Antiquated Unchurchians

“God, please, if you exist, help me to feel what that man Bulkington feels and see what that man Bulkington sees.”

My history as a Christian is similar to that of many Americans, with the fortunate (or unfortunate, if you’re a Satanist) fact that my father read old literature to me.  The best Friday afternoons were the ones I’d see my father in the government school parking lot in the afternoons.  My sister and I (twins) would emerge from our bleak indoctrination session, dreading the 45 minute, coon-riddled bus ride home, but then we’d see that beat up yellow Toyota and run joyously towards it.

He’d take us to the library where we’d check out old Disney movies and a few books.  I was fond of Hitchcock’s the Three Investigators (or the Hardy Boys – but I enjoyed the Three Investigators more).  One Friday I remember asking my dad to check out a book about Jason and the Golden Fleece.  From the Greek myths, we moved into European myths and then to Tolkien and C.S. Lewis.  These stories are all the more striking when read to children by their father – a sense of nostalgia and connectedness accompanies the story telling.  I’ll never read about Bilbo without remembering my dad’s old yellow Toyota in the school parking lot.

I also grew up in the church of Christ – a church which implicitly relied on rural traditions and mores to govern its polity, rather than denominational or bureaucratic confessions.  The only real doctrine held to (and held to passionately) was baptism for the remission of sins, but this aside, the sermons were usually personal in nature, reflecting on Christ’s aid to the sinner throughout the battle of life.  The church of Christ also (fortunately) resisted the end-time lunacy so popular in the Baptist churches.

This two-fold aspect of my Christian raising (a non-propositional Christianity with a mix of old literature) is what has put me at odds with the modern Church, especially those Presbyterians, a body of whom have, once again, piously rejected me from their fellowship.   (I say it’s a two-fold aspect, but I really ought to say three-fold: Cambria Will Not Yield has resonated with me so much that I’m unable, even now, to judge the role it will have in my future development).

I have a high standard of what it means to be friends.  If I’m friends with someone, I’ll go to the death with them, or, at the very least, help them if they move (even if they own a piano).  But modern Presbyterians have no concept of friendship, honor, loyalty, nor an inkling of what it means to be a human.  Masculinity, an abstract concept, is habitually re-defined to match the whims of the day and avoid conflict (unless, of course, it’s conflict with white heretics like myself).  But I’m cursed with this impulse to repeatedly try to make friends with these people.  And repeatedly, they let me down; and repeatedly, I get really down about it.

Well, I’ve had enough of it.  After this past incident, I finally saw clearly that they and I worship a different Jesus.  We bow knee to a different God.  And as of now, I confess that have no more inclination, desire, or emotional impetus to reach out to them with my savvy talking points.

I feel like there’s something unmanly about trying to calmly and dispassionately convince a negro or a mestizo that they ought not rape and pillage my people (even when such things are politically sanctioned).  To acknowledge their role as self-professed, reasonable judges over my people and my God is to “put God in the dock”…and that, I’ll never do again.

I’ll be an antiquated unchurched heathen…because that’s the only role left for me.

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27 Responses to Antiquated Unchurchians

  1. “Back to the catacombs” would be another way of saying it.


  2. Alan J. Perrick says:

    Another thing is that it is good to reach out to those who call themselves Christian, and it’s even better than trying to discuss things with non-believers most of the time. Don’t forget to use parable. St. Matt xiii.

    Why speakest thou unto them in parables?

    For this people’s heart is waxed gross, and their ears are dull of hearing, and their eyes they have closed; lest at any time they should see with their eyes and hear with their ears, and should understand with their heart, and should be converted, and I should heal them.


  3. Capt. John A. Snyder says:


  4. Hans Gygax says:

    “I have a high standard of what it means to be friends. If I’m friends with someone, I’ll go to the death with them” —

    You described my mindset perfectly. Thus, likely the reason why my family has so few friends, and at certain times, none. I’d rather have 1 good friend than 1000 “friends” by today’s definition.

