It’s High Noon for Europe

high noon

Pardon me if I don’t get excited by European “counter protests” – those whispered events where whites march out by the hundreds in Germany or France, or some other place, waiving their signs and chanting their chants, demanding a halt to the flood of immigration, all while the media (trained dogs that they are) look the other way.

I’m not a cynical person (by nature), I like to think of myself an optimist, but I’m cynical about these protests.  If they were serious about halting immigration, they’d be carrying swords, pitchforks, and rifles instead of signs.  Signs are little more than prayers to the state – prayers for supplication and appeasement.  And our overlords in the state have no mercy for whites nor any inclination to grant their prayers.

For me and my (as of yet hypothetical) house…(I’m an optimist, remember?)…

…we haven’t forgotten which God answer prayers.  He doesn’t always answer them how we’d like or in ways we’d expect, but He does answer them.

We antique Europeans (the last humans on Earth) are in the same fix as Gary Cooper in “High Noon.”  At high noon, a gang of men were coming to loot and pillage, and only Gary Cooper, the retired sheriff, had the guts to stop them.  He tries raising a posse by going to his friend, but his friend hides from him.  He tries the previous sheriff, but he’s too old.  The town drunk wants in, but he can’t be relied on.

What of the church?  Surely they must help?  But no.  The good reverend couldn’t possibly council his flock to violence and the upstanding congregants choose to believe the gang will ride on through if Gary Cooper didn’t stay to cause trouble.  They don’t need or want his help.

Likewise today – Europeans have their signs and their voting booths.  They don’t need or want our help.  (There are no fair maidens for any would-be Robin Hoods; there are no merry men).

How can this not make someone cynical?  My theory, to restate what I said above, is that God answers prayers.  And the more who pray to the State means the less who pray to Him, which means those of us who do still pray to Him, well… we get more attention.

That means there’s really only one question left to ask:

Where will you be when the European clock strikes noon?

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4 Responses to It’s High Noon for Europe

  1. The Samizdat technique is a good one to keep the fires going until people do pick up those torches again.

  2. anonymous says:

    If they were carrying firearms, what do you think would have happened? You have got to remember, you are an extremist whose views are shunned by all but a precious few. The public is not going to be sympathetic to a failed albeit courageous violent uprising. And, obviously, a violent uprising is not going to be successful against the state. If you really believe that you have the right of things, you must CONVINCE others that you are correct. Hence, the signs, rather than rifles.

    Besides, I have never understood why anyone would want to die for any cause. I would RISK my life—yes. But that is different from committing suicide in some protest against the state, which is surely what would happen in the scenario you describe.


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