Mr. Cushman on “The Rebel Yell”



Recently, my friend Michael Cushman appeared for a fascinating interview on the Rebel Yell podcast. I’m jealous of his wonderful accent; we in the Tidewater got the short-end of the poetic sound in that regard. My readers ought to check out both the interview *and* Cushman’s blog-site, Southern Future.

I’ve known Michael for a long time but have only had the pleasure of meeting him in real life on one occasion (I hope there’ll be many more in the future). We sipped homemade peach moonshine and talked about the South (naturally). I consider that the one time in my life where the fellowship and conversation may have equaled those held by sear-sucker-clad aristocrats, sitting on front porches and sipping juelps.

There was an incident a few years back, when he was pushing for the new black-n-white Southern nationalist flag. I was opposed to it and in my clumsy commentary, called it the “Cushman flag.” I honestly thought that was the acceptable name and didn’t realize it was a slight against my friend. He promptly corrected me and I hope there’s no hard feelings about my gaff.

Since, and especially after hearing Dr. Hill on a recent “Rebel Yell” podcast, I’ve seen the need for the League to have a unique flag. My objections, at the time (if I recall) were how some over-zealous defenders of the new symbol were equating it with the entire South. “This is THE NEW flag of Dixie!” There was a sense that the old flag of Northern Virginia – the popular Confederate Battle Flag – was too controversial and we needed a way to slip around the anti-Southern narrative. The black-n-white may, in time, attain the same passionate aura and if it does, I hope the sentiments are tied to the League’s tireless work for Southern people.

On that – I’ve finally decided to join the League, even if I don’t believe street activism will have any ultimate success. Nevertheless, it sets up an organization people can work for and sets goals to be attained. Focusing efforts is always beneficial. I hope, for my part, I might work towards helping Southerners secede from American culture in various small and sundry ways (like, turning off their televisions for a start). From there, we might move into financial security, or seceding from the banking empire, or seceding from government education, and so on. The League supports all of these things and I hope I can lend what little skill and strength I have to their cause.

As for Michael Cushman, he’s written one book already (see my review here), and I look forward to many more to come.

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