business, “Shotgun”, and they can only run “in the red” for so long…


      • What will take the place of Disney in America 2.0?

  2. Books, hopefully, if we can’t have another Walt Disney.

    • I haven’t given up hope for a Disney 2.0, myself. Though to really be a version 2.0, it would have to run counter to the current Disney and not be a continuation of the old.



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