Faceless Fodder…


A few years back, my local paper showcased Neo-Nazis (about five adolescents) marching through our town, gathering around the Confederate monument, and holding a rally. Splayed across the front page was a photo showing combat-boot-clad white boys offering the Hitler salute to our venerated statue.

I didn’t understand then (nor do I fully understand now) why fascists and “nationalists” (so-called), fly our battle flag or speak fondly of old Dixie. In point of fact, they really don’t like Dixie and certainly not unreconstructed Southerners. It seems they’d find more agreement with Lincoln, the president whom, if Mr. DiLorenzo can be believed, codified much of Hamilton’s proto-fascist ideology into concrete destructive action. Had Lincoln survived, it seems he would have tried “whitening” America viz-a-viz deportation of the former slaves and instituting strict economic-nationalist reforms. This seems far more agreeable to modern white nationalists than the decentralized Christian Republic of Old Dixie.

I think these fascists like the South for the same reason modern politicians do: they see us as faceless fodder for their abstracted, revolutionary schemes. And they grudgingly admit that, owing to our historical heroism and cultural uniqueness, we have an interesting (if not always attractive) aesthetic.

But I’m just a low-class, uneducated redneck…so whaddayagunnado?

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2 Responses to Faceless Fodder…

  1. Junius Daniel says:

    Unfortunately, Nazis, White-Nationalists, and some of the psychologically unstable, spewing and frothing hatred for many, have adopted our flag, and, as you might expect, The Left has been only to glad to transfer the symbol of our entire cultural legacy over to them.

    So, while I still regard the stars & bars as our flag, I am glad that Southern Nationalism has adopted another relative symbol.

    Unfortunately, flying the Confederate flag has gotten to be so dangerous that, though I maintain it as my electronick symbol, I do not fly it off our porch, for fear of reprisals taken against my wife & daughter, and content myself with flying the Bonnie Blue flag, instead.

    And, yes – you’re obviously very unintelligent, which is why you wrote this very intelligent article, and happen to be a Southern Nationalist:)

    Greetings from Northeastern North Carolina!


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