  5. Fr. John+ says:

    The Presbyterian ideal is grand. The reality, not so much. It is afflicted with the fallacy of egalitarianism- indeed, the ‘proposition nation’ modern multicultural morass can be laid FULLY at the FEET of the feckless Presbytuckians. The Royalist forces (as you probably know) said that it was not an ‘American Revolution,’ so much as it was a ‘Presbyterian Revolution.’ I believe they were right then, and are still right, today.

    This is why I hold great love for traditional English/Anglican thought- Burke (whom Cam loves to quote) as well as the men you mentioned: Tolkien, and CS Lewis. Tolkien was an English RC- about the only tolerable RC I now find I can even look back with, in affection. It is why I am a Western Rite devotee- I want to be English AND Orthodox. Neither is sufficient by itself. The INCARNATIONAL religion and the INCARNATIONAL nation, are one and the same- a ‘hypostatic union’ fit for Heaven, as it were. But yes, God love the Presby’s. But not to stay with them. Oh, no.

    • Reminder that your idea of Orthodox includes dog-headed saints.


      • Fr. John+ says:

        Are you sure? Or merely being blasphemous? Or just antichrist? I’m not going to take BS like this from some unenlightened pagan, lying down. Or are you a covert Moslem, who hates dogs as only a non-White ‘dog’ can?

        In the Eastern Orthodox Church, certain icons covertly identify Saint Christopher with the head of a dog. The background to the dog-headed Christopher is laid in the reign of the Emperor Diocletian, when a man named Reprebus, Rebrebus or Reprobus (the “reprobate” or “scoundrel”) was captured in combat against tribes dwelling to the west of Egypt in Cyrenaica. To the unit of soldiers, according to the hagiographic narrative, was assigned the name numerus Marmaritarum or “Unit of the Marmaritae”, which suggests an otherwise-unidentified “Marmaritae” (perhaps the same as the Marmaricae Berber tribe of Cyrenaica). He was reported to be of enormous size, with the head of a dog instead of a man, apparently a characteristic of the Marmaritae. This Byzantine depiction of St. Christopher as dog-headed resulted from their misinterpretation of the Latin term Cananeus to read canineus, that is, “canine.”

        MISINTERPRETATION. You know? Like the foolish sectarian Protestants taking the Creed with the blasphemous filioque lock stock and barrel, from their whoring mother, ROME?

  6. “Shotgun”, you really should tighten it up a bit, as you’re leaving gaps in the ediface of the Reformation big enough for “grass-is-greener”, “Uncle John” types to drive a truck through!


    • I don’t catch your meaning, “Alan.”

      It’s so clear to me that neither Rome nor Constantinople have claim to legitimacy. I find it hard to empathize with those who believe it (as a protestant, I’ve never fallen into those traps).

      Where are the real spiritual heirs of Christ? You’ll not find them in a building dedicated to the purpose.

      • It’s not a hidden meaning, at all. I think that if you let on, in one particular moment, that some Protestant Christian denominations are not adequate, certain cliques will swoop in and basically try to dig up the past and make radical recommendations for the future when they see it.

        If you want to talk about the way that church buildings and the people who go there aren’t very good, I would agree. But, I’ve still found a few good people at the church where I go who I understand to be good people, and realise the madness that runs rampant through nearly institutions today.

        But don’t you think this is a good way to talk though? This is from the Archbishop:

        If you still are in the Episcopal Church: get out. Get out today. Anything else threatens your soul’s state. Dear friends in ACNA: you must present a clear and unmistakable demand. The ordination of women must end, soon and completely, for it is directly contrary to Catholic doctrine. No grand-fathering – or grand-mothering is possible – because such compromise leaves intact the central, revolutionary, and false implication that the deposit of the faith is negotiable and at our disposal.


