An Update on Integration


Remember the fairy tales where birds and other pleasant creatures come out of their hiding places when they hear a woman singing?  I think there’s some truth to that.  Some days, when the weather is right and I’m in the mood, I’ll sit on the front porch and play my banjo.  Birds respond to it.  They sit on the power line and cock their heads inquisitively.  I’ve had upwards of five at once.  Now that I describe it, I admit, it sounds absurdly southern; at least none of my guests were cartoon bluebirds.

A few weeks ago, I had the occasion to play my banjo on the front porch as I’ve described.  Passerbys, the ones not used to the sight, react in humorous ways, some beeping their horns and yelling encouragement, and others looking on like they can’t believe what they’re seeing;  yet others, the majority I suspect, couldn’t care less.  That’s how I prefer them, not being a showman by nature.  On this day though, I noticed a white car speedily approaching.  I could make out two young ladies in the front; one of them stuck her hand out of the window and offered me a gesture universally recognized as conveying the utmost disrespect.  I chuckled at the irony.  My banjo playing really does bring out the birds.

The humor passed leaving me to wonder what on Earth I could have done to warrant their treating me that way.  I thought I recognized one of the girls in the car, but I wasn’t sure.  The incident reminded me of another unwarranted bird-flipping which occurred a few years ago, when I had just returned home from being in the Navy.  I was driving down main street and saw a girl from high school (although, after 10 years, I couldn’t be sure it was her).  She was walking her dog and when she saw me approach, she inexplicably flipped me the bird.

I don’t know if my readers are from small towns or not, but in a small town, there are usually two (maybe three if you’re lucky) stunning females per grade; their exploits become the center of gossip and those whom they bless are blessed (and those whom they curse are cursed).  The girl on main street was one of the two small town princesses from my class.  We had been thrown together in the lower grades and given my natural creativity and vigor, she soon contrived to let me know I had an admirer.  I liked her too, of course, but what was I?  Ten years old?  I had no idea what to do about it.  Still, I think I held the affections of my admirer up until around the seventh grade when it was discovered that I was an antique-European who wouldn’t toe the new social line – a line created in response to racial integration.  It’s passe to stand up for ones race and I quickly fell out of favor with both the community and my admirer, whose heart (as is often the case with these small town princesses) was as black as the negros she began dating in high school.  I don’t think she’ll ever forgive me for almost bringing her to the light.

Now her diligent troopers carry out her whim by greeting me warmly whenever they drive by.

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10 Responses to An Update on Integration

  1. Alan J. Perrick says:

    Well, “Jim” would tell you that it is because it is fashionable to be crazy, as he puts it “lunatic barking mad leftism in charge, frothing at the mouth, and biting crazy”.

  2. Fr. John+ says:

    Shotgun, the reason for the vulgar gesture from a ‘woman’ to your banjo pickin’, is the cultural aversion to self-aware Whites, which was engineered by Hollyweird, and the ‘Dueling Banjos’ in the 1970’s movie, ‘Deliverance.’ That was what immediately came to my mind, in reading this column. But vulgar feminazis, whose wombs are full of disease and abominations, from their indiscriminate liaisons with beasts and other dogs? May God judge them for their crimes.

    • Funny you mention this. Not five minutes ago I was talking with a lady who lives out in our area, seeing if she had any insights. She didn’t say it the same way you did, but intimated as much. Then I logged on my blog and read your comment.

    • Junius Daniel says:

      Absolutely right, Father John – the much of this HAS been engineered by Hollywood; though, as you are not a Southerner, you could not believe how much our academick institutions have been infiltrated by anti-SouthronYankees, going back to the 1920s, already – they creating a whole new generation of scalawags professors for the 1950s and 60s. It got so bad at UNC, (University of Negroes & Communists) that our state legislature was forcet to take action – and shut down 4 of that school’s departments, but a few years back.

      • I didn’t hear about that Junius, but it’s interesting.

        The UNC system stretches from one end of NC to the other, like a poison squid, and surrounding every node of it is a community of left-wing jacobins.

    • Junius Daniel says:

      Father John is absolutely right, here, Mr. Terry.

      Never fail to remember what the world awarded The Son of God, for his uprightness.

      Wear it as a badge of honour, and, as the good clerick says, see them for what they are. Their day is coming.

  3. Fr. John+ says:

    It seems that “Deliverance” image is making the rounds! Banjoes…in Spayayayayayayce! LOL

  4. Junius Daniel says:

    Mr. Terry,
    Please don’t be alarmed by the relationship the birds have to your banjo. I’ve spent much of my life plucking the guitar, and, everywhither I have gone, wildlife comes to that sound. I think they are mezmerized by the fact that humans, stupid as they are, can manage to do something as plainly civil, as pluck a string:)
    As to the local society of inveterate bird-flippers, vis-a-vis your unreconstructed kustoms, klearly they kannot kotton to the koncept of your unkulturally diverse konfederate kharma. Perhaps you can get your revenge on this nefarious troopers by strolling with a lovely white woman, who refuses to get a tan, and who refuses to date them?
    The best revenge is a quiet one that pretends NOT to notice. It eats them alive.

    • You’re right, of course, but I do notice and it does hurt – having that sort of curse in the very community I love so much. Still, I have a good reputation as a quiet, hard working, moral man (if one prone to extreme views). Maybe there’s hope for me? lol

      • Junius Daniel says:

        Mr. Terry – your pain is a blessing given to you by God. If it were not there, you would be just another a detacht, degenerate, and distracted individual, who was lost in an endless tangle of degeneracy.

        I can tell from your articles that you need steady local support, from those of your kind. Please find a good unintegrated country church and attend bible class on Wednesdays and service on Sundays. There are many reasons for doing this, but, making right, keeping right, and buttressing your soul is most important.

        Furthermore, you may wish to become an active member of The Invisible Empire, as they are the one whose hearts are like yours.

        Those are my thoughts for your long war.

        As to the short war, I can only give you the weapon I have used, with great effectiveness, for those who are come at me with the sole intent, in mind, or hurting me : pay it absolutely no heed – not even a slight jerking of the head. No, look through them, impassively, as if they did not exist.

        Remind yourself that, if you were not good, no bird would come your way. Take you own cross up to Calvary, and be glad of it. You are walking in the right footsteps.

        Have a good day.


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