The Cambrian Vision

I’m going to be frank with you, dear readers:  I’m not a fan of David Duke.

Everyone’s talking about him because of his recent interview with Alex Jones.  Jones, for those who don’t know, is a popular talk radio host who discusses conspiracy theories and the “New World Order” from a quasi-libertarian perspective.

And God bless him for hosting Duke – that’s a big step for talk radio.  He moved from being a clown in my eyes, to being pitied.  He’s given Duke a national platform.  Did Duke capitalize on the opportunity?

I wont give a play by play review, but I thought Duke came across as sporadic, ambiguous, and even clownish.  God knows I’m the last person to criticize personal demeanor on a talk-show, my oratory skills need serious refinement; but it’s Duke’s message, not his presentation, that bugs me the most.

Years ago, when I first began dabbling in “the movement”, I had the good fortune to hang out with Don Black, creator of the Stormfront website.  We had some drinks.  I wasn’t as clear headed as I should have been but I wanted to make a good impression so I walked over and told him how much I appreciated what he and his generation have done for the white race.  I’ll never forget his answer:

“Why?” he asked.

“We’ve utterly failed you…”

I was content with light-hearted platitudes, but Mr. Black was deadly serious.  I realized, after surveying the history of white racialism, that he was right.  The mindset of the guys in the sixties, seventies, and eighties, gained only marginal success then and most certainly wont work now.   That’s why hearing David Duke’s flaccid “anti-racist” and “anti-supremacist” talking points drive me up the wall.

His morbid focus on the “jew problem” is a hallmark of American white nationalism, but in my view, is perilously short-sighted.  It’s like a man with cancer thinking that if he can just drink enough ginger ale, his stomach will eventually calm itself and all will get back to normal.  Jewish Zionists are only a symptom of the West’s problem; Satan is the cancer.

Satan operates by shutting off all Earthly channels to Christ, convincing men to re-enter the tomb and metaphorically dissect the body of Christ (I mean: give Him an intellectual autopsy to scientifically and systematically determine how He ticks).  Only problem is, the tomb is empty and Satan laughs as men dissect abstractions.

Christ is in the heart and hearth of the European people…of white people.  Reconnecting with that spiritual vision is the only cure for our cancer.  David Duke doesn’t have that vision.  Rockwell didn’t have it.  The paleoconservatives like Russell Kirk ought to have had it, but they were too afraid to grasp it.

I want that vision or nothing at all.

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16 Responses to The Cambrian Vision

  1. “Shotgun”,

    Speaking of talk radio and Mr Black, the Stormfront Radio programme is pretty good and I think the co-host for the first hour, “Roy”, is pretty inspiring though he does hold his own Christianity back somewhat. “Roy” mentions his own Christianity frequently and gets inspiration from his faith. He’s a functional Christian, and one with the real “saltiness”, because he is loyal to his own race (that’s a signficant difference among those who are self-proclaimed Christians).

    As for blaming it on Satan. I would agree, but I really only “get” Satan as a mere concept, though I can accept evil spirits in a more real sense if only because they represent the unknown and so much has betrayed white people so it does, in a way, make sense to presume that the unknown is anti-white. Call me paranoid, but am I wrong? The real evil, however, is in man’s nature. I’m a “reverse humanist”, basically, and I don’t think that Christ is in the heart of European people unless that European person invites him in again and again. People have fallen into ignorance and superstition, and that is the nature of mankind without the Church teaching truth…

    I wish that the people who talked about Jews would put some of it toward the Vatican-Roman “Catholics”, too. And also put it toward the traitors. The B.U.G.S. way of calling all of those promoting anti-white, genocidal policies simply “anti-white”, is also very strong. Calling anti-whites simply anti-white, allows the pro-white to talk about the crime of White Genocide more, and this packs a very powerful moral punch in this feminised and pretty much emotional rather than logical environment.

    Best regards,


    • Ken says:

      Satan is a real being who really does fly to and fro outside of time. He has a face, form, and many powers. Speaks clearly, crooked smile, accuses, winks, always watching, keeps a list, says he’s “God of this world”, apparently shows the f— up at a time of choosing if you angrily cuss him out and challenge him to show (so probably, not a good idea to do that, heh).

      The real evil is said to be his, not man’s. This whole shit show is his doing. His powers begin with influence, then guidance, then force, and then ultimately control. Accept sin, accept more of his power. His goal: world wide rule. He’s building his empire.

      The world is a chess game. Souls are the prize.

  2. Hans Gygax says:

    Praise God, brother.

    “But what things were gain to me, those I counted loss for Christ.