  7. Fr. John+ says:

    Ha- if you are in one of the ‘alphabet soup’ ‘Continuing Jurisdictions’ (and the ACNA is the WORST) you have no more validity, canonicity, or the ‘pnevma’ than the worst Dispensationalist, if we were to ‘check your canonicity.’ REAL Anglicans actually find much of fraternal nature with the Orthodox. You are merely being a rabid dog layman, who understands nothing, and thinks he knows everything. Shotgun, you know I care about you, and about your posting. But such assholes as this don’t deserve the time of day. If that means you cut me off from further commenting, so be it. But I won’t sit and have some heretic blaspheme Holy Mother Church, from which all TRUE Christians must come. “Extra ecclesiam nulla salus,” as has been said for over 1700 years.

    • Oh, to the contrary. We promote the martial virtues here and if you’re as offended as you say, I’d love to see a good duel. I’ll gladly officiate between you two and ensure there’s no foul play on either side.

      We just have to figure out a location and decide on weapons.

      • Nothing to be gained from fighting a xenophile alienist like “Uncle John”. There is a saying that one mustn’t wrestle with pigs. You get dirty, and the pig likes it!

      • Fr. John+ says:

        Are you seriously challenging a cleric to a duel? First off, your utter lack of knowledge about such a scenario is astronomical. Priests and other hierarchs cannot duel, nor shed blood. It goes against everything that the priesthood stands for, and is forbidden in canon law. That a godless mobocracy encourages this levelling of rank, and station only condemns it that much more. You know Shotgun, I’ve had this discussion with other empty heads over at another forum – these men seem to think that they are equals with everyone (let alone a priest of God), and that the same lawlessness that binds them, binds me. It does not.

        In a similar fashion, sir, you descend to the infantile suggestion that (even if we COULD duel) that that somehow would justify your blasphemies, and your condescension toward my office? I don’t care one whit for your offended pride- you already insulted the Church of God. What more do I need, to call you the blasphemous dog you are? We’re done.

      • “By their scowls of pride it was plain to see
        Salvation was not for the likes of me.”

      • Your assertion of ordination is beyond ludicrous, considering…

        I’m actually pretty tolerant as far as foreign religions go, but this was an altercation that you started, o noble and blameless one…


      • Well, not that I care to get in between you two, but this *is* my blog and I feel propriety requires me to urge the participants to recall the post topic. If you can find the time, consider discussing it, if for no other reason than I’m genuinely curious about what you think.

        …but like I said, I don’t care to get in between you two (other than to suggest a duel, which you’ve both soundly rejected). The more comments on my blog the better, far as ratings go.

  8. Fr. John+ says:

    The ACNA is all OVER the map in regards to liturgy, churchmanship, female priests, etc. and probably also has some ‘gay-friendly’ members among its usual suspect groups- music ministries, unmarried clergy, etc. ‘Catholic’? Push-leez. Sorry, Shotgun, I know the ins and out of the Anglicans. While the forms are great, the reality of the congregants are just as atomistic Baptist as the SBC. Perrick is a pompous ass.

  9. Oh, you’re just mad because you know what I said is right and it stings a little. Take your lumps and move on; no one will think the less of you.

    • Alan J. Perrick says:

      In truth, I come to blogs like this for conversation, since this kind of talk is banned in most public areas. I really do like to think that others are considering the points I raise and adding them to their own conceptual arsenal… Is it vanity? Hard to be the judge of onesself in such a case, but I’d like to diligently give the glory to God.

  10. If you can find the time, consider discussing it, if for no other reason than I’m genuinely curious about what you think.

    I’ve already said that I believe that there are some people that are worth going for the community aspect of chuch, because they see things close enough to the way that I do that I can get some value from a relationship with them. That doesn’t even take into accounts the reasons for going to church which aren’t community related. Though, “back to the catacombs” is, I suppose, acceptable too because Mr James Edwards of the Political Cesspool radio show has said that he agrees that home church is better than going to a lot of these churches…



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