The Day is a Blank Slate!

I’m in a great mood today although I have little reason for it; by that I mean, I have little reason to be in a better mood today than I usually am.  I think it has something to do with the weather which is finally sunny after rain, rain, rain, (weeks of it).  I also have the rest of today and the entire weekend yawning before me – a blank slate, and I want to do something today worth writing about.

Let’s see… I’ve mowed the grass, fed the animals, done my daily round of news reading.  I’ve even worked through my Russian Rosetta Stone a time or two (I’ve acquired a number of different courses and because I’m confident I’ll never succeed in learning any of them, I take them all at once, at my pleasure; I’m liable to do Russian one day, French the next, Latin the following, and German whenever).

It’s almost lunchtime.  I don’t suppose any of you (dear readers) are close enough to show up for lunch?  I’ll wait an hour, but if it’ll take you longer than that to get here, forget it; I’ll eat without you.  You have five minutes to read this and decide to visit.

I’ve got some things to do this afternoon, but nothing noteworthy.  When I get home, I might finish that blog post I’ve had in the works for weeks now.  I was sitting in a McDonald’s parking lot, ‘borrowing’ their wireless (I’d never eat there), when this ridiculous looking van pulled up next to me.  It was a gaudy advertising vehicle for some “country rap” artist. The much-advertised moron was driving.  He and his crew disembarked, gold chains swinging.  I wont recount more now, I’ll only say that he and I had a few heated words I thought worthy of a blog post.  (I looked the guy up; apparently, he’s got a national following – what a shame).

I might also set up targets and get out my compound bow.  It’s been months since I’ve practiced.  I used to be decent, trying to channel my inner Robin Hood.  My friends and I once had a competition to see which of us could shoot an arrow through one of the three holes in a brick (from twenty paces).  I hit the center hole on my second try and to this day, I consider that the height of my marksmanship.

But I’m losing focus.  What can I do today worthy of writing about?

I’ll go out and find something.

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3 Responses to The Day is a Blank Slate!

  1. Interesting, especially references to Robin Hood. I wonder if he is an early archetype of the superhero.

    I was listening to the Rev. Rushdoony today and the subject was responsibilities of authority. Those in authority are strictly limited to that which is within God’s law. This brought back a recollection that some-one had commented that the Divine Right of Kings is not the same as a “mandate of heaven” which stresses that subjects are compelled to follow their monarch or risk “heavenly” wrath but is something that means that as long as the King is under God’s law then he does have a right to rule…



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