    Yea doubtless, and I count all things but loss for the excellency of the knowledge of Christ Jesus my Lord: for whom I have suffered the loss of all things, and do count them but dung, that I may win Christ,” — Philippians 3:7,8

  3. Matt Parrott says:

    I find David Duke useful for his mastery of facts relating to our struggle, certainly not due to his vision or style.

    • I agree with you. I mean – he’s one of us, and has made quite a name for himself. That alone is cause to support him and circle the wagons. I’d just prefer he not be a guiding voice or vision.

  4. Kyra Marat says:

    Read “Reflections of a Russian Statesman.” Raphael Matt Johnson has a lecture about this man. His first name is Konstantin. His last name is spelled like Pobedonstove something impossible for me to spell now. It is on line to read which I am doing now after listening to Fr Raphael’s lecture. This is great reading. He explains why it is not possible to have the vision you are seeking in a “democracy.”

  5. Fr. John+ says:

    THANK YOU. Along with the idiots who troll the WN sites (e.g., like ‘Yggdrasil,’ whose antichrist animus makes me wonder if he’s merely a Jew cucksocker (he who has ears), or only seriously demented/psychotic) the vast majority of those sounding a warning bell thought they could fight Antichrist with…. nothing. They COMPLETELY MISS THE THEOLOGICAL ELEMENT IN THE INCARNATE WAR OF THE SAINTS, and then accuse believers (of whatever stripe) of being ‘useless.’

    Talk about a bunch if effing idiots!? They want to engage the Jews (the ‘seed of Satan’ [John 8:44] as Christ called them, and as they are-however you wish to define that) and NOT have Christ’s standard floating above them, as they go into [sic] ‘battle’?????

    Duh, as my teenagers say.

    Give me a Constantine, a St. Louis, a Harold Godwinson, ANY DAY. Clearly, the slippery slope that started with Rome’s defection from the Apostolic Faith, led to the initial hopes of the Reformation, that basically was the theological equivalent of the modern political Neo-Cons of the 1990’s, which led to the French Revolution, the Bloodless (but equally damning, down the road) American ‘Revolution,’ Liberalism, Abolitionism, and what Cambria calls the ‘Idolatry of the Nigger’ (well, he’s not that blunt, but you know what I mean- ) which ends in the utter faithlessness of the post-modern American Male, who thinks they can fight the satanic Talmudic racial supremacist faith of the Deicides, with SS uniforms, and swastika flags?

    At least Matt Heimbach et al., are beginning to see that Cornelius Codreneau was visionary. Would that more do. Hunter Wallace has his B/W ‘new stars and bars’ but he’s in the belly of the beast, and comes from a totally pietistic LCMS p.o.v., which is basically useless. The hardcore Calvinists think that they can THINK everyone into the kingdom, and have simply, completely forgotten what RJ Rushdoony told me at our personal meeting, that the White Race is God’s electing choice for the Kingdom. (This before Anfernee Bradley, before LG, before ‘praise bands’ in PCA enclaves- you know, back in the ‘dark ages’- oh, to live there still) But now we have theological cuckservative Mark, obliterating as fast as he can, his father’s racio/religious legacy, while G. North is in his doting senility, still trying to use Jewish Austrian economics as his savior, and Baptist fractionalism as his ‘credo,’ etc.,etc., ad nauseum.

    Duke seems to rise to the top all the time, while a compatriot (who is now totally off the deep end, John de Nugent) wonders publically where Duke gets his money. (while deN lives in some burg in NW UP Michigan, still not willing to work for his daily bread…). Oh, I read Duke’s book, and (after the first adolescent rush akin to your first manhood awakening) realized it meant little, if it didn’t lead to ACTION. I’m glad for Duke to show Alex Jones the shill he is, but, as always, ‘cui bono?’ Who benefits? While all the ‘WN’ sites are lauding Duke, I’m thinking, what next?

    And here, I’m afriad we only have the Donald as the next Lieutenant in the frontal assault on Satania. What we need is Arthur to arise, as he does in Lewis’ That Hideous Strength.’ But, as Christ said, ‘When the son of man returns to earth, WILL HE FIND FAITH AMONG MEN?’ [ Lk. 18:8] Strangely enough, even an RC writer notes this of the modern war of Jew against White, in his article,

    But the question of Our Lord still stands. And neo-pseudo ‘pagans’ will NOT be on OUR side, come the fight against Antichrist. You know that for DAMN sure.

    • …wait… RJ Rushdoony said WHAT?!?! That’s huge!

      • Fr. John+ says:

        Exact quote? No. General gistof the conversation? Yes.

        Said to me and my wife alone, while visiting him before he died. I wrote an article in my defunct blog in which I said that he had the King James Bible and the 1928 book of common prayer on his desk. We talked about the glories of English language and culture, and how this was the purest expression of English reformation thought. Clearly, he was beyond his early Calvinist exclusionary thought processes by then. But everything Rush ever wrote, was never about anything other than the European people. Surely you know that?

      • Hans Gygax says:

        I guess what I fail to understand then is this; why did Rushdoony have all this stuff in his writings saying, “grace, not race” and lectured about how the Israelites barely had any Hebrews in it, after they left Egypt, trying to emphasize against race.

      • ToeKnee BelowKnee says:

        Hans Gygax, that is likely more to do with salvation in repentance & faith not being restricted as per Gal. 3:28.
        – tkbk –

      • Rushdoony was at his best when he showed general programs for how we might apply Van Til to academic disciplines like law, history, political theory, and sociology.

        He was not at his best when it came to consistently working out his general programs.

  6. “Shotgun”

    Perhaps we should be better to Mr Duke, for example I was listening to this Red Ice Radio programme and I recognised the woman hosting it. I had heard and was dismayed when, on an earlier show, she denigrated Christian values and promoted pagan ones, but had more confidence in this one where Mr David Duke is being interviewed because I know he is a Christian and not going to listen to anyone bashing the Christian faith in that way.

    White Christian, especially white Protestant Christian unity.


    • Hans Gygax says:

      I listened to a bit of that interview, and I turned it off after all the talk from Duke; he kept trying to convince the audience that the white race was and is just fine without Christ, and that they were just as virtuous and good as pagans. As much as I appreciate some of the things he did on the Alex Jones show, this guy aint no Christian. His god is his race.

  7. Fr. John+ says:

    Hans, in your assessment of Duke, you hit the nail on the head. There are those (and I constantly try to point this out in some of the more ‘hard headed’ WN websites that WILL listen, that it is grace working THROUGH race, and not race alone. This was the fallacy of the Edomite Bastards who thought they had become ‘Israelites’ after John Hyrcanus circumcised then, and let Edom into Israel. These are the ancestors of the Talmudic Pharisaic mindset.

    But, the other side of the coin is just as heinous. Looking at the entirety of the Bible, you see that YHWH God first creates a unique Human, named Adam (at an age when the fossil record already shows a lot of ‘hominids’ already extant- unless you believe the fallacy of the ICR race-mixing scum like Hamm- sorry, not high on my legitimation schema) you then have a process of culling for CENTURIES (Abel, not Cain;Seth, not Abel; Isaac, not Ishmael; Jacob, not Esau; until four different, but racially related females are the progenitors of Israel’s 12 sons. From then on out, it is the exclusionary act of God to keep these tribes/race separate AND unequal from the rest of hominidity- those very same hominids that furnished Cain with a wife, and all of the unregenerate seed that WASN’T elected, up to and including Christ, not Herod; Peter, not Judas; Greco-Roman WHITES< instead of Sinoid Asians [ Acts 16;6].

    The fallacy of universalism is a Roman Catholic cultic counterpart to Rome's usurpacious doctrine of 'universal jurisdiction' which only arose after she schismed from the other 4/5ths of Christendom. What we in the West call the Orthodox. It was only AFTER that, that the Westerners began to see the Negro as my 'brother.' And the Orthodox only began to ape that mindset, after the reigns of Catherine and Peter, and their Lutheranizing tendencies on the Russian mindset.

    As for RJ, do you not understand that a man can grow and change? His earlier views were skewed because HE HIMSELF was not an Anglo, but an Armenian? While 'white' he was not a WASP, and so, he HAD to buy into the 'melting pot' scenario as a young man. But the mature man whom I met, no longer harbored such naive infantile fallacies- and primarily because he began to name the Jew.

    Sadly, his son Mark is still forty years behind the knowledge his old man gave the world. I was just lucky enough to ask teh right questions, at a time when Rush was able to give the honest, correct, racially enlightened answers- as a White Man of Christendom.

    • Hans Gygax says:

      Thank you for your gracious reply John. I’m not with you on the issue of old earth, but appreciate your perspective. I can see the validity to your points and have entertained them in my mind, but can’t reconcile them with the scriptures unfortunately. But I certainly do not make it a big issue.

      As far as Rushdoony, it just seems too much to me like the Charles Darwin death bed conversion type of story. I am not saying you are lying, so don’t take it that way. Just, in my mind, I would say if Rushdoony had changed his position on such an important issue, he would have made it known to more people. That is something I don’t understand. His son, Mark, certainly doesn’t believe it, unless he is lying; which I admit, is a possibility.




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