Our New Victory Song

Having grown up in modern Satania, I’m ignorant of how many exceedingly beautiful things old Europe produced.

Remember one of the tests for a witch was to read her a passage of the Gospel.  If she didn’t cry or show emotion, she was said to be a witch.  I think the same is true of this song.  If you can watch this without feeling a surge of hope and victorious zeal, you’re not a Christian.

I’ll be singing this song whenever I take major stabs at the Devil…

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8 Responses to Our New Victory Song

  1. Fr. John+ says:

    That was great! TYVM

  2. Enjoyed this one a lot. “Raise the walls of Zion and publish peace”


  3. thespia says:

    I’m always puzzled by this tradition. It seems to have parallel mainstream Western musical development.

  4. Kyra Marat says:

    Absolutely wonderful! Thanks.

  5. Elle says:

    The old Gospel songs still provoke such feeling. Too many of the new ones are redundant with empty rhymes.

    Looks like this one was a Shaker hymn from the early 19th century?



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