Shotgun vs. a Local Dindu

I’m not one of those in-your-face podcast listeners who like to listen to controversial podcasts in public hoping for off-hand confrontations. Instead, I like to sit peacefully in public parks overlooking beautiful scenes, while smoking a cigar and enlightening myself.

On this spring day, I was doing just that in a beautiful NC park, listening to the episode “Talking Race with Grace” produced by a Kinist couple Adam and Mary. If you haven’t heard their podcast “AMGray“, check it out (I’ve linked to them in my side bar). They’re a husband and wife homeschooling duo with an amazing “white” chemistry who fill their pro-family commentary with what I like to call “family-hip” lingo and humorous anecdotes as only a Godly family can. They’re wonderful role models for Kinists and I hope to mine their material for years to come, especially if some woman loses her mind and decides to marry me. I’ll need a Godly example to look up to since I’m surrounded by pagans.

But should you listen, beware. Apparently their material is more controversial than their disarming accents let on. As I was listening, windows down to enjoy the cool breeze, a young black couple nearby must have overheard some offensive part of the commentary. The young dindu, probably in his early 20’s, stripped off his shirt to appear more intimidating, and strutted over to my car.

“What dat bleepedy bleep raysis bleepedy bleep, you listenin’ to?!” he asked in his thuggish tone.

Readers, have you ever walked through the woods and found a stream in your path? You know, just by studying it, if you can make the jump or not. I knew, in the same way, looking at this puffed up dindu, that I could beat him, without contest. Plus, I had my trusty 9mm tucked ever-so-whitely in the back of my jeans. A smoldering fury rose in my stomach and, adrenaline pumping (while Adam and Mary calmly spoke of raising white families in the background), emerged from my car. I raised to my full height and said:

“…boy, I’m listening to whatever I damned well want to listen to. Is that ok with you?”

“Uh…yeah man, it’s all cool…” he said, and sauntered back the way he came.

So, yes, readers. Check out AMGray with Adam and Mary.

…just be mindful about where you’re listening.

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One Response to Shotgun vs. a Local Dindu

  1. Fr. John+ says:

    THANK YOU! I listened to the first three podcasts, and (especially for the first) send the link to my Bishop, so he can hear that I am not just blowing hot air in the wind,’ but that my critiques of orthodoxy do pertain to the phyletistic nature of a Byzantine mentality in America- we can and should ONLY meet Anglos, if we have our OWN kinist form of Orthodoxy – White, Anglo Orthodoxy!

    God bless you for this. Amazing. Everyone should listen to this- even (especially?) Matt Heimbach!


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