Edwards’ Journey is Our Journey

I was having a bad day by all accounts.

North Carolina extorts money from me periodically in the form of speeding fines so I drove three hours to a court house in the middle of nowhere to pay up.  While there, I blew a hole in the radiator of my truck.  I patched it with gum and poured in what little water I had.  In this way I was able to coast to an auto parts store.  My plan was to purchase some sealant to patch the hole long enough to get home.  It took a few hours to dry and as I needed to pay my fines before the clerks went home, I hiked the remaining three miles to my destination.  Southerners know the downtown area of any given southern town is akin to a third-world African ghetto, so I took my pistol with me and prayed there wouldn’t be any trouble.

I made it to the extortionists in time and on the way out, noticed an absolutely beautiful park a few blocks off.  Maybe the only aesthetically pleasing area the town could boast of, the park was in a valley carved out by the Tar river which flowed merrily through the scene and vanished under a distant highway bridge.  It was wild and barely kept; the fall leaves carpeted the ground, late afternoon sunbeams peaked through the limbs, and squirrels raced through the underbrush.  I sauntered in and commandeered a picnic table near the river.

The weather was perfect and despite my troubles, I pulled out a cigar and decided to spend an hour or so there, in the peaceful solitude.  In times like that, I can’t help but mix in prayers with my daydreams and I asked forgiveness for my willingness to get caught up in the bad of life while forgetting the good.  About that time, I received a text from a friend alerting me to an article written by James Edwards and published by Faith and Heritage.

I take that as a proof that God’s with James Edwards’ work.  It seems like he always pops up in my life when I’m in need of encouragement; this was a perfect example.  In light of the NPI fiasco (which I’ve blogged about recently), I was feeling down about the pro-white endeavor.  Edwards’ post showed me clearly that our people aren’t as doomed as I sometimes suspect.

When my time is over I hope it will be remembered that I was an advocate for our race who wasn’t ashamed to publicly proclaim the name of Jesus Christ. In our very darkest of hours, we must also remember the words spoken so long ago at the empty tomb. “He is not here, He is risen.” It only takes one. It can happen, because it did happen. And He promised that we would do even greater things than He, because He would be working through us.

Please go read it if you haven’t.  I read it while sitting there in the park, looking out over that beautiful scene.  If not for my unexpected adversity, I’d have never visited the park at all.  I suspect God is raking our people through our current trials for the same reason – trials and troubles bring us to new and greater wonders.

I’ve often said that the best sunsets are the ones with a few clouds in them.  Remember that while reading James’ article.

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