30 Day Water Fast: Day 2

I’m on day two of a 30-day water-only fast.  At least, I’m shooting for 30 days.

I’m doing it for religious as well as health reasons and yes…I know all about the conventional wisdom that says fasting is extremely unhealthy (that, brought to you by the same health paradigm that recommends vaccines, prescription drugs, and an entire army of carcinogenic health products).  I’ve anticipated criticisms from that angle and I don’t find them convincing.

From the spiritual angle someone might ask me why I’m “bragging” about this.  Aren’t we supposed to keep these things secret?  As I explained to everyone on Facebook, water fasting is hard and blogging about it helps me stay accountable.  If I had a desert to wander into I might keep this secret, but as I’m forced to remain in some semblance of society for the time being, I have to employ whatever methods I think necessary to stay on track.  Plus, as I said, I’m partly doing it for health reasons so if I blog about it, that’s what I’ll focus on.

Maybe I’ll encourage others?

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3 Responses to 30 Day Water Fast: Day 2

  1. Elle says:

    I’m familiar with a week-long fast for health reasons. What are some health benefits from a month-long fast?

  2. Hans Gygax says:

    That’s tough. Hope you are able to pull through with it. I can’t handle water only.. get too many headaches, so when I fast, I do raw milk only.


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