The Indomitable Critter


Injun will chase a thing till he thinks he’s chased it enough. Then he quits. Same way when he runs. Seems like he never learns there’s such a thing as a critter that’ll just keep comin’ on. So we’ll find ’em in the end, I promise you. We’ll find ’em. Just as sure as the turnin’ of the earth.

Quickest way to get a woman mad at you is to flippantly talk about male violence against the fairer sex.  Her womanly instincts bubble to the surface and woe to the ingrate who called them out.  I’ve learned this the hard way.  I know I’m not a good enough writer to touch these issues without causing womanly instincts to bubble, so I’ve decided, in general, to keep my mouth shut.  But with apologies to the ladies who read my blog:  I’m surrounded by feminist harpies and they need the blunt end of the shotgun sometimes.

Recently, a female icon in the American White nationalist movement ran afoul of my well-meaning feminist commentary, flew off the handle, and, among other insulting things, said that I’m *THE* problem with “WNism.”  White Nationalism doesn’t need more guys like me, apparently.

You all may not realize it because of my ruggedly handsome exterior, but when a woman, especially a proud white woman, says something like this to me, it hurts.  It gnaws at me emotionally.  There are so few women open to my “radical” ideas that to hear one slam me in this way is disheartening…sort of.

Ok, not really.  Growing up around emasculating harpies and never knowing the winsome (and powerful) encouragements of a lady until reading about them in old novels, I’ve had to evolve an unnatural callousness to the opinions of the fairer sex.  Nevertheless, women hold a tremendous power over men that, given our demonic circumstances, few understand and fewer still even know about.

Ladies: imagine the emotional shock and outrage you feel towards a man who slams his fist into the face of a beautiful young woman.  Just so you know, I share your outrage and should I ever witness it, I’d be the first to react, and likely react violently.  Chivalry runs in my blood and I’ve been told I have a touchy sense of honor.  I consider it unmanly to witness such a thing without returning a ludicrous amount of retributive violence.

So take that emotional shock – take it and ball it up, envelope it, keep it firmly in mind as you consider, now, the male equivalent.  That there is a male equivalent is seldom understood by women because they’re bred-in-the-bone feminists.  They don’t realize the power they have as women.  Consider:

…when a woman publicly humiliates a man, she generates the same emotional shock.  The same sense of outrage; the same gut-wrenching humiliation; the same sense of helplessness.  It’s terrible and I’d hope that the ladies who witness such a thing would violently react against it (verbally and emotionally, if not physically) the same way I would against a brute who strikes women.  Publicly shaming men ought to be as taboo among conservative women as punching women is among conservative men.

Unfortunately, modern feminists do this sort of thing daily, without fear of reprisal.  It’s a putrid void they want: a frothing, egalitarian, democratic hell, where there are no formal distinctions between men and women.  Materialist cogs in an impersonal, inhuman, machine, that’s what we are.  That’s what they want.  So please excuse me for sometimes daring to applaud when they get exactly that, which practically amounts to them getting socked in the jaw for publicly embarrassing one of their “equals.”

It’s a struggle for me; a damnable modern paradox, unique to the Southerner or any other antique European with a sense of honor:

Do we protect the girl?  Treat her as we would any European lady who is publicly shamed and dishonored?  Or do we let her reap the rewards of the feminism she so passionately advocates for?  And begging your pardon, she *does* advocate for feminism; all American women do. English speaking women who don’t, aren’t Americans – they’re citizens of fairyland, Heaven, or some other celestial locale – but they’re not Americans.

My instincts, all the more clear after having written them out, are of a heroic bent.  Maybe I only feel this way because I’m not married and still daydream about finding a wife, but I swear here and now, before God, man, democrats, republicans, feminists, traditionalists, whatever the hell Bruce Jenner is, and all other parties (relevant or otherwise):  I’m going to fight for the woman.  Not just fight, but I’m going to go through Hell for her.

I’ll be the indomitable critter: unstoppable, unrelenting, half-mad with a holy hell-fire passion to pursue her and the demons who’ve defiled her, all the way to Hell and back, ten times over if I have to!  YOU HEAR THAT DEVIL?

The slaughter and defilement of our women is the worst of our current punishments, and I’ll be damned if I ever stop hating those who do it.  I’ll dive into the muck to pull out the prize at the bottom.  I’ll pull the beautiful European sword from the stone she’s been wrenched into.  I’ll do it and do it heroically.

…but I’m what’s wrong with White Nationalism…

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One Response to The Indomitable Critter

  1. I would preface this by saying that he and she undoubtedly set themselves up the video’s main confrontation for being such avid coloured-sports fanatics, but the interesting part is really at 2:40 and the way in which the blonde adds her voice to the scene. For all the women wondering “where the good men are” should find the answer here: they’ve literally reverted back to boys in your too-controlling hands.

    H/T to “Cane Caldo” blog.